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      Apayon, the Master of Destruction, The Destroyer, Lord of Plagues  and Locusts, is considered one of the most powerful of demon lords and a  minor deity worshiped by numerous beings seeking greater power.
      He is often depicted as a large humanoid insect with locust features.  A  large head with hundreds of eyes, a set of mandibles, powerful wings,  set upon the body of a beetle, with 6 arms which end in large, razor  sharp, blade-like hooks. He has powerful ram-like legs ending in  black-iron hooves that spark along the ground as he walks.
    Apayon  is a warmonger that is obsessed with battle and destruction.  It prizes  zealous fury as much as unabashed destruction leaving whole regions  ruined.  Apayon is reckless and rash, relying on its power to summon  forth hordes of devouring locusts and other biting, stinging insects as  well as Kulthtaks (demonic locust beings).  
     Apayon's behavior  is one of sheer cruelty that inflicts psychological torment on his  enemies and subjects those that displeased him to horrible fates. Apayon  has no trust of others and finds any type of heroic act, especially  those of self-sacrifice, not only weakness but also very disgusting.  Thus he works to corrupt those who have performed heroic acts of any  size or those that virtuous in their life. He also hates those that  value honor and integrity.
        Apayon makes him home on the plains of Jhaqualik within Jumac, the first layer in Nharak.
(MP: 25890) (Legendary)                                  35th Rank - Evil (Gigantic)
Health Points: 730
Attack Skill:338            Initiative: 45/40/35
Attacks: Claw (10) Bite (15) Tail (20); +31 Str Dmg
Armor:  Demonic Hide (Heavy Armor) 125; +15 Armor Absorb vs. Bludgeoning; +10  Armor Absorb vs. Slashing; Weapons cannot Ignore Armor; Immune to Tiny  or Small Weapon Damage; 35% Magic Resistance
Physical Defense: 191        Magical Defense: 215
Divine Defense: 198           Jinhu Defense: 201
Move: 60’       Luck Points: 17    Vision: Perfect Nightvision
Attributes: Str: 197 (29) Sta: 191 (28) Agi: 99 (9) Per: 103 (10)
                 Int: 128 (15) Wits: 116 (13) Will: 123 (14) Cha: 119 (13)

Alertness 181, Convince 186, Climb 183, Evade 183, Feint 181, Healing 187, Information Gathering 185, Intimidation 186, Languages 186, Search 181, Skepticism 181, Spellcraft 177, Stealth 183, Swimming 201, Survival 185, Track 187

Special Abilities
        Absorption Apayon  can absorb magical energy and spells anytime that it is targeted by a  non-area effecting spell.  It can absorb up to 300 points in magical  damage per day.
        Antimagic Field Three times  per day as a Basic Action Apayon can create an antimagic field in a 50’  radius around itself for 2d10 turns.  This field suppresses any spell  or magical effect used, brought into or cast into or through the area of  effect.  Magical effects include magical items, the ability to cast  spells, or use of abilities that grant magical use (such as Innate  Spells).  The effects of the field have no effect on Apayon , or  creatures of the same type, that is manifesting this ability.
        Area Drain  Once  per turn as a Basic Action Apayon may cause all targets, other than  creatures of the same type, that is within 20’ of Apayon to make a  Willpower check at TS of 10.  Those that fail this check lose a 20  Strength, Perception, and Agility.  The creature can cannot target the  same targets in a single encounter, unless that target failed its  Willpower check originally.  This is a negative energy type.
        Aura of Madness Any  target, other than demons, that comes within 30’ radius of Apayon must  make a Willpower check at a TS of 10 or become struck with confusion  (confused) for 3d10 turns.  Any target that fails this check more than  twice during an encounter with Apayon gains a random insanity.  Apayon  can activate or deactivate this aura as a Simple Action.  This is a  charm effect.
        Black Cloud  Three times per  day as a Simple Action, Apayon can release a thick choking cloud.  Any  being, other than Apayon, that is  within 20' must make a Stamina check  (every turn) at a TS equal to 10 or take 10 points of damage per turn  from choking while they remain in the cloud or until the cloud  dissipates. The cloud will vanish in 2d10 turns. 
        Blood Drain Apayon  is able to drain the blood of a target upon making a successful bite or  claw attack with 3 or more successes.  Apayon can drain 10d10+Stamina  Modifier worth of Health Points.  If the creature attempts to hold on to  the attack Apayon and the target are considered grappling. If the  attack is maintained then this loss is continuous every turn.
        Cause Greater Fear   Any being, other than creatures of the same type (demons), that is  within 30’ of Apayon must make a Willpower check at a TS of 5.  Those  that fail are Frightened.  Defense needs to only be made once per  encounter with Apayon.  This is a charm effect.
        Chaos Infection Apayon  is able to infest a damaged target with chaos.  Anytime that Apayon  successfully hits a target with a natural attack, it must make a  Willpower check at a 10 to avoid the infection.  Those that fail are  infected with a strand of chaos.  This strand, which appears as a blood  red streak on the victim's arms, causes the target suffer intense pain.   This reduces the Stamina of the target by 10 points every week as the  target slowly becomes a creature of chaos.  Once the target has reached 0  Stamina it transforms into a creature of chaos and are no longer  considered a PC but come a NPC.  Chaos infections can only be cured with  a heal or remove curse spell.  This is a chaotic energy type.  
        Circle of Doom  Three times per day as a Basic Action Apayon is able to use the spell circle of doom as  an innate ability.  The circle has a duration of 1 hour and effects all  those, other than creatures like itself or of evil philosophy, within  20’radius. All those within the area are granted a Willpower check at a  TS of 10 to ignore the effects. This is negative energy type.
        Cloud of Locusts Apayon  can summon a locust cloud that can rapidly consume the flesh of a  victim.  This cloud deals 2d10+5 of damage every turn until the whole  body is consumed by reaching half the target’s Stamina Score in negative  health. The cloud will disperse in 3d10 turns. Targets are granted an  Agility check at a TS of 8 every turn to avoid this cloud.
        Cold Vulnerability Apayon  is vulnerable to cold based attacks.  Its actions all suffer a -10  Initiative Modifier to perform and slows its total movement by 5' while  it is exposed to cold or if it takes damage from a cold attack.  This  penalty lasts until it can escape the cold.  This is curse effect type.
        Create Spawn  Apayon  is able to forcefully will into existence a huge demonic locust through  spawning.  Apayon either tears a chunk from itself and throws it to the  side, a piece of it globs off or grows from a cut off piece.  This  portion then begins to transform into huge demonic locust.  The spawn  will fully form within 1 turn.  If Apayon tears off a chunk this is a  Simple Action.  Whenever Apayon takes a critical hit a chunk of the  creature is sliced off and will become a spawn as above.
                   Health Points: 1350
                   Attack Skill:419            Initiative: 27/0
                   Attacks: Claw (8) Bite (12); +20 Str Dmg
                  Armor:  Iron Skinned (Heavy Armor) 90; +10 Armor Absorb vs. Slashing &

