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Time Loop

Type: Element( Air or Essence); Divine(Any); [alteration]
Power Rank: varies
Range: 45'
Duration: 5 Turns
Area of Effect: 30' Radius
Defense: Special/See Below
Minor Time Loop (PR 6) allows  the caster to create a pocket of time centered on a point you choose  within range. Every Creature within range is allowed a Agility check at a  TS of 6 to avoid being trapped in a pocket of time. Those that are  trapped relive the last 10 minutes of their lives over and over again  every turn. Creatures trapped are granted a Wits check at the end of  their turn at a TS of 4 to determine that they are in a loop and may  stop their actions, thus ending the effects of the spell early. Targets  that are trapped for the full duration become stunned for 1 turn after  the spell ends
Greater Time Loop ( PR 9): The effects and functions of this spell are doubled. Both TS checks are increased by 3.

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