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      Thanopods are gigantic crabs that inhabit both  fresh water and the oceans and seas. Thanopods look just like regular  crabs except for their enormous size and their psychic abilities. They  are generally blue-green in color. They have six eyes set on stalks,  which enable them to see around corners and onto ledges. They are  generally 20 to 40' in diameter and stand over 12' tall.  They weigh  between 8 and 12 tons. Their bodies are covered by a large, chitinous  shell. While most other larger crabs are distinguished by their  scuttling, sideways mode of locomotion, thanopods are able to move just  as quickly forward or backward.

      Unlike the  smaller versions of crabs, thanopods are a rarity.  They tend to be  found alone often on some deserted island that they claim as their  "home" and control the area around them for up to 100 miles in  diameter.  There are often seen as the King Crab to all the smaller  natural crabs and the other monstrous crabs nearby.  They tend to live  in large, underground sea or lake caves with the only access is via a  long tunnel that is completely filled with water to prevent unwanted  guests.

     Thanopods rarely encountered and tend to avoid  civilization. However, many times those encountered in the more  civilized parts of the world are either insane from their own psychic  abilities or they have young crabs that they need to feed and what  better way to do that than visit a local village or small town that sits  on the shore of the ocean or lakes of the world. 


(MP: 1,385) (Legendary)           10th Rank - Neutral (Huge, 20 to 40 ft diameter)                                                       (8-12th Rank Challenge) 

Health Points: 144 

Attack Skill: 120/110/100                       Initiative: 16/10 

Attacks: Claw (10; a15); +19Str Dmg 

Armor:  Hard Chitinous Armor (60) ; +15  Armor Absorb vs. Slashing/Piercing  Weapon type; Immune to Tiny or Small Weapon Damage; 20% Magic Resistance Physical Defense: 66                  Magical Defense: 80 

Divine Defense:72                       Jinhu Defense: 72 

Move: 40’        Luck: 8                 Vision: Perfect Nightvision 

Attributes: Str: 134 (19) Sta: 125 (17) Agi: 69 (3) Per: 62 (1))

                      Int: 69 (3), Wits: 50 (0), Will: 91 (8), Cha: 45 (-1) 


Alertness 98, Evade 68, Search 95, Skepticism 85, Stealth 78, Swimming 100, Tracking 85 

Creature Type: Supernatural 

Treasure: Personal No; Lair Yes 

Environment: oceans, seas, large lakes 

Organization: solitary 

Special Abilities 

Burrow As  a Move Action the creature can move through stone, dirt, or almost any  other sort of earth except metal as easily as walking normally. This  burrowing leaves behind no tunnel or hole. If the creature is within (3’  per size category beginning with small) of the surface it causes a  mound of dirt to rise showing the passage of the creature. 

Critical, Increased The creature causes a critical hit on a 01-10, instead of the normal 01-05. 

Dominate Target Once  per day as a Full Action the creature is able to attempt to dominate  the will of any target that is within 25’ radius of the creature.  Targets are allowed a Willpower check at a TS of X (-1 per 3 Targets  Willpower Modifier to minimum 1) in order to resist the attempt. Those  that fail become dominated by the creature for 3d10 turn(s). This  domination allows the creature to control the thoughts and actions of  the target as it sees fit; including causing the dominated creature to  put itself into harm’s way. Doing so allows the target an immediate  standard Willpower check to snap out of the domination in time to save  itself. This is charm effect type.

 Earth Connection As  long as the creature is able to touch the earth it can regenerate  2d10+5 in Health or Fatigue per turn. In addition, its Strength, and all  Defenses are increased by +30 and all Strength based skills gain +50  bonus. 

Iron Skin Twice per day as a  Basic Action for 1d10 turns the creature is able to cause its skin to  become like iron granting it a 50% chance that the creature does not  suffer any damage – including critical hit damage. 

Psychic Crush  Three  times per day as a Simple Action the creature is able to psychically  reach out and attempt to crush a target's  mind and mental status.  The  thanopod can target 1 creature within 60-feet. Those targeted must  succeed on an Intelligence check at a TS of 8. Those that fail will  suffer psychic damage to all their mental stats equal to -5 Successes  and will be Staggered for 3 turns.  Each turn the target is able to  attempt a new Intelligence check to end the Staggered effects. 

Psionic Thrust Three  times per day as a Basic Action the creature is able to create a  stunning cone of thought that is 45 feet long with a spread of 25 feet.  All targets caught in this cone must make an Intelligence check at a TS  of 6 or be rendered dazed for d10 turns. If already dazed when target is  hit with psionic thrust, the target is staggered for 2d10 turns. If a  staggered target is hit with psionic thrust, the target is paralyzed for  d10 turns. 

Seismic Sense  The creature  cannot be effected by sound (sonic) attacks to deafen it as they “hear”  through the movement of the earth.  They can hear and understand all  movement within 90’.  So long as a character or opponent is on the  ground the creature can pin point its exact location.   It does not  suffer any penalties to attack things that are invisible (including any  darkness, hidden creatures, etc.) so long as the invisible being or  creature is moving.

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