                  Piercing; +5 Armor Absorb vs. Bludgeoning
                  Physical Defense: 190        Magical Defense: 204
                  Divine Defense: 195           Jinhu Defense: 196
                  Move: 30’/Flight 180'       Luck Points: 11    Vision: Perfect Nightvision
                  Attributes: Str: 154 (20) Sta: 154 (20) Agi: 96 (9) Per: 98 (9)

                                      Int: 112 (12) Wits: 114 (12) Will: 113 (12) Cha: 109 (11)
        Death Stench Apayon  emits a stench so foul that it causes all beings, other than same  creature types (demons), within 30' radius of Apayon to become very  sick. The targets are allowed to make a check vs. Stamina at a TS of 10.  Those that fail are Staggered (see Legends of  Kralis) for 5d10 turns, or until healed by a curing touch spell or  affected target leaves the area of effect where each turn they may  attempt a new Stamina check in order to stop effects.
        Detect Thoughts  Through  telepathic means Apayon is able to detect and read the thoughts of any  creature with an Intelligence of 50 or greater that is within 30’  radius. Targets are granted an Intelligence check at TS of 8 to avoid  this attempt.
        Energy Drain  As a continuous  effect Apayon is able to cause all creatures within 20' foot radius  around it to feel tired, heavy and sluggish. Those within the area of  effect suffer a loss of 3d10 Fatigue and lose half their movement per  turn.  Those in the area gain a Stamina check at a TS of 10 to avoid  these effects.  This is negative energy type.
        Flight (winged)  During flight any skills that require concentration suffer -20 penalty,  while hovering any skills that require concentration suffer -40 penalty  when being used (i.e. Attack Skill, Defense Skill, Spell craft, Jinhu  Discipline, Divine Knowledge and other such skills.) With a  Concentration Skill check this penalty is reduced by 5 per 2 successes  on the skill check to a minimum of -5.  They can carry up to 1540 in  total weight with no penalties.  Wearing medium types of armor slows  their flight movement by one-quarter while wearing heavy armor reduce  their movement by one-half. Movement Class is based on size: Gigantic  (D).
        Frightful Presence The presence of  Apayon can cause fear in others, other than creatures like itself or of  evil philosophy.  It has an effective area of 60' radius.  Targets  within the area must succeed at a Willpower check at a TS of 10 or  become Frightened (Fear, See Legends of Kralis) . Defense needs to only  be made once per encounter with Apayon.  This is charm effect type.
        Hallow/Corrupt Three times per day as a Simple Action Apayon can use either the spell  hallow or corrupt area as an innate ability.  If Apayon leaves the area,  the effects of the spell end.
        Innate Spells (Spells)  Each of the castings have 25 total successes.  Apayon can call upon the use of each of these spells twice per day.
        Multiple Initiative  Apayon gains an additional full turn.  This turn takes place its initiative.
        Planar Traveler As a Move Action Apayon is able to instantly travel to and from another plane of existence. 
        Putrid Air  As  a Simple Action Apayon is able to cause the air around a victim to  become rancid and putrid.  Those that are attacked by Apayon are granted  a Stamina check at a TS of 8 or be overcome by nausea, weakness and  begin to suffocate.  Affected beings are considered dazed so long as the  air surrounds the target.  Each turn the victim must make an additional  Stamina check at a cumulative TS of 1.  Once a victim fails this check  he or she instantly falls unconscious and begins to suffocate. Defense  needs to only be made once per encounter with the creature.
        Smite Good    Apayon deals additional damage to any creature that is of a Good  philosophy.  Apayon deals an additional 20d10 in bonus damage.  This is  ability is always on.  This is a force energy type.
        Superior Flight  Three times per day for up to 5 turns the creature may quadruple its normal fly rate.
        Teleporting Attack  Three  times per day as a Simple Action Apayon can teleport 18 targets that  are within 50 feet of it to randomly determined locations.  Apayon can  only affect targets that it can see and has a line of sight on.  Targets  are granted a Willpower check at a TS of 8 to negate this  teleportation.  Affected targets are teleported in a random direction  (roll d8, with 1 indicating north and the other numbers indicating  compass directions going clockwise) and distance equal to 1200 feet away  from the creature.  Teleported targets must appear on a solid surface  and open area.

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