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Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Type: Element (Fire); [force]
Power Rank: 4
Range: 120'
Duration: Concentration
Area of Effect: 15' Radius
Activation Time: Full Action
Defense: See Below
     You summon a ring of fire to surround an area at a point that is within  the range of the spell.  As the caster spends time concentrating this  ring of fire becomes more aggressive, more powerful and hotter. Each  turn targets that are caught within the ring of fire may attempt an  Agility check at a TS equal to 4 plus 1 per four successes of the  caster's spellcraft check (maximum +8).

  • On the first turn of  concentration, the ring erupts around the area, with flames that are  just a foot high.  All those within the ring take 5d10+ your rank in  Fatigue Damage.  This increases by +5 each turn that you maintain  concentration.

  • On the second turn, the ring of fire begins to  burn higher the flames rise to three feet high.  All those within the  ring take 7d10+ your rank in Fatigue Damage.  This increases by +5 each  turn that you maintain concentration.  Additionally, the heat begins to  cause damage dealing 7 points of damage per success per turn.

  • On  each turn beyond the second up to when the caster stops concentrating  on the spell, the ring of fire will grow by 2 feet to a maximum of 24'  in height.  Fatigue damage increases by +5 per turn to a maximum of +50,  and heat damage increases by +10 per turn to a maximum of +100.

Each turn targets caught within the ring are granted a new  Agility check at the appropriate TS to jump out of the ring.  If targets  must jump through the fire to escape they take half the total damage  and fatigue for that turn.

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