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The Krakus is one of the most dangerous creatures that  inhabits the oceans, seas and deep lakes of the world.  They are a  hideous mutations merfolk or deep merfolk, they are believed to be the  result of sadistic research by evil techno-mancers, some thought points  to a dark rogue group of Ha'Vatu were responsible for this research.  They are incredibly dangerous, and what little information that has be  acquired suggests that these entities are similar to that of a  mechanoid.  These creatures were pumped with illegal combinations of  chemicals that caused this mutation, in many cases this caused death,  but with the addition of aradagh each creation was able to be sustained  with life.  Krakus do not retain any significant intelligence and are  constantly in agony. This pain is eased through by a the tech and  hormones released into their bodies whenever they make a kill, which  leads them to be aggressive and deadly to all living things.
    The  fusion of aradagh has granted the krakus use of tech weapons and  mechanical attachments of various types, each krakus having a different  form and look from each other. The lower part of their bodies are  predominately mechanical, their flesh woven into the mechanical part.   This allows them to morph their lower half into various needs from legs  to a single powerful tail. 
     Most krakus vary  in size, but are  predominately large sized measuring 8' to 10' in length, head to tip of  tail.  They typically weigh 400 to 700 lbs.  They range in color from  grey-green to blue-green.

(MP: 2,750) (Rare)                                         10th Rank - Neutral(Medium)
                                                                             (8-12th Rank Challenge)
Health Points: 126
Attack Skill: 125/115/105                       Initiative: 21
Attacks: Claw (6; a10), Bite (9; a15); +11 Str Dmg
Armor: Ridge Hide (35) ; +10  Armor Absorb vs. Bludgeoning Weapon type; Immune to Slashing
Physical Defense: 69                  Magical Defense: 76
Divine Defense:76                       Jinhu Defense: 74
Move: 25’/Swim 100'                                      Luck: 7
Vision: Perfect Nightvision
Attributes: Str: 106 (11) Sta: 102 (10) Agi: 76 (5) Per: 85 (7)
                 Int: 98 (9) Wits: 98 (9) Will: 92 (8) Cha: 95 (9)
Alertness 79, Convince 81, Evade 77,  Feint 79, Intimidation 81, Search 79, Skepticism 79, Stealth 77, Swimming 100, Survival 81, Track 81

Creature Type: Aberration
Treasure: None
Environment:  Ocean , River, Sea, Lake
Organization: Pack (5-15)

Special Abilities
Acidic Blood The  creature’s blood is highly acidic. Anytime that the creatures is dealt  more than 10 points of damage some of the blood from the creature bursts  onto everything in a 5' radius (10' radius in water) from the wound and  does 10 in damage to everything in the area of effect. This ignores all  armor except Natural Armor. All those in the area are granted an  Agility check at TS 6 to avoid this acid damage. This acid will continue  to do half the creatures Stamina Modifier in damage every turn for 10  turns. This is an acid energy type.

Augmented Critical Anytime  that a krakus is critically successful with a skill check, they gain an  additional +2 successes to critical determination roll.

Cause Greater Fear Any  being, other than creatures of the same type, that is within 30’ of a  krakus must make a Fear (or Willpower) check at a TS of 6. Those that  fail are Frightened. Defense needs to only be made once per encounter  with the creature. This is a charm effect.

Corrupt Water Once per day per Willpower Modifier as a Basic Action he  creature can cause up to 3d10 cubic feet of water, making it become  still, foul, and unable to support life that it touches. Creatures that  are in the water, either breathing it or looking through it find that  their lungs and eyes sting stunning them until they leave the area. This  is curse effect type.

Create Weapon Three times per day as a Simple Action.  The creature is able to cause its limbs to transform into slashing,  piercing or bludgeoning weapons that are medium sized or smaller. These  weapons cannot have exploding parts or moving parts such as crossbows,  bows or fire arms. The creature can use the weapon as though it was  trained in it.

Electrical Burst Three times per day as a Simple Action the  creature can release an electrical energy burst from its body in a  10-foot-radius burst that deals Xd10 electrical damage. Targets are  granted a Stamina check at a TS of X to ignore this damage. This ability  ignores 15 armor absorption. This is electrical energy type.

Tentacles The  creature has a number of long tentacle appendages that have a strike  range of 5’ radius. These tentacles have a number of suction-like cups  that can be used to grab hold of targets that are within range. When a  creature wishes to use these to attack a target they must make a touch  attack against the target as a Simple Action.

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