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       These weapons have a thin 15' long  rope that is attached to the axles, the disks are approximately 6-inches  in diameter and are made of iron or steel.  Some come with blades that extend out during the spinning action that deal more damage (+2 Base  Damage).

      When thrown the user can declare that they are using it to Grapple a  target within 15'.  This is opposed by the Targets Agility, if they fail they are considered grappled and held in place until either the Target escapes, or other attackers are able to further grapple the Target.

     Often seen and used as a simple toy for children and  entertainment, the yo-yo has recently become more of a weapon than a toy  in the right hands.

       This weapon consists of an axle connected to two disks with a long thin rope looped around the axle.  One of the first uses of this weapon type was a simple heavy stone with 20' of rope around it that could be thrown at a target and then yanked back if it missed, strike a target with significant force dealing damage or used to  wrap up a targets legs or arms.

Size: T(1)                         Weapon Type:Agi or Per            Attack Type: S & B

Base Damage: 3              Strike Range: 0n'                         Critical Range: +5

Special: f10                      Cost: 10 SP                                    Weight 8 oz 

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