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d100 Rumors

Players are notorious for asking about what is happening around town, what rumors are there around here, what do you know about the Golden Skin of Iligirth.
Here are a number of rumors that your player characters could hear when they visit a town, pop into a roadside inn or anywhere else the players may encounter NPCs.

The individual rumors are numbered so that you can roll dies to select one or more randomly.

1.   A nearby clan of acires, who have always been stand offish, have become  incredibly hostile after one of their merchant-traders was found  strangled to death in a small copse of trees just outside of the  village.  Now no one is willing to enter the forest to gather wood or  hunt.

2.  Beware the cats!  My nephew's 3rd cousin, twice removed, chased a  beggar into an abandoned house a few nights back.  When he reached the  back of the house and looked out into the back courtyard he discovered  the cats were standing and dancing under the light of the moon.  They  dragged him into their circle and forced him to dance until he nearly  died!  But the cold rain of the storm scattered the cats and he escaped  with his life!

3.  Recently, travelers have been stopped, some say harassed, by a group  of cowled riders dressed in all black looking for information about a  missing aelwyn that they only called "Arigoth".

4.   Anyone who drinks from the old well on Hart's Street is transformed into an air elemental.

5.  The Argath Stronghold to the north is besieged by the armies of Agagon the Crimson.

6. Twice a year an eccentric crazy merchant setups a roaming tournament  in the hills to the north and it is never the same tournament each time.

7. Beware traveling north to the village of Homlu, it is said that it  has become plagued with visions of terrifying and horrible images that  has caused the villagers to be unable to dream.

8. The woodsmen of the Manfil Vale sometimes find trees carved with runes.

9. An undead knight in the ruins of Gunthal's Deep is known to help  worthy adventurers in hopes that they can help him find peace.

10. Recently Indal Jhun was reported to have entered into the Tomb of  Ghal Dan in search of the golden idol Balrox, but has not been seen for  nearly a month.

11. The ruins of the Lygh Monastery in the hills of Jultha is not  deserted, soft yellow orbs of light have been seen moving about the  ruins at night.

12. An order of infernal cultists is attempting re-open the Temple of Necromancy.

13. Ghosts walk the ramparts of Castle Khin during the full moon.

14. The trees of the Myla Forest are said to have gained sentience and speech.

15. Recently a barons caravan was attacked by a band of oku survivors  tell that he was dragged off to the north in chains.  His youngest heir  has offered a pretty reward for anyone that can track the oku down and  rescue her father.

16. A jiang vampire still lurks in the crypts beneath the ruins of the noble house of Kulthal.

17. Recently, the dormant volcano on the edge of the Tuurith Nyg  mountains has begun spewing smoke and lava rock. Many believe that it  has been brought back to life by an evil ancient essence dragon.

18. When you travel the southern roads in the Empire of Resha be sure to  have an experienced guide with you.  Recently, a band of adventurers  became lost in a massive dust storm and wandered lost in the dry plains  for week before staggering into a small village half-dead from thirst  and hunger.  They told a tale of a golden city in the dust that was  guarded by stone sentries and ruled by a powerful evil.

19. There is talk that a priest of Azahak is quietly hiring adventurers  to search for some long-lost religious colony somewhere in the Desaryn  Mountains.

20. The tomb of an ancient and powerful spellcaster was recently  discovered and opened.  The few adventuring parties that have entered  the tomb in order to search it have not all returned.  Those survivors  that have returned tell a tale of tomb of traps, powerful magic and vile  evil infesting the tomb.

21. Mysterious lights have appeared in the Llyne Woods.

22. The spiders of the Vale of Ilthangul are powerful spellcasters.

23. A assassin held for a trial for murdering a minor priest of Gishra  escaped recently.  He swore revenge against the whole town when he was  captured.  The magistrates have now placed a large reward to stop the  assassin.

24. Be sure to place a bowl of milk outside your door before you go to  sleep otherwise you might offend the darklings that stalk the night and  they might return to settle the score against you.

25.  An order of  cultists has stolen an ancient artifact from the lost city of Betun in the Myr Forest.

26. I have never heard anything so creepy in my life.  A fiend from  Mitlan is said to awaken once a year and for thirteen days attacks and  consumes beings within the great city of Dardura Sheva.  It's wonder  that the Knights of Dardura have not yet put a stop that that foul  creature.

