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    Inventors are a strange bunch.  They are often cooky, a bit odd  and are generally regarded as strange, eccentric, or insane due to them  conducting dangerous experiments and crafting devices believed  impossible to construct in reality.  Inventors are defined by their  creative and curious nature. Focused on creating new marvels using  science and magic by means of study and investigation.  Inventors are  those who push the boundaries of of technology (aradgah ) by mastering  new methods and approaches.  They are responsible for crafting thaumic  batteries, hadarro drives, deadly firearms, ingenious gadgets, clockwork  constructs, and more.  In the mind of an inventor magic laid the  foundation for science at the leading edge of discovery and novelty.   Inventors are not happy unless they are uncovering new lore, inventing a  new gadget or discovering new ways to do old things better.  For most  is is this desire that drives them to seek a life of adventure.

Hook:  As an inventor you have spent most of your career working on one or two  specific grand projects.  You have also spent some of your time working  on projects that were not really legal.  You have been been involved  with illegal and criminal enterprises albeit as a means to obtain items  for your inventions you could not purchase legally.  In doing so you  cheated a group of terrorists out of an item that you needed to complete  one of your grand projects, now you are on the run from the group. 

Hook:  The pull of knowing how things work has always been strong.  With no  real education in the new world of science you began tinkering with  things by scavenging tools, items and objects to build some gadget or  another.  While searching for more parts you entered a local scrapyard  for airships, clockworks, and other mechanical parts, but run afoul of  some black market dealers.  Now you have decided to take your scrap  hunting on the road. 

Hook: You were  never one for staying in a stuff laboratory and your inventions are  meant for the world anyway.  With that as motivation you set off into  the world to bring your creations, gadgets and more to the whole world  and perhaps along the way you might learn some new tricks for old  gadgets. 

Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either Alchemy, Engineering, Fabrication, Lore (Technological), Lore (Arcane) 

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +5 Heroic Luck; +15 Reputation; or +20 vs. Fear

Starting Silver: 575 silver pieces

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