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Assassins Blade

     The blade was released and  re-tracted by the flick of the users wrist as a Simple Action. Whenever an individual is searched those that are searching must make a Search  check at a TS of 5 in order to locate this weapon.

     The Assassins Blade is often the weapon of assassins and thieves and is  designed to be the primary weapon used in assassinations.  These blades are discreetly hidden in a bracer or gauntlet for portability and  concealability.  These weapons are not meant for full-fledged combat and  will easily break if used in such a way.  

     If a target is struck with a  natural Critical Hit of this weapon (01-05 only) the target must make a Stamina or Willpower check at a TS of 4.  Those that fail are instantly  dropped to 0 Health and 0 Fatigue, this attack cannot be used against  any creature that is huge or larger.

Size: T(1)                 Weapon Type:Agi or Str        Attack Type: P        

Base Damage: 3     Strike Range: 0'                       Critical Range: +10

Special: a10, b10    Cost: 50 SP                                Weight 1 Lb 

Assassins Blade
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