27. A secret chovah city lies somewhere beneath the Dead Marshes in the shadow of the Aham Mountains.

28. Long ago, when the City of Jad was but a small village, an  extraordinary swordsmith lived and worked within the village.  Now  hundreds of years later it is said that her ghost has returned from the  dead to reclaim all the swords she ever forged.

29. A star has crashed into the Chuld Vale.  Those that have returned  from the crater site have told of horrific sights.  A thick green  moss-like growth is extending from the center of the pit and over coming  everything, dissolving all other organic life in the area.

30. Lord Arnauds has been murdered by an assassin dressed all in red.   The local magistrates have issued a warrant and reward for the killer.

31. The Tishra Qal have begun to look for new recruits for their ancient order.

32. A trained falcon has been stealing small magic items.

33. A deadly plague is spreading from the  village of Zhul Tal.

34. Recently priests of Elal carrying a reliquary with the remains of  one their holiest members has vanished between here and its resting  place in Yuldan.  It was being brought to a small village just to the  north in order to renew the Shulabhan Feld.  If it is not found soon the  magical protection will fail and allow all sorts of nightmarish  creatures to attack the city.

35. A stone golem has escaped from the workshop of Alkmen the Necromancer.

36. I tell you I have seen them for myself, a number of town guards are actually wererats.

37. It is said that a massive dark storm has formed in the Sea of  Ithangar near the city of Jad.  It is thought that an experimental  aradgah has gone haywire and is causing the dark storm.  Whatever is  causing it is a threat to the numerous ships that call Jad port.

38. I hear said that the chancellor of the Empire of Resha is also the master of the Assassins Guild there.

39. From what I hear, old farmer Bhel Dursan is jealously protecting his  barn saying that he is protecting his prize bull, but the last time he  had a prized bull was some 20 years ago.  Whatever he is keeping in that  barn is something unnatural.

40. The town of Gathola secretly serves Thul Dhalmal the necromancer.

41. Most of the town guards are evil cultists.

42. Magic is altered in strange ways within the Khul Highlands.

43. Recently, during an occult gathering cultist attempted to open the  chest of Ghul Dahn but were suddenly vaporized.  Now the hills are said  to overrun with numerous ghosts, banshees and specters.

44. Hundreds of bats were seen circling the southern end of the town.

45. The avatar of a Akira is being held imprisoned within the Tomb of  Shadow, encased a crystal prison.

46. An order of demonic cultists has opened a magical portal in the  white-desert sands of Nulthar that stretch along the eastern border of  the Tuurith Nyg mountains.

47. The town of Stagmoor has mysteriously disappeared.

48. Miners have mysteriously disappeared in the Muultar Downs mine.

49. Recently the Village of Tunland has turned evil.  It could use a band of heroic adventurers to help turn the tide.

50. Gileon the bard saw a mastiff with three heads in the copse of trees just outside the town.

51. The stone gargoyles of Wake Tower come to life at night.

52. A trained fox has been stealing keys.

53. Something has been delving a network of tunnels beneath the town.

54. In the Sea of Ithangar near the port town of Tully a pirate lord has come to power and rules with an iron fist thanks to his alliance with a  local thieves group.

55. The ruby idol of a demonic cult lies somewhere within the Caverns of Kas.

56. An army of giants has gathered near the Rock of Giltang.

57. The old widow Madam Dulthane that lives outside the town, is actually a with and a spy for a band of Fir Darrig.

58. A band of adventurers has recently said they have discovered a lost Chovah city within the Hills of Aragyr.

59.  The warehouse on Culd Eye Alley contains a secret cache of magical weapons.

60. Nightwatch men have reported they saw a large, alien looking ship crash outside the town many miles away.

61. There's a magical portal in the highest tower of Wete Keep that is said to transport those that enter to the planet Mellinu.

62. The chancellor of Russoran in the Duchy of Mashrapur is dying of an incurable affliction.

63. A horned devil with a thousand eyes has been seen prowling the hills.

64. Over the past few months prices of common items have risen by  several silver pieces.  The merchants are blaming the fact that there  has been drastic rise in raiders attacking caravans.  Caravan drivers  tell that the raiders are not taking a great deal and appear to be more  searching for something.

65. If you travel east, and you would foolish to ride in that direction,  you will see a rocky knoll rise just to the north of the road that  looks like skull.  A vicious group of sigah bhalka have taken over the  area and have begun to ruthlessly hunt down other tribes, clans or  groups of other creatures within the surrounding area.

