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    You have always been a natural leader. In your youth you were  the one to rally your friends childhood games, as you have gotten older  you have mastered this talent to become an accomplished and skilled  leader, both on and off the battlefield. You are a force of nature when  it comes to leading and commanding, politics and battlefields are your  playground.

Hook: You have idolized a  local hero, who has gone on to be on the world stage. since you were  able to walk, you constantly refer to their deeds of leadership and have  decided to commit yourself to becoming like them. 

Hook:  You were once a political prisoner, or rather your family was.  After  making your escape you turned towards negotiations, leadership and  learning tactics.  Because of this you have become a near-world class  tactician in dealing with others. 

Hook:  During your younger years you traveled with some more experienced  adventurers. You were the last survivor of a badly planned and executed  attempt to recovery a lost artifact of a particular church in the  region.  Since then you have spent your last few years becoming  strategist of war and tactician of politics. 

Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either Chanting, Etiquette, Information Gathering, Interrogate, Leadership, Lore (Tactics) 

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +10 Reputation; +5 Heroic Luck; or +10 Bonus vs. Fear and Horror 

Starting Silver: 500 silver pieces

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