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Phase Wolf

     Phase wolves are wolf-like creatures whose fur is a dark blue, with  white streaks and a dark purple blue mane.  Their mane concentrates on  the scruff of their necks, and continues down their back and forming  their tail.  There is an area of white fur that dominates their  foreheads, which continues to run down the bride of their noes, framing  their faces in a "mask".  They have a bright white star that forms on  their chest. Their eyes are a golden honey color with teal waterline  around their eyes.

      They show a fierce devotion to their packs as  well as individuals that they chose to bond with, following them into  deadly situations with no fear.  They are empathic and kind, but are  able to become extremely aggressive with no notice.  Phase wolves have  unprecedented levels of intuition and special understanding. They have  an impressive ability to comprehend non-verbal commands and are known to  be able to judge the compatibility of allies.

       They are known  to be able to "teleport" when they need to, even teleporting one to two  additional individuals should the choose to.  When they use this ability  they create a small storm of blue-purple sparks. 

Phase Wolf (MP: 2,030) (Rare)                    7th Rank - Neutral (Large)                                                                          (6-8th Rank Challenge) 

Health Points: 91 

Attack Skill: 94/84/74            Initiative: 19 

Attacks: Claw (6; a10), Bite (8; a15); +9 Str Dmg 

Armor: Thick Skinned (30) ; +5 Armor Absorb  vs. Bludgeoning and Slashing weapon types

Physical Defense: 55                  Magical Defense: 56 

Divine Defense: 49                       Jinhu Defense: 49 

Move: 30’             Luck: 10           Vision: Heightened Nightvision 

Attributes: Str: 96 (9) Sta: 97 (9) Agi: 76 (5) Per: 79 (5)

                     Int: 60 (2) Wits: 68 (4) Will: 71 (5) Cha: 74 (4) 


Alertness  70, Climb 77, Convince 73, Evade 77, Information Gathering 72,  Intimidation 73, Languages 73, Search 77, Stealth 77, Swimming 81, Track  74 

Creature Type: Beast 

Treasure: Personal No; Lair Yes 

Environment: Any 

Organization: solitary, or pair 

Special Abilities 

Augmented Critical Anytime  that a phase wolf is critically successful with a skill check, they  gain an additional +2 successes to critical determination roll. 

Blink, Improved  Three  times per day as Move Action a phase wolf can “blink”, instantly  teleporting to a spot up to 100 feet away.  The creature must be able to  see where it is going for this ability to work and is unable to blink  to another location if there is anything between it and its location,  this includes through doors, cracks, portcullis, etc. A phase wolf is  able to carry or blink with up to two other individuals, should they   choose to be "blinked" with them. 

Howl  Once  every turn as a Simple Action a phase wolf can howl causing  living  creatures, other than  other phase wolves of the same type, within 30'  radius to make a Wits check at TS of 2 or become Troubled (Fear, see  Legends of Kralis). This is a sonic, mind-affecting attack; deafened  creatures are not subject to it.  Defense needs to only be made once per  encounter with a phase wolf.  This is charm effect type. 

Planar Traveler Once per day as a Move Action, a phase wolf is able to instantly travel to and from another plane of existence.

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