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Type: Element (Earth, Essence); [alteration]

Power Rank: 5

Range: Touch

Duration: 8 hours or until dispelled

Area of Effect: 1 Target

Activation Time: 24 hours

Defense: None

     By the means of this spell a caster is able to cause a target that they touch after the 24 hours of ritual casting to metamorph itself with 1 other creature per 3 successes of the caster. Unlike Alter Shape or Polumorph, Metamorph allows the target to morph parts of their body with that of the chosen creature(s). The target may only take on one aspect or ability of whatever creature(s) that the caster has available during this ritual casting.  The target may take on one additional aspect per 5 successes the caster achieves in this ritual casting to maximum of 5 total aspects or ability.  The rarity of the creature being used increases the PR of the spell by +1. Common rarity has no change, Uncommon rarity increases by +1, Rare increases by +2, Very Rare increases by +3, Legendary increases by +4.

    For example, the caster has obtained the flesh of a manticore that he is going to use on the specified target.  He decides that the target will gain the scaled tail ending in a ball of iron-like poisonous darts, granting the target the manticore's Poison Sting ability and the ability to strike with a tail. 

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