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Whispers of the Damned

Type: Element (Essence); [negative][curse]
Power Rank: 3
Range: 120'
Duration: See Below
Area of Effect: 1 Target
Activation Time: Full
Defense: Special
You  subtly whisper eldritch, grim things targeting one being that you can  see within your range.  The target experiences wracking pain as the  damned and ancient dead whisper in their mind.  The target is granted a  Willpower check at a TS of 4, (plus 1 per every 5 of your ranks to a  maximum TS of 12).  Those that fail take -10 to all their skills per 3  of your ranks for 1 turn per 3 ranks; become instantly troubled and must  immediately flee your presence at its top speed.  Targets that are  deaf, or are not able to hear are not affected.

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