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Pilots are needed through out the Omniverse, whether it be the helmsman on a massive galley, a mighty airship, or even a powerful pherynja rig. You feel right at home in any of these seats and as such are recognized for your experience and skill. You have often been in the employ of sailing ship

captains, airship captains and even voidship captains. You have also been in the seat when these great vehicles were sent to their doom from dragon ghts, voidship ghts or from being scuttled by well placed cannon shot.

Hook: It seems alike you have spent a lifetime in the service of one captain or another, and now, you are looking to earn enough silver to get your own ship, hire your own crew

and be the master of your own destiny.

Hook: You have o cially “retired” your position as a military pilot with one of the local kingdoms, and now you are bored. You have started looking for ways to get that thrill matter what you have to do.

Hook: You grew up as a stowaway-orphan on a ship. Found by the crew you were put to work and eventually found yourself under the tutelage of the ship’s pilot. Here you

gained intimate knowledge of all the nuances of being a pilot of a ship. When the ship was nearly destroyed you found yourself the only one able to pilot the ship to safety. Now you have decided to wander the Omniverse picking

up piloting jobs wherever you can.


Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either Fabrication, Lore (Ships), Navigation, Pilot (any 2), Smithing  (Blacksmith), Survival.

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +10 Reputation; +10 Bonus to Fatigue; or +10 Bonus vs. Fear and Horror

Starting Silver: 600 silver pieces

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