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      Morphlings are a species of intelligent creatures that can  shapeshift and mimic the appearance of any other life form or object. They are distantly related to the ka' toc species, but are less sentient. They are likened to that of parrot able to imitate voices to some extent.  Unlike the ka'toc they are unable to change their size and must retain  the same size of their natural state.  In their natural state, they  appear as a floating amorphous glob of varied colored gel (ranging from  purple, green, white, obsidian, and pink) with a mouth and a pair of  golden hued eyes. Being an amorphous creature they lack a skeleton and  regular flesh, rather they are more like a amoeba allowing them to take  on various shapes to their needs and desires.  Most of the time they are  just floating blobs.

     Morphlings are void creatures, they are  often found in their natural surroundings living in groups located on  asteroids, in Void Stations and are able to survive in the void like  many other void creatures.  They often become familiars, or companions  to many different beings that find life in the void. 

Morphling (MP: 1050) (Rare)            5th Rank - Neutral(Varies: Tiny - Medium)                                                                 (3rd-7th Rank Challenge) 

Health Points: 10/15/20 (Tiny/Small/Medium) 

Attack Skill: 92/82/72                            Initiative: 30 

Attacks: Slam Attacks (3/5/7; f10); +8 Str 

Armor: Amorphous Skin (15);  Immune to Piercing and Bludgeoning; 

Physical Defense: 60                  Magical Defense: 50 

Divine Defense: 53                       Jinhu Defense: 60 

Move: Fly 35’                                  Luck: 3 Vision: Normal 

Attributes: Tiny (Common): Str: 50 (0) Sta: 48 (0) Agi: 98 (10) Per: 102 (11)                               Int: 48 (0) Wits: 67 (4) Will:66 (4) Cha: 74 (5) 

                      Small (Uncommon): Str: 62 (3), Sta: 67 (4), Agi: 87 (8), Per: 85 (7)

                              Int: 74 (5), Wits: 75 (5), Will: 69 (4), Cha: 76 (5) 

                      Medium (Rare): Str: 74 (4) Sta: 82 (6) Agi: 80 (5) Per: 72 (4)

                              Int: 82 (6) Wits: 72 (4) Will: 73 (4) Cha: 77 (5)  


Alertness 80, Evade 80, Search 80, Skepticism 79, Stealth 80, Survival 79, Track 78

Creature Type: Supernatural 

Treasure: Personal No; Lair No 

Environment: Any 

Organization: solitary, pair, brood (3-5), pack (5-15) 

Special Abilities 

Babble A  morphling is able to mutter and whine in a very hypnotic way as Basic  Action. Any being, other than other morphlings, that are within 15’  radius of a morphling must make a Willpower check at a TS of 5. Those  that fail are hypnotized for 1 turn. This hypnotism causes the targets  to suffer a -5 Initiative Modifier and -20 to all skill checks. Defense  needs to only be made once per encounter with the creature. This a charm  effect. 

Fluid Form A morphling can  take on a liquid form as a Simple Action. While in this form the it  moves (triple its normal movement) and it becomes immune to bludgeoning  and piercing weapon attacks. While in this form it an also move through  any crack or hole, no matter how small the opening, The creature is able  to revert back to its normal form as a Simple Action. 

Invisibility Three times per day as a Basic Action a morphling is able to use the spell invisibility as an innate ability. The spell has a duration of 2d10+5 turns. 

Morph Morphlings  are able to reshape themselves into any shape of the same size. This  allows them to morph into any creature that they know about or have  experience with.  They can alter their shape to form non-complicated  items as well such as chairs, tables, crates they are not able to  shapeshift into items that are composed of intricate, multiple other  objects or moving parts.  When they morph into a creature or a species,  they retain all their own attributes and skills. They gain only the  purely physical qualities of the beings they shapeshift into – this  power cannot duplicate special powers or abilities. 

Uncrushable The  body of a morphling is so malleable that it is immune to any type of  bludgeoning or crushing attacks by normal weapons or attacks. 

Void Immunity As  a natural ability morphlings are immune to the cold and unbreathable  atmosphere of the Void. It is treated as a natural environment for  morphlings.

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