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    There are individuals in the world that hunt down bounties,  search back alleys investigating incidents and crime, or asked to hunt  down a dark entity lingering in the woods near their village, then there  are those who are a part of the inquisitorial arm of churches,  organizations or governments with the intention to hunt down and  eliminate heretics, terrorists, blasphemers, dissidents and others by  carrying out the work of justice and retribution.  And then there are  others that enforce the regulations imposed by the same churches,  organizations, or governments hunting down those that partake in  forbidden practices. Many places recognize the authority of inquisitors,  and are rarely held back for not having warrants to enter and ask  questions. But as a direct result of having this authority, there comes  corruption and inquisitors often come under investigation.  If they are  found guilty, they themselves become the targets of inquisitors.

Hook:  You have been a part of the organization since your earliest memory,  taken you assume as a child.  You have spent most of your youth and life  within the confines the organization.  In time you were assigned as  apprentice of one of the Inquisitors.  After your time in this position  you were made an official Inquisitor for the organization.  Now you  travel the world fulfilling contracts for the organization. 

Hook:  For many years you have been traveling the world and its realms with a  single mission as given to you by Grand Council.  Traveling from place  to place to complete this mission all in the name of the organization  pronouncing judgement and delivering your unique brand of justice.  Then  you found yourself betrayed by the Grand Council and on the run from  the organization as they hunt for you to bring you to justice the same  way you have done for so many years. 

Hook:  You have been submerged in in a world of horrific sights and actions.  You have watched as very evil individuals slaughter the innocent, take  control of remote, rustic villages.  Yours was one of these villages  that fell into the hands of a cult that worshiped some dark entity from  the depths of Prax Dun.  You fled right into the hands of an  organization that took you in and trained you to bring justice to these  foul-aligned cults and all those that follow them. 

Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either Alchemy, Information Gathering, Interrogate, Lore (Divine or Arcane Magic), Skepticism, Forgery 

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +5 Heroic Luck; +15 Reputation; or +20 vs. Fear 

Starting Silver: 575 silver pieces

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