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Phisikos (Doctor)

     As a Phisikos you have fully dedicates yourself to the healing  of others, taking your study of medicine to its highest form without  relying on the power of deities or magic.  You follow a specific oath:  To do No Harm to the Innocent, Work for the Greater Good and to Abstain  from all Intentional Wrong-doing. (*You may not take Divine Presence  with this background.)

Hook: After a  dark night praying to the gods for help to heal your dying family  member, who have turned your back on the supposed healing abilities of  the deities, and have have instead focused on healing the mortal body  with science and medicine.

Hook: You  come from a family that has spent years, decades, even generations  helping to save the wounded and broken through the use of natural  sciences and medicines.  You now travel the world bringing your unique  brand of medicine to help others.

Hook:  Reliance on the deities is fine and all during battle and combat, but  they cannot always be relied on everywhere. You were once a part of a  combat unit that often saw a lot of fights, it was your responsibility  to keep your comrades alive and fighting.  Until you were not able to do  so and your unit was decimated.  You now have taken to the road to  simply heal those that need your special brand of healing and medicine.

Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either Alchemy, Healing, Herbalism, Lore (Biomechanics), Lore (Nature), Research

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: Increase Restored Health Points when using Healing by +2; +10 Fatigue; or +10 Health

Starting Silver: 575 silver pieces

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