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While vast number of people in the Omniverse are somewhat  aware of the existence of other worlds besides they one they have spent  most of their life on, some even understand that their are other realms  where deities, demons, devils and angels are said to exist, but there  only a handful of individuals that understand or have any interest in  the fact that there is Omniverse filled with multiple dimensions, other  universes and planes of existence.  You are one of those individuals  that desires to know more about the Omniverse and what lies beyond this  mere existence and mortal coils.

Hook:  Ever since you first saw a Gate of Bahlaru open and watch as travelers  step through to a whole new world, or was it a plane of existence, you  have been obsessed on learning how to this on a personal level so that  you can step through other dimensions, planes of existence or even new  universes. 

Hook: You still have  nightmares about the event. You distinctly remember the smell and  taste of the purple mist that swirled around you and your family.  You  remember the sound of hardbone clacking on the wooden floor and the  screams of your parents and eldest brother as they were taken through a  purple portal, leaving you and your young sister alone.  Since then you  have dedicated your life to learning how to get that portal to reappear  and hunt down what ever foul entities dragged your family away. 

Hook:  You were born with what scholars call the "spark".  But what exactly it  is they do not know.  There are numerous theories: you are the "chosen  one", that you have been given a great destiny, or that this spark is  some unknown latent power that the Omniverse has bestowed on you.  All  you know is that during your last escapade as you faced your death, you  some how opened misty portal ahead of you and you found yourself at the  door step of a local church being attended by priests.  Now you search  for the power that allowed you to do this, to learn how to do it again. 

Associated Skill Bonuses:  Pick 3: +10 to either Alchemy, Alertness, Information Gathering,  Languages (Planar), or Lore (Omniverse and Dimensions), Research 

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +5 Magical, Divine, or Jinhu Defenses; +5 Heroic Luck; or +10 vs. Insanity Checks 

Starting Silver: 525 silver pieces

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