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Type: Element(Essence or Water);

 Power Rank:

Range: 20' 

Duration: Permanent or Until Dispelled 

Area of Effect: Varies; See below 

Activiation Time: Full Action 

Defense: See Below

      This spell allows the caster to learn an ability they've witnessed from a creature that they can see within 20 feet. Upon Casting, a number of tendrils equal to half the caster's Willpower Modifier shoot out from the caster and attempt to grapple a creature. A creature who cannot be grappled is still affected by this. The creature is granted an Agility Check TS of 4 +1 bonus success per 3 of the caster's Spellcraft check (maximum +8) to avoid these tendrils. 

      Those that fail allows the caster can then choose a non-species ability from the creature and temporarily learn it for themselves. Because of this invasive method, the creature is allowed a Willpower check at a TS of 8 to negate the spell. The caster learns these abilities as if they were their own and can hold 1 stolen ability per 30 points of their Concentration skill. 

      Abilities with different tiers are learned at the tier the creature knows, but this gives the creature a +2 bonus success to their Willpower check to negate the spell (Ex: Legendary is +2, Epic is +4, and Paragon is +6). 

      The abilities learned can be swapped out for a new ability, but the old ability cannot be relearned. The caster cannot learn an ability they already know or try to learn a higher tier of what they have. (Ex: the caster's Arcane Touch is Heroic Tier and the creatures has Paragon ability; the caster cannot take the ability or cheat their way to Paragon). The caster cannot pass on the ability to anyone else. 

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