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     Tarimizat, also known in other dimensions as Typhiras, is known as  the Queen of Chaos and the Mother of Demons.  At one point she was known  as the Mother, this is a title that has long been forgotten. She is  thought to be one of the three Grand Dukes of all Neter-Kheret Primus Rhiki and a lesser deity. Tarimizat is mostly commonly  portrayed as giant serpent with multiple tails, the upper body of a  female form, the head of a hooded-dragon and 2 sets of long arms that  end in a three-clawed hands.  She is commonly worshiped as the mother of  all monsters, medusi, and the cruel bhatoh yokah (Tarimizat's demonic  serpent folk).  She is also venerated by dragons of all types.  In her  demon form she stands some 60 feet in height, but her full length is  closer to 120 feet.

      Through out the eons mortal kind has sought out and have attempted to eradicate her many children, the known  monsters of the Omniverse, but there has been a deep hatred for the  bhatoh yokah.  Seen as abominations of the natural world, these  creatures are hated, feared and ultimately hunted down.

       Tarimizat is arrogant, greedy, hateful, spiteful and vain. She also  never forgets any slight made against her. She has never forgiven mortal kind committed against her children, she holds a dark sense of  adoration and pride for her children as they managed to repeatedly  thwart mortal kinds attempts to eradicate them.  As a result, she has  turn against mortal kind and other living creatures.

        Tarimizat makes her home the in caves of Nharak within the Gilgamrath Prime in the Celestial Realms. 

(MP: 23560) (Legendary)                                         38th Rank - Evil (Gigantic) 

Health Points: 746 

Attack Skill: 385                                                         Initiative: 25/15/5 

Attacks: Claw (10) Bite (15) Tail (20); +31 Str Dmg 

Armor:  Demonic Hide (Heavy Armor) 135; +15 Armor Absorb vs. Bludgeoning; +10  Armor Absorb vs. Slashing; +5 Armor Absorb vs. Piercing; Immune to Tiny  or Small Weapon Damage; 50% Magic Resistance 

Physical Defense: 202        Magical Defense: 223 

Divine Defense: 208           Jinhu Defense: 209 

Move: 60’       Luck Points: 16    Vision: Perfect Nightvision 

Attributes: Str: 172 (24) Sta: 170 (24) Agi: 77 (5) Per: 78 (5)

                       Int: 105 (11) Wits: 96 (9) Will: 99 (9) Cha: 101 (10) 


           Alertness 170, Convince 174, Climb 171, Evade 171, Feint 170, Healing 175, Information Gathering 176, Intimidation 174, Languages 174, Search 170, Skepticism 170, Spellcraft 165, Stealth 171, Swimming 189, Survival 176, Track 175 

Special Abilities 

      Ability Drain  When  successfully damaging a target, Tarimizat can cause an ability of the  target to stop functioning for 1 day per rank of the creature. This can  be avoided by the target with a successful Willpower check at a TS 4.  This is a curse effect. 

      Antimagic Field Three  times per day as a Basic Action Tarimizat can create an antimagic field  in a 50’ radius around itself for 2d10 turns.  This field suppresses  any spell or magical effect used, brought into or cast into or through the area of effect.  Magical effects include magical items, the ability  to cast spells, or use of abilities that grant magical use (such as  Innate Spells).  The effects of the field have no effect on Tarimizat,  or creatures of the same type, that is manifesting this ability. 

      Breath Weapon (Heat:Cone):  Once per turn Tarimizat is able to breath out a blistering cone of heat  that deals 140 points of damage.  Those that are targeted gain a  Stamina check at a TS of 10 to withstand the heat.  Those that fail are  caught in the cone of heat. This attack ignores all armor. 

      Cause Greater Fear   Any being, other than creatures of the same type (demon), that is  within 30’ of Tarimizat must make a Willpower check at a TS of 5.  Those  that fail are Frightened.  Defense needs to only be made once per  encounter with Tarimizat.  This is a charm effect. 

