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    You have spent years, decades and in some cases centuries lurking  around colleges, and the few universities of the world.  Or you may have  spent much of your life under the tutelage of a sage or some other  scholar pursuing academia and academic passions.  In these institutions  you found a comfort zone being a student at an university, college or  sage and love the pursuit of their academia: the perpetual student.

Hook:  You have spent most of your student life in the depths of the libraries  of your university pursuing your interests of several broad fields. For  whatever reason you have become bored with university life and have set  out into the greater world for seeking to use what you have learned. 

Hook:  During your time at the college you were consumed with learning about  philosophies, primeval lost lands, rituals of various cultures.  While  doing so you came across a few legends that have piqued your imagination  and you have now decided to pack up your meager belongings to seek out  these legend, and perhaps create a few of your own. 

Hook:  As child you were always curious and inquisitive, and in your formative  years you found your way into one of the worlds greatest institutes of  learning where you learned that knowledge more valuable than silver or  gold and forbidden knowledge is the most valuable treasure of all.  But  there is only so much knowledge within hallowed halls of learning, and  very few places that store forbidden lore, perhaps there are places in  the world beyond the walls that contain the purest, truest knowledge of  all and you are determined to locate these places. 

Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either Information Gathering, Languages (Pick One), Lore (Pick One), Lore (Pick One), Meditate, Research 

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +10 Fatigue; +5 Heroic Luck; or +10 Reputation 

Starting Silver: 450 silver pieces

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