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While the players are the Legendary Heroes of the Legends of Kralis Roleplaying Game, the rest of the Omniverse rests on your shoulders as the Game Master. What you hold in your hands is your guide and resource to help and better run your Legends of Kralis games. It is packed with invaluable hints and information, and contains everything you need raise your game, from advice on the nuts and bolts for running the system to the way the players can interact with the physical world to crafting both magics and technological items. Whether you have run just one game or thousands, this book is designed to help you understand the rules and better run a Legends of Kralis Game.
It includes:            

   Tips and Tricks for preparing and running a game of Legends of Kralis

   Guides for creating dungeons, cities, government systems, and other parts of the Omniverse

   Advice on being a better GM and working with players of all types
   Guides and charts to help you with everything from Downtime to Chase Scenes to Vehicle Combat to Gambling and more
   Advice on PC Death, Demigods, Deified Heroes, as well as numerous Alternate and Optional Rules and much more!

Legends of Kralis - Game Master's Guide

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