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Lu-taak are huge reptilian carnivores that are  found through out the Omniverse.  They are often seen as mindless,  violent creatures that are used by their captors as fighters, or as  guardians of locations.  They are notoriously difficult to capture.  These creatures stand between 20 to 30 feet in height, they have  extremely long arms that end a hand with only three claws.  They have  four eyes set above immense jaws filled with hundreds of sharp teeth,  their hides are thick that can  withstand heavy blows and are resistant  to piercing weapons.


(MP: 2,030) (Rare)                                                                     7th Rank - Neutral (Huge)                                                                                                      (6-8th Rank Challenge) 

Health Points: 262 Attack Skill: 114/104/94                       Initiative: 16 

Attacks: Claw (8; a10), Bite (7; a15); +16 Str Dmg 

Armor: Iron Like Hide (40) ; +10  Armor Absorb vs. Bludgeoning Weapon type; Immune to Piercing 

Physical Defense: 96                  Magical Defense: 92 

Divine Defense:86                       Jinhu Defense: 66 

Move: 40’       Luck: 2                   Vision: Perfect Nightvision 

Attributes: Str: 130(16), Sta: 131 (17), Agi: 66 (4), Per: 60 (2)

                      Int: 45 (-1), Wits: 50 (0), Will: 77 (6), Cha: 45 (-1) 


Alertness 50, Search 55, Skepticism 60, Tracking 100 

Creature Type: Supernatural 

Treasure: Personal No; Lair Yes 

Environment: desert, forests, hills, mountains, plains 

Organization: solitary, or pair 

Special Abilities 

Aura of Fear Any creatures,other than the creature, or creatures of an evil  philosophy, that are within 15’ radius of the creature must make a  Willpower check at a TS of  4.  Those that fail are Scared (Fear).  Defense needs to only be made once per encounter with the creature  type.  This effect lasts until the creature is slain or driven off.  The  creature can activate or deactivate this aura as a Simple Action. This  is a charm effect. 

Armor Damage The creature is  able to rip, tear, or pull apart an opponent’s armor.  For every 5  points of undefended damage the creature does 1 point of Armor Damage,  reducing the defender’s armor absorption. 

Augmented Critical Anytime that a creature is critically successful with a skill check, they gain an additional +2 successes to critical determination roll. 

Critical, Increased The creature causes a critical hit on a 01-10, instead of the normal 01-05. 

Crush (Claw/Bite) With a successful attack, the creature can grapple a target  and begin to crush it.  If the creature is twice the size of the target  it can completely engulf the target, and can begin to crush the target  with its body.  Those attacked in this fashion are allowed an opposed  Agility Check or Strength check to avoid this grapple effect.  The  creature gains a +2 success bonus to this check.  Those that fail are  considered grappled by the creature and take 2d10 points in damage every  turn, this damage ignores any armor absorption.  Those that are held  are allowed to attempt an escape from the crushing as per the grapple  rules every turn.  Unless the creature releases the target it must be  killed and its hold forcefully opened.   

Roar  Once  per turn as a Basic Action the creature can cause living creatures,  other than creatures of the same type, within 30’ radius to make a  Willpower check or be shaken. 

Stomp  With this  ability a creature is able to stomp the ground.  Stomp can effect all  those that are smaller than the creature.  It has an area of effect of  180 degree arc in front of the creature up to (10' per size above  large).  Targets in this area must make an Agility check at a TS of 1  per 2 Strength successes or be knocked prone.  This ability is a Move  Action. 

Swallow Whole  Anytime that the creature  gains 4 or more successes with a bite attack it may attempt to swallow  the target.  The creature may only attempt to swallow whole targets that  are two sizes smaller than itself.  Once grabbed in such a way the  target takes the creature’s Strength Modifier damage from the bite, it  is then swallowed into the gullet and stomach of the creature where it  takes an additional 10 points of crushing damage plus 5 points of acid  damage per turn from the creature’s digestive juices.  A swallowed  creature can cut its way out by dealing 1/4 of the creature’s total  health points in damage to the creature’s digestive tract.  Once the  target has escaped it continues to suffer from the acid as it clings to  them until washed off.  In addition, the juices have a paralyzing effect  and cause all those that attempt make it out to suffer a -50 to all  their skill checks, this effect lasts for 1 hour after escaping the  creature.

     The number of creatures that can be held in a creature’s belly is equal to the following:

             Huge: 1 Medium Sized Creature or 2 Small, 4 Tiny

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