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         Known as the Demon Prince of the Punisher of Broken Oaths and the Dead Lord. Khastika is often in the service of Udarak commanding armies  of undead that stream across the Celestial Planes. Khastika has been described as having the bone-white skull of a ram as a head with black  colored horns, powerful legs that end in charred hoofs, a heavy, bloated  body, tattered and torn bat like wings. Khastika has four powerful arms that end with hands and black talons, covered in dark-red fur, its skin  beneath is a deep green in color with hell red blotches covering its  body. Khastika is huge, standing nearly 25 in height and is among one of  the more powerful and largest demon princes.

      Long before Udarak rose to power to claim the title God of the Undead, Khastika controlled and created unknown numbers of undead.  While Khastika is not a Demon  Lord, it is thought that he helped ancient powerful bhahuul priestess,  known as Thurkos, to become the first Yaqu.

      Khastika prides itself on the torture of those that have broken their oaths, died with  no honor or those that have turned their back on those in need. Khastika also enjoys waging war against other princes, princesses, titans, and other powerful entities in the struggle to gain power and prestige.

       Khastika has a relatively small following through out the Omniverse, but is a major object of worship through out  Ta Los. Khastika is known for violent outbursts which rivals cravings for power and dominance in his region, if not the whole of Orijux.   Khastika has a true and deep hatred for mortals, and focuses on bringing  them nothing but misery and evil and has no love or care for his  devotees and servants, which are predominately undead entities.

       Khastika is a cruel, spiteful demon, both quick to anger and the kind to scheme vengeance over long periods of time. The Dead Lord prefers the company of mindless undead over sentient beings that are possessed of  independent thought. Khastika trusts no-one to do justice to his grand  plans and thus prefers to solve these problems in person.

      Khastika rules his legions of undead from from his necropolis city of Kujtah in Orijux, the Plane of Red Madness. 

(MP: 12610) (Legendary)       25th Rank - Evil (Huge) 

Health Points: 554 

Attack Skill: 287            Initiative: 31/26 

Attacks: Claw (8) Bite (12); Club of Kaz (12); +17 Str Dmg 

Armor:  Demonic Hide (Heavy Armor) 115; +15 Armor Absorb vs. Bludgeoning; +10  Armor Absorb vs. Slashing; +5 Armor Absorb vs. Piercing; Immune to Tiny  or Small Weapon Damage; 25% Magic Resistance 

Physical Defense: 161        Magical Defense: 177 

Divine Defense: 171           Jinhu Defense: 169 

Move: 40’       Luck Points: 12    Vision: Perfect Nightvision 

Attributes: Str: 136 (17) Sta: 146 (19) Agi: 76 (5) Per: 88 (7)

                  Int: 106 (11) Wits: 108 (11) Will: 101 (10) Cha: 104 (10) 


     Alertness 127, Convince 130, Climb 125, Evade 125, Feint 127, Healing 131, Information Gathering 131, Intimidation 130, Languages 130, Search 127, Skepticism 127, Stealth 125, Swimming 139, Survival 131, Track 131 

Special Abilities 

      Aging Appearance The  appearance of Khastika is that of such horror and gruesomeness that all  targets, other than demons, within 20’ radius of the creature must make  a Perception check.  Those that fail are suddenly aged 2d10 years.   Defense needs to only be made once per encounter with the creature. This  aging is reversible with the spell restore, greater.  This is a curse  effect. 

      Bane Khastika gains +25 to attacks when they attack any good or neutral creatures and +10 bonus damage. 

      Crushing Blow As  a Full Turn action Khastika can make a single crushing blow against one  target.  This attack reduces Khastika attack score by -50.  If Khastika  is successful in causing the target damage it causes massive crushing  damage that does an additional 4d10+10 points of damage that ignores  armor to its Health Points as well as its Strength, Stamina and Agility  attributes. 

      Devour Soul  Any time that  Khastika begins a combat turn with a grappled target, Khastika can  attempt to pull out the targets soul, killing the target instantly.   This works on living targets only, which may resist this with a  Willpower check.  This ability completely consumes the target’s soul  keeping the slain victim from being resurrected normally. 

      Dimensional Slam  If  Khastika is successful with an attack, even if deals no damage,  Khastika can cause the target to be magically moved into a small pocket  dimension for up to 10 turns.  The target is granted a Willpower check  at TS of 8.   Those that failed are instantly teleported to the pocket  dimension of pure darkness.  Each turn the target is granted a new  Willpower check to push out of pocket dimension and back into this  reality. 

      Evil Gaze  Through its vile gaze  Khastika is able to cause all those that it looks upon within 20’ to  make a Willpower check.  Failure causes targets to have their skill and  attribute suffer a -10 successes for 2d10 turn(s). 

      Flight Through the use of this ability Khastika is able to fly without wings  at a MC of B.  Khastika can perform this four times per day and it lasts  for 6 hours.  Khastika is able to fly at a speed equal to twice its  normal movement as well as hover in place.  Unlike winged flight  Khastika does not suffer any penalties to skills that require  concentration to use. They can carry up to 2050 pounds in total weight  with no penalties.  Wearing any armor greater than light slows their  flight movement by half. 

      Frightful Presence The presence of Khastika can cause fear in others, other than creatures  like itself or of evil philosophy.  It has an effective area of 60'  radius.  Targets within the area must succeed at a Willpower check at a  TS of 10 or become Frightened (Fear, See Legends of Kralis) . Defense  needs to only be made once per encounter with Khastika.  This is charm  effect type. 

      Iron Vulnerability  Khastika  is highly vulnerable to iron in any form.  Khastika suffers an  additional 3-30 (3d10) points of damage when hit with cold iron based  weapons, including dust or filings.  Additionally, Khastika can be  blocked by iron shavings or dust and is unable to cross over it and must  go around or find a different way through or around it.  This is a  curse effect type. 

      Magical Weapon  Khastika  owns the Club of Kaz an ancient artifact.  This massive club is a  Unholy Club of Slaying, and looks like the skeletal leg bone of a goat. As a club of slaying each time that Khastika successfully strikes a  target it is granted a Stamina check at a TS of 6 or dropped to 0 Health  and is considered dying. 

      Multiple Initiative  Khastika gains an additional full turn.  This turn takes place its initiative. 

      Planar Traveler As a Move Action Khastika is able to instantly travel to and from another plane of existence.  

      Summon Creature  Three times per day as a Simple Action Khastika is able to use the spell summon planar creature as  an innate ability.  When Khastika uses this ability it has a 95% chance  that the summoning worked and will be able to summon 9 creatures that  the creature is summoning.  These are typically ancient mummies, greater  wraiths, pit fiends, baal dahlkus or  ancient vampires. 

      Undead Master Khastika  can command all undead that are lower rank than itself.  This ability  also grants +50 to all lower ranked undead skill checks. 

      Unholy Presence  Any  being of Khastika'schoice, that is within 30’ of Khastika must make a  Willpower check at a TS of (equal to 1 per 15 points of the creatures  Willpower).  Those that fail are Frightened.  Defense needs to only be  made once per encounter with the creature.  This is a charm effect. 

      Unholy Touch  Three times per day as a Simple Action Khastika can wound any one target it touches of all its Health and Fatigue Damage.   

      Vile Roar  Once  per turn as a Simple Action Khastika can cause living creatures within  30’ radius to make a Willpower check at a TS of 8 or is Staggered.   

      Wounding Strike  Any living being that is damaged by Khastika will bleed 5d10+20 points of damage every turn.

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