66. An evil curse has befallen the village of Halfjord.

67. Miners have discovered a new vein of gold in the nearby hills.

68. Just the other night there was a massive explosion that destroyed  that crazy ha'vatu Alhuirzak the Artificer's workshop, apparently he was  working on a new power source that he claimed he retrieved from an  ancient void ship. Now there has been reports of odd looking creatures  searching the area at nights.

69. For the past several months the residents around here have been  plagued by petty thefts.  The guard has yet to stop the culprits and no  one has seen them, mostly because the crimes happen in the dead of the  night.  Some suspect animated objects or even tiny arabeitz are breaking  in and stealing mundane objects.

70. Lord Khultar has become possessed by a malevolent spirit.

71. Just of the past few days huge numbers of crows have begun to perch  on the Black Mug Tavern everyday around noon, as though they have been  summoned, others are saying that the Tavern has become cursed.

72. The village of Bhultun was destroyed the other night, villagers fled  in the night as the sounds of some sort of huge machine rolled through  the village smashing it to bits.

73. The earth dragon Naburnai has slain a host of adventurers in the Brigand Hills.

74. A few months back the ground just outside old Gustin's farm  collapsed into a giant hole.  Just recently some awful, weird things  have started to climb out of the hole during the night.

75. Recently a large pack of bodachs have been plaguing the residents of  the south side, they have been raiding homes and have attempted to drag  off children.  So far they have not been successful with that.

76. If you are traveling north, be sure that you do not stray from the  road.  About a day's ride along the road moves through some hostile  curznaik territory where it is rumored that a large copse of trees and  ravines are hiding an abandoned ruins.

77. A trained cat has been stealing scrolls and documents.

78. I heard that there is a merchant in town looking to hire a group of hunters or adventurers to help him track down a thief.

79. For the past month the ghosts of a party of adventurers has been seen entering and leaving the Jester's Cup Tavern.

80. There is an inquisitor in town.  He is looking for a group of adventurers that recently raided a nearby tomb.

81. Last month a couple of spellcasters came through asking a lot of  questions about the land occupied by the old priest Balatoth. A day  later they made their way out to see that old hack, but they have not  been seen since.

82. I have heard told that the group of warriors calling themselves "The  Knights of Eldon" are not actually knights but assassins sent from the  Empire of Resh.

83. The mage Aridos has been conducting dangerous experiments in his tower.

84. A secret ta'jahu citadel lies deep within the Urith Dal mountains.

85. An essence dragon has been seen in the Ettinsmoor.

86. The bishop of the Church of Akira is actually a cruel werewolf.

87. An adventuring group has uncovered a terrible secret in the Hythedda Bluffs.

88. Beware the statues around the town, they are said to move at night when they are not being looked at.

89. Do not be the last person to leave the Mage's Guildhouse.  If you  linger to long into the evening you might not be seen again.

90. The Adventurer's Guild is said to be a front for a sect of thieves and assassins from Ahamkara.

91. Recently the roads heading east have been plagued by sights of bluh  dhan hounds.  While they have not attacked travelers, yet, they are  definitely frighting everyone.  Their presence spells doom for someone.

92. The aelwyn village Paritho has become plagued by monstrous humanoids  that are said be lead by a ranger that has now become a cruel and evil  warlord.

93. A couple of days ago a new cave system was discovered by a group of  adventurers when they were traveling to Dardura Sheva.  They say that it  was once a den for a black palus hydra and is extensive.  One passage  was said to lead several miles downward deep into TavAeduhn.

94. The wooded hill outside town is actually an overgrown orchard that  hides a crumbled abby.  Those passing the area say that they have seen  ghosts or specters guarding the hill.

95. Just last night it seemed like every rat in the town scrambled out  of the sewers as though they were fleeing something more dangerous  underground.

96. A week's ride from here there is a ruined tower of an insane spellcaster and below it a labyrinth of monsters and treasure.

97. A couple of weeks ago, just as the sun was setting, a white portal  opened up in the middle of town out poured dozen jigira that quickly  broken into several buildings and stealing items and a couple of  individuals before retreating back into the portal.  Now every other day  around town these portals are opening up and jiqira are doing the same  thing over and over again.

98. Just the other night I saw the scholar enter the old ruins of the  Huth Tower, followed by a bright burst of light and then the Tower  disappeared.

99. I have heard tell that hidden in the vale just over the peak is a  large gathering of monstrous humanoids that have taken over a cave  system and are now plaguing travelers in that region.

100. Sky pirates have long been a curse of the region.  Now, at least  one captain of a black ship has taken to murder and looting whole towns  through out the region.

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