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           Azatoth is one of the highest ranking demons, a Grand Duke of all  Neter-Kheret Primus Rhiki of the Celestial Planes, and is thought to be  among the strongest of demon-kind. He is known to be a patron of  battles, eater of souls, and one of the incarnations of death.  What is  known of Azatoth through out all major lores and religions is that he is  said to be a part of the Great Trinity (Azatoth, Ulduzar, and  Tirimizat) and is known to command forty legions of demons and other  spirits.  While he weilds great power is one of the lessor threats to  mortal kind as far as physical danger.  He is fond of manipulation,  charms and corruption that is intellectual in nature.  He is quick to  help mortal kind to gain knowledge it is known that many turn to him in  need of assistance, but this always come with price and often is part of  a greater agenda that Azatoth is stoking.

     Azatoth is depicted  as a gigantic dragon humanoid with three heads, powerful horned wings,  and a long thick tail.  Some believe that he is worshipped by evil  dragons that petition him for information.  Other accounts describe him  as having long golden hair, extremely tall and being surrounded by a  mist of white and gold.      It is known that Azatoth resides within the depths of Prax Dyn.


(MP: 25890) (Legendary)                                        40th Rank - Evil (Gigantic) 

Health Points: 750 

Attack Skill:385                                       Initiative: 45/40/35 

Attacks: Claw (10) Bite (15) Tail (20); +31 Str Dmg 

Armor:  Demonic Hide (Heavy Armor) 150; +15 Armor Absorb vs. Bludgeoning; +10  Armor Absorb vs. Slashing; Weapons cannot Ignore Armor; Immune to Tiny  or Small Weapon Damage; 75% Magic Resistance 

Physical Defense: 206        Magical Defense: 229 

Divine Defense: 215           Jinhu Defense: 213 

Move: 60’       Luck Points: 17    Vision: Perfect Nightvision 

Attributes: Str: 207 (31) Sta: 205 (31) Agi: 119 (13) Per: 118 (13)

                       Int: 140 (18) Wits: 141 (18) Will: 140 (18) Cha: 132 (16)


                Alertness 215, Convince 218, Climb 214, Evade 214, Feint 215, Healing  219, Information Gathering 217, Intimidation 218, Languages 218, Search 215, Skepticism 215, Spellcraft 219, Stealth 214, Swimming 231, Survival 217, Track 219 

Special Abilities 

      Ability Drain  When  successfully damaging a target, Azatoth can cause an ability of the  target to stop functioning for 10 days.  This can be avoided by the  target with a successful Willpower check at a TS 8.  This is a curse  effect. 

      Antimagic Field Three times per day  as a Basic Action Azatoth can create an antimagic field in a 50’ radius  around itself for 2d10 turns.  This field suppresses any spell or  magical effect used, brought into or cast into or through the area of  effect.  Magical effects include magical items, the ability to cast  spells, or use of abilities that grant magical use (such as Innate  Spells).  The effects of the field have no effect on Azatoth , or  creatures of the same type, that is manifesting this ability. 

      Area Drain  Once  per turn as a Basic Action Azatoth may cause all targets, other than  creatures of the same type, that is within 20’ of the creature to make a  Willpower check at TS of 10.  Those that fail this check lose 25  Strength, Perception, and Agility.  The creature can cannot target the  same targets in a single encounter, unless that target failed its  Willpower check originally.  This is a negative energy type. 

      Assume Form  Four  times per day for 4 hours Azatoth has the ability to change its  physical appearance, including species, height, weight, and age. Azatoth can assume any form that it knows.  This only replicates the  physical appearance of the target creature.  Moving from 1 form to  another form takes 5 turns.  Those viewing the altered creature are  allowed a Wits check based on familiarity: No Familiarity - TS 10; Some  Familiarity - TS 8; Familiarity - TS 6; Very Familiar - 4. 

      Astral Escape Three  times per day as a Move Action Azatoth can escape into the Terra Astrea  for to 2 turns.  Here they can move normally, appearing to pass through  objects in the normal world.  Azatoth appears as spectral shape of  itself in the Terra Prima. 

