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Monster Hunter

    While there heroes within the world that take on all manner of  beasts, supernatural beings and abominations, you have taken to a  darker road, walking down roads hidden by mist and myth.  They are  fanatical and bent on destroying the more dangerous and most foulest of  entities that plague the world by embracing the dark powers of forbidden  knowledge. They obsessively hunt for answers that only dark, forgotten  magics and eldritch alchemy can give in order to become the perfect  hunter of monsters.  These individuals have chosen to merge the pursuit  of deadly fighting and the elements of the most wicked of magics.

Hook:  Like most tragic stories, yours begins with the death of your family or  clan at the hands of foul beast or some other monstrosity.  You have  devoted your life to hunting down and killing monsters, specifically the  type of entity (you may pick this monster type, but cannot be all  dragons, or all undead) that you believe killed your clan or family. 

Hook:  The lands are dark and filled with terror and civilization, even the  smallest hamlet, are beacons of light that must be protected and kept  burning in this darkness. 

Hook: The  reason you began walking down a lonely road is now lost in your memory,  but you have chosen to do so.  You  spend your days researching and  searching for cabals, covens, cults or klatches of foul entities. 

Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either Alchemy, Chanting, Herbalism, Lore (Monster, Nature, or Demons),  Research, Survival (Any 2 Types) 

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +20 Bonus vs. Fear and Horror Checks; +5 Heroic Luck; or +10 Health 

Starting Silver: 500 silver pieces

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