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     At the begin of all time, when the deities fought  during the Gods Wars, billions of species lived and died within the  blink of a moment, many different species survived.  The Urkar  (Yae'hldra for fear & horror) survived to make their homes among the worlds of the Ominverse.  They are the  primary elite soldiers of the dark deities and entities of the Omniverse and standing above their more common of servants: the oku, the fir  darrig, and the aurox.

     Urkar, like so many  beings created by the  dark lords and vile entities of the Omniverse are cruel, sadistic, vicious, depraved and hateful of most things.  They have a deep seated  hatred to order, prosperity and those that work in the name of all  things good.  Their ties to the ancient evils and demonic origins are  the foundations upon which they see the Omniverse.  As tools of the dark gods and entities, they seek to dominate, control and put to death all  things.

     They are medium sized humanoids standing between 5 and 7 feet in height, weigh approximately 250 to 300 pounds.  Their hulking  bodies are covered with a deep green to gray-pink, thick hairless skin.  

      Urkar are known for their porcine traits: a large head, an upturned, cartilaginous snout, heavy jowls and upturned tusks which grow and are  sharpened by constantly being ground against each other.  They have four fingered hands that end in hardened sharp claws.  

       As a monstrous  humanoid there appears

 to be no defined sexes among the Urkar, like the Syliph they are able to switch their sexuality as need (sequential hermaphroditism),  they are both male and female.  They are known to have a live birth of two to three offspring (every 10 to 12 years), which rapidly grow to  adulthood within a year.  Most Urkar leave their young in what is called thranites, a pod of younglings that must learn to survive on their own within the world around them.

        Urkar are clan-based.  Each clan is ruled by the largest, most powerful  Urkar, referred to as the Clan Tusk.  Urkar see war as glorious, and  violent clashes between clans were rife. Urkar have no talent for making  beautiful things, their low intelligence made them incredibly stubborn  and loyal to their vile masters.  While known for their low intelligence, they were incredibly clever and cunning which make them  dangerous and deadly foes.  They are capable smiths and craftsman that are known to craft vicious weapons.

        Urkar are "allergic" to the bright rays of the sun and tend to dwell in caves and tunnels that  they dig out, often beneath unsuspecting villages and towns.  They are  also well known to exist on large ships in the Void as well as in the  catacombs of the various kithar's that move about the world of Kralis. 

Urkar (MP: 2,750) (Rare)                                         10th Rank - Evil (Medium)                                                                              (8th-12th Rank Challenge) 

Health Points: 128 Attack Skill: 115/105/95                            Initiative: 26 

Attacks: Bhekart Sword (5; a10, d5, f5), Claw (6; a10), Bite (9; a15); +8 Str 

Armor: Heavy Skin Hide (25) ; +10  Armor Absorb vs. Bludgeoning Weapon type; Immune to Slashing; Mail Armor (16); 

Physical Defense: 85                  Magical Defense: 85 

Divine Defense:64                       Jinhu Defense: 80 

Move: 25’            Luck: 7               Vision: Heightened Nightvision 

Attributes: Str: 109 (11) Sta: 91 (8) Agi: 73 (4) Per: 75 (5)

                  Int: 54 (1) Wits: 95 (9) Will: 90(8) Cha: 48 (-1) 


Alertness 86, Convince 85, Climb 90, Evade 86, Feint 86, Information Gathering 84, Intimidation 100, Search 93, Skepticism 93, Stealth 75, Survival 90, Track 90 

Creature Type: Monstrous Humanoid 

Treasure: Personal Yes; Lair Yes 

Environment: Any 

Organization: solitary, pair, brood (3-5), pack (5-15), squad (16-30)  or clan (31-60) 

Special Abilities 

Augmented Critical Anytime  that a creature is critically successful with a skill check, they gain  an additional +2 successes to critical determination roll. 

Bane The creature gains +25 to attacks when they attack any none evil creature, and +10 bonus damage. 

Cause Fear Any  being, other than creatures of the same type, that is within 15’ of the  creature must make a Willpower check at a TS of 8. Those that fail are  Troubled. Defense needs to only be made once per encounter with the  creature. This is a charm effect. 

Critical, Increased The creature causes a critical hit on a 01-10, instead of the normal 01-05 

Painful Strike By  reducing its attack aggressiveness the creature is able to cause hit  targets that it successfully hits to be overcome with extreme pain. The  creature reduces its attack skill by -50, upon successful attack the  target gets a Stamina check vs. TS 3. Those that fail suffer -50 to all  skills for 2d10+5 turn(s). 

Shadow Invisibility In  any darkened area, or shadow filled place the creature is able to  easily vanish into the darkness of the surrounding areas. It is  considered to have 100% concealment. 

Sunlight Vulnerability The  creature is highly vulnerable to the rays of sunlight, or light. The  creature suffers 3-30 (3d10) points of damage per turn while in this  light. This is a curse effect type. 

Swift Move The creature is able to make an additional Move Action and Simple Action in their turn.

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