      Blight Wound  Whenever  the creature damages a living creature with a natural attack, the wound  erupts with cold, black fire.  The target is granted a Stamina check at  a TS of 8.  Those that fail will take 10d10 points of Strength damage  every 5 turns for d10+2 turns.  A target cannot be affected by more than  one instance of this ability at a time.  This is a negative energy  type. 

      Breath Weapon (Fire:Line): Once per  turn Azatoth is able to breath a line of fire that deals 180 points of  damage.  Those that are targeted gain an Agility check at a TS of 8 to  dodge the attack.  In addition, anything that is hit with the fire will  burn for 3d10+5 turn(s) and take 25 points of damage every turn until  put out or the item is burnt out.  Only non-metal items can be burned.   

      Breath Weapon (Heat:Cone):  Once per turn Azatoth is able to breath out a blistering cone of heat  that deals 120 points of damage.  Those that are targeted gain a Stamina  check at a TS of 8 to withstand the heat.  Those that fail are caught  in the cone of heat. This attack ignores all armor. 

      Breath Weapon (Molten Blast: Cloud):  Once per turn Azatoth is able to breathe out hundreds of tiny molten  spheres that explode into fire upon contact of a target.  This breath  weapon deals 180 points of damage.  Those that are targeted gain an  Agility check at a TS of 8 to dodge the attack. Those fail take an  additional 50 points of fire damage. This attack ignores all armor. 

      Cause Greater Fear   Any being, other than creatures of the same type (demon), that is  within 30’ of Azatoth must make a Willpower check at a TS of 8.  Those  that fail are Frightened.  Defense needs to only be made once per  encounter with Azatoth .  This is a charm effect. 

      Deform  With  a successful attack or touch attack Azatoth can cause the target to  become painfully malformed.  The target is granted a Stamina check at a  TS of 8 those that fail will suffer excruciating pain for 2d10 turns and  take 10d10+25 points of Fatigue Damage per turn, their movement is  reduced by 10' (to a minimum of 1' of movement per turn) lose 5 points  of Agility and Charisma points per turn that must be healed or return  naturally over time.   

      Divine Disruption  Whenever  Azatoth damages a target that has the ability to cast divine magic,  that target must make a Charisma check at a TS of 8 or be unable to cast  any divine spells for 1 hour and be rendered stunned. 

      Enfeeblement  As  a Basic Action three times per day Azatoth is able to cause 1 target  within 30’ radius to make a Willpower check at a TS of 6, failure causes  the target to suffer -10 to every skill for 5d10+10 turn(s). This is  curse effect type. 

      Fiery Blood Azatoth's  blood is incredibly hot.  Anytime that Azatoth is dealt more than 50  points of damage per attack some of the blood from the demon lord lands  on the attacker and does 62 points of damage to the attacker.  This fire  blood ignores armor and will continue to do 15 health damage every turn  for 10 turns.  This is fire energy type. 

      Immunity to (Critical Hits)  Azatoth  is immune to certain types of attacks/abilities.  Those  attacks/abilities to which a creature is immune have no effect on the  creature.   

      Innate Spells (Spells)  Each of the castings have 25 total successes.  Azatoth can call upon the use of each of these spells twice per day. 

      Multiple Initiative  Azatoth gains an additional full turn.  This turn takes place its initiative. 

      Planar Traveler As a Move Action vis able to instantly travel to and from another plane of existence.   

      Summon Creature  Three  times per day as a Simple Action Azatoth is able to use the spell  summon planar creature as an innate ability.  When Azatoth uses this  ability it has a 95% chance that the summoning worked and will be able  to summon up to 14 creatures. 

      Trample  As a  Simple Action Azatoth is able to trample attack a target that is  smaller than it is and are right in front it.  Azatoth must make a  Strength check, targets are allowed an opposed Agility.  If it is  successful Azatoth causes +31d10+5 points in trample damage for the  attack 

      Unholy Presence  Any being of  Azatoth's choice, that is within 30’ rad. of him must make a Willpower  check at a TS of 12.  Those that fail are Frightened.  Defense needs to  only be made once per encounter with Azatoth.  This is a charm effect.

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