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Sartu Knife

     The Sartu Knife is a small curved knife resembling a large claw with a  single hole open in the end of the handle.  It is a common weapon that thieves and assassins have used for centuries and is now becoming a  weapon used by nearly everyone.  

     They are a low cost self-defense item  that is easily hidden.  When used in combat targets must make a Perception check at a TS of 6 to see the weapon in order to defend  against.  

     Those that fail have their Defense check (whatever they use: Martial Arts, Parrying, Physical Defense, etc.) reduced by half while defending against the use of this weapon for the first two turns.

Size: T(1)                            Weapon Type:Agi               Attack Type: S         

Base Damage: 2                 Strike Range: 0n'                Critical Range: +10

Special: a10, b15, c1, o      Cost: 20 SP                           Weight 5 Lb 

Sartu Knife
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