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Making Skill Checks for the Players

    It is a modern concept that players always make their skill or attribute checks for their characters. There are two schools of thought on the GM making rolls for the character: its either an intriguing concept that can work well or it is a terrible idea and the GM should never make roles for the players. This predicated by the fact that some GMs are cruel, unfair and play the game not to let the characters be the star of the story but more sinister goals.

    There was a time where GMs made checks for nearly all the players skill checks, and while that was insane there are a couple of good reasons for GMs to make the occasional skill check for the player.

    These skill checks are typically done when the success or failure of the character would not be immediately self-evident.

    For example, lets say that Aaro is attempting to Stealth past some guards. How well she is hiding may not be immediately self-evident, she may feel confident that she is in the shadows or in the bushes. She cannot see herself from outside herself, and it is possible her body is not in the right position and that mucks up her attempt, but she could not see or know that. Had the player made that roll the player could see that she didn't succeed and may not act accordingly.

    There is a level of tension provided on some of the checks that make the story more intriguing. As a basic rule the GM shouldn't make these checks for players most of the time, and in the same moment there are times where if the player knows the character was unsuccessful they may not follow through with their next intended action.

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