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          The term "noble" is used often to categorize those individuals from the upper parts of society.  Most often they are born into the upper  class and are from noble families, or wealthy merchants from whatever  region they call home.  Others have worked their way up the social  ladder via one road or another: politically, diplomatically, military or  even through criminal careers.  Being a noble has granted you a number  of privileges ranging from knowing certain people, the use of knowledge  and charisma to influence others.  Popular conceptions of most nobles is  that they stay as far away from from combat and warfare, but there are  those rare breeds that seek excitement and adventure, steeling  themselves for battle and sometimes leading the charge.  Additionally,  numerous noble families have had a long, and proud history of military  service, and more than just a few have laid the foundation in their  businesses for working with mercenary groups for hire.

      Almost  laughable in context many nobles wind up in very dangerous situations  because of something they believe in or perhaps due to a mission from a  ruling body. Many hope to use their abilities and skills to navigate a  course through the troubles around them, or seek to find profit in the  troubles of others. Nobles usually wind up taking to a cause and a goal  that sustains them through the roughest missions. Nobles often feel  responsible to others, even though some consider themselves better than  those around them. 

Hook: Boredom. That  is your only reason for leaving your comforts and home behind to go on a  "wanderlust".  This has greatly upset your family, who have sent out a  reward for your capture and return back to your estate. 

Hook:  Your wealth, your comfort is the only thing that differentiates you  from the "common crowd".  You are driven to help those that below your  station, protect them.  But you do so under a false identity, hiding  your noble lineage, often even hiding your face behind a mask of some  sort or another. 

Hook: It's all about  the power and prestige for you. Running headlong into danger as much as  representing your family in its political and business agendas adds to  your reputation, prestige and power. 

Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either Convince, Etiquette, Gaming, Information Gathering, Leadership, Skepticism 

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +5 Heroic Luck; +10 Reputation; or Noble Birth ability costs only 750 Merit Points 

Starting Silver: 600 silver pieces

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