      Crush (Constriction/Tail Crush) With a successful attack, Tarimizat can grapple a target and begin to  crush it.  If Tarimizat is twice the size of the target it can  completely engulf the target, and can begin to crush the target with its  body.  Those attacked in this fashion are allowed an opposed Agility  Check or Strength check to avoid this grapple effect.  Tarimizat gains a  +2 success bonus to this check.  Those that fail are considered  grappled by Tarimizat and take 2d10 points in damage plus Strength  Modifier every turn, this damage ignores any armor absorption.  Those  that are held are allowed to attempt an escape from the crushing as per  the grapple rules every turn.  Unless Tarimizat releases the target it  must be killed and its hold forcefully opened.   

      Deadly Silent Tarimizat is able to move so silently that it causes all those that  attempt to listen for it to suffer -50 to any Perception (Hearing)  checks or make a successful check vs Alertness at a TS of 10. 

      Enslave, Greater   Once per turn as a Full Action Tarimizat can attempt to enslave any  target that is within 30’ of it.  The target is granted a Willpower  Check at a TS of 10 or become enslaved by the creature.  An enslaved  target obeys Tarimizat’s commands until freed by remove curse.  The  control is also broken if Tarimizat dies or travels more than (10 miles  per creature Willpower Modifier) miles from the enslaved.  This is charm  effect type. 

      Flight Through the use of  this ability Tarimizat is able to fly without wings at a MC of B.   Tarimizat can perform this four times per day and it lasts for 6 hours. Tarimizat is able to fly at a speed equal to twice its normal movement  as well as hover in place.  Unlike winged flight Tarimizat does not  suffer any penalties to skills that require concentration to use. They  can carry up to 2050 pounds in total weight with no penalties.  Wearing  any armor greater than light slows their flight movement by half.

       Frightful Presence The presence of Tarimizat can cause fear in others, other than  creatures like itself or of evil philosophy.  It has an effective area  of 60' radius.  Targets within the area must succeed at a Willpower  check at a TS of 10 or become Frightened (Fear, See Legends of Kralis).  Defense needs to only be made once per encounter with Tarimizat.  This  is charm effect type.

       Hallow/Corrupt Three  times per day as a Simple Action Tarimizat can use either the spell  hallow or corrupt area as an innate ability.  If Tarimizat leaves the  area, the effects of the spell end.

       Innate Spells (Spells)  Each of the castings have25 total successes.  Tarimizat can call upon the use of each of these spells twice per day.

       Multiple Initiative  Tarimizat gains an additional full turn.  This turn takes place its initiative.

       Planar Traveler As a Move Action Tarimizat is able to instantly travel to and from another plane of existence.

         Poison Sting (Poison Type L)   Tarimizat is able to poison another being via a sting as part of its  normal attack.  Those that fail their defense check are hit by this  poison stinger.  Targets are allowed to make a standard Stamina check  vs. Poison at TS of 10.  This has an onset of instant; and does 75 FP  dmg, 30 HP dmg, 35 Dmg to all Attributes, plus Confuse and Staggered  until healed or for 20 hours.

       Rending Screech   Three times per day as a Full Action Tarimizat is able to create a 15’  long cone with a width of 10’ of violent screams that can tear large  chunks of tissue and rending bone, this attack causes 3d10 +31 in   points of damage to all within the cone.  Those that are within the  attack area are allowed to make an Agility check at a TS of 10 to avoid  the screech.

         Smite Good   Tarimizat deals  additional damage to any creature that is of a Good philosophy.   Tarimizat deals an additional 20d10 in bonus damage.  This is ability is  always on.  This is a force energy type. 

      Sunlight Powerlessness  Tarimizat is utterly powerless in bright light or natural sunlight and will attempt to flee from it if possible.  Caught in this type of light  cannot attack and can take only 1 action per turn until it is able to  leave the area of the light.  This is a curse effect type. 

      Superior Healing  Three times per day as a Simple Action Tarimizat can heal 3d10+31 Health Points. 

      Tail Slap   As a Simple Action Tarimizat is able to tail slap anyone that is behind  them within an arc. Those targeted by a tail slap may attempt to dodge  the slap by making a Physical Defense at -40 penalty.  Those that fail  are struck normally for  7d10 points of fatigue damage and knocked back  based on size 30'.


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