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   Since the beginning of shipping and merchants there have  always been those that have a need, a desire for those things that are  regulated or out right forbidden. Throughout these ages and in every  civilization, there are those that deliver on these needs and desires.   All of which spells opportunity to a few entrepreneurs that have taken  on the risks of breaking laws, political mandates or religious creeds to  make available to those that are only reserved for the few in the  world.

Hook: You were once a former  government official and watched those in power broker deals with less  the favorable individuals, and saw how those criminals profited. So you  but your toes in to see if you could make some extra silver and found  out just how profitable this first venture was.  That is until you got  pinched by the same official you worked for and found yourself on the  other side of the law. 

Hook: Working as  a dock master's hand you "grew up" bootlegging monastic wines, making  crates disappear as dock inspectors moved from warehouse to warehouse,  and you honed your craft duping the city watch and tariff inspectors  while you moved illegal shipments of art, antiquities and sometimes  beings into and out of cities.

Hook:  Orphaned at an early age you ended up in the crew of a notorious  gangster (or pirate) where you were treated cruelly.  During your  enslavement you learned how smuggling operations worked, or at the very  least a basic understanding of how they work. After escaping many years  later you turned to smuggling with higher motivations than the your  previous "master".  Now you work to bring much need supplies to those  that are under the thumb of this or that tyrant while evading hired  mercenaries while you help escaped slaves along hidden paths to freedom. 

Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either Convince, Information Gathering, Lore (Criminal Networks), Navigation, Pilot (Choose 1), Skepticism 

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +5 Magical, Divine, or Jinhu Defenses; +5 Heroic Luck; or +10 vs. Insanity Checks 

Starting Silver: 500 silver pieces

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