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Time Loop

Type: Element( Air or Essence); Divine(Any); [alteration]

Power Rank: varies 

Range: 45' 

Duration: 5 Turns 

Area of Effect: 30' Radius 

Defense: Special/See Below 

     Minor Time Loop (PR 6) allows  the caster to create a pocket of time centered on a point you choose  within range. Every Creature within range is allowed a Agility check at a  TS of 6 to avoid being trapped in a pocket of time. Those that are  trapped relive the last d10 minutes of their lives over and over again every turn. Creatures trapped are granted a Wits check at the end of  their turn at a TS of 4 to determine that they are in a loop and may stop their actions, thus ending the effects of the spell early. Targets  that are trapped for the full duration become Stunned for 1 turn after the spell ends.  If the spell is cast on a target that is in or on some form of transportation (ships, etc.) they continue to move with the transportation, so long as they were on the transportation before the casting of the spell.  Otherwise, they are transported back d10 minutes  prior, how this occurs specifically is up to GM discretion and caveat. 

     Greater Time Loop ( PR 9): The effects and functions of this spell are doubled. Both TS checks are increased by 3.

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