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Dragon Species

      Majestic, powerful, arrogant, or selfish, dragons through out the Omniverse are iconic beings. They have been sources of myth and legend since the beginning of time, they have been terrors, driven off opponents and have have been the end of countless characters. Some players who have encountered these ancient and fantastic beings dared to want more from them. They want to be them.

      Players can choose the Dragon Species as a player species; however, this option should be talked about with the GM who has full caveat to deny a player taking on the role of a dragon.  Dragons must be handled with care by the GM as the introduction of these species can disrupt a game and a group of players if they are allowed to take the starring role (or unintentionally become the main focus of the game).

      While there are a number of monstrous humanoid species that are playable by players that have been treated with a Core Species rule "make-over" with relative ease; playing a monster such as a dragon requires a bit more.  The only way for a player to play a dragon fairly is to increase the species merit cost at to treat them as a player species base rank of 1 and to treat the dragon abilities as normal abilities that must be purchased.  The rules presented here allow players to play as a dragon like all other player species.

      Unlike the dragons listed in the Besitary Guides, dragon player character species are laid out so that the player must rank up in order to gain specific abilities of their type.

Air Dragon

Earth Dragon

Fire Dragon

Water Dragon

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