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Rope Dart

     On a Critical Hit the user can decide to have the dart "hook"  in to the target and if the target is the same size or smaller than the  user, the user can attempt to pull the target to them.  This is an  opposed Strength check by both the target and the user.  On a Critical  Failure this weapon is thrown in a random direction beyond immediate  reach (25-30').

      Users must have at least a 75 in either Perception or  Agility to be able to use this weapon due to the hand-eye coordination a  user to use this weapon well.  This weapon uses only Simple Actions to  throw, but a Move Action must be used to retrieve/re-track the weapon.

      By  taking a -25 to their attack skill per size, a user can reduce the size  of the weapon by one category each time.  This grants the user the  ability to use the weapon faster based on its size.

      A variation of  this weapon is to replace the dart with a blunt weapon on the end of the  rope, similar to that of the meteor hammer.  Such as a heavy conical  weight or a heavy iron ball.

     The rope dart is a flexible weapon that is built from a  specialized dart that is attached to a long rope, or other flexible  item such as a chain.  The rope (or chain)  is approximately 8 to 16  feet in length, depending on the size of the wielder with the dart,  generally made from steel or iron, but can be made from bone or even  ironwood, fastened to one end.  The weapon allows the user to throw the  dart and use the rope to pull it and possible the target of the attack  back.  It can be used for twining, binding, circling, hitting, piercing,  tightening, and slashing both as a "ranged" weapon or close up like a  dagger.

Size: L(2)                       Weapon Type:Agi or Per        Attack Type: S or P        

Base Damage: 3            Strike Range: 10'                      Critical Range: +0

Special: b10, d10, O      Cost: 20 SP                                Weight 5 Lb 

Rope Dart
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