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Alhar are humanoid children of the forests of the world. They are held in esteem as myth, and legend. Alhar have often been thought of as beings of magical powers and supernatural abilities, ambivalent towards those they consider allies when they deserve it, vengeful against those that have incurred their wrath. Living within their ancient forest homes these beings are thought of as being aloof and mysterious.

Physical Description

    Alhar are fair and beautiful by most standards, and resemble Syliph from a  distance.  They stand on average 6'-6" to 7'-6" and generally weigh approximately 125 to 175 pounds, though each of these extremes are rare  for the any Alhar. Alhar are of light frame but are well built with  broad shoulders. They vary in their skin coloration ranging from ivory  to dark brown. Their hair color has a wide range, as do their eyes. All Alhar have four digits on their hands and feet rather than the more  common five. They have large ears with pointed tips, their eyes are  large and are more elliptical in shape, which gives them a slanted  appearance. Their heads are larger in proportion than most other species  of similar size. 


        Alhar define who they are based on the fact of their longevity.  Alhar  are not seen to die of old age. Though their exuberance for life, exploration tends to only live for a couple hundred years. An Alhar that  lives longer than 250 years is considered to be a legendary elder.

       Most Alhar are known for possessing strong passions, being easily moved  by whatever emotion they are currently experiencing and move easily  from calm, to laughter, to anger to misery and depression. They are a  highly impulsive species, fleeting it seems from one endeavor to  another, not being able to sit, relax and take their time. They are  viewed as being flaky. This whimsical nature makes it difficult for any  Alhar to take most things seriously. However, this does not dispose  them to not recognizing the danger of the world, they see the danger and  threats and respond with a serious tone, though they may interject with  wise cracks and jokes.

     Alhar are interested in living their  lives fully. They suffer from being time-poor, they often have numerous  projects going on at all times ranging from writing songs, to creating works of art, to learning new languages or studying ancient lores. This is a result of them being impulsive and hyperactive, but they can be  easily distracted, and many have slight forgetfulness. They they are  able to hyper-focus for long periods of time, after which they may  suddenly fall into a period of sullenness filled with daydreaming or  being inattentive. 

Languages and Names

   Alhar  speak Alhassar, a delicate fluid language of light tones and swift  sounds. It has an airy, nasal sound to it that reflects the Alhar  personality and their whimsical personalities. It does have a deeper  sound that is used to infer importance of what the speaker is saying.  Listening to Alhassar being spoken has been noted to be similar to  listening to sing-songy musical words. 

Cultural Kin and Communities

     Alhar  culture has a strong affinity for freedom above all else.  They prefer  to live life on their own terms and conditions. Liberty and freedom is one of the greatest virtues of their culture. While they hold these to  be of the highest priority, they are not lawless or without order. This  love of freedom and liberty is tempered with a healthy respect for all  things good and generous. Alhar society has no discrimination based on  gender.  Both sexes are considered equal basis with each other in all  ways and things. 

     Alhar communities tend to be loosely organized.  They tend to form small towns, villages and even smaller hamlets. These  tend to be made up of anywhere from 3 to 20 families. They, like so  many small communities, are governed by either a group of elders or an  elected council. There are a number of Alhar communities, beset with a  strain of adventure-syndrome (wanderlust), that move through out the  world wandering to and fro making their living as most wanderers do. 

Alhar Features 

Species Merit Cost: 1800 

Age: Alhar begin play at 50, and can live up to 250 years 

Size: Alhar then to be medium creature (6'6" to 7'6") 

Weight: Base 125 plus 3d10 

Vision: Alhar have Normal Vision 

Move: Base Move of 20 Feet per Movement Action 

Languages: Alhar begin play speaking Alhassar (Alhar Common), Common and 1 Other per player choice 

Resistances: 25% Resistant to 1 Element of Magic 

Alhar Bonuses: +15 to Alertness checks, Immune to natural disease 

Alhar Attribute Modifiers: +10 to any two: Agility, Perception, Intelligence or Charisma 

Alhar Traits: Sense Evil.   An alhar can determine if a creature or being is evil by taking a  moment to concentrate on one target that is within 15’ of the atufolk.   In combat an alhar must concentrate for one full turn on a single  target. The alhar must make a Wits check at a TS of 2 to determine if  the target is evil or not. 

Presence.  The alhar gain double their Charisma Modifier as bonus skill points  to Attack and Magical Defense Skill checks once per day. 

Species Abilities:  Alhar begin play with two of the following abilities: Affable, Ancient  Memories, Battle Born, Bond to the Land, Natural Magic, Sneaky, Spirit  Guide, Unique Aptitude 

Species Abilities 

Affable:  You have that certain something that makes you even more likable.  Anytime you attempt to influence (typically this includes Convince,  Gaming, Haggle, Interrogate, or Leadership) other beings can make this  check twice and take the better result of the two. Additionally,  non-player character dispositions towards you always start off one level  better than normal (for example, hostile changes to unfriendly). 

Ancient Memories:  You have a strong tie to the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the world  and your ancestors. You gain four Lore skills, which also receive a +10  bonus. 

Battle Born: Alhar gain the  following bonuses: gain its Willpower Modifier as bonus damage to any  melee or missile attack; +10 Health Points and its Holding Zero now  occurs when it reach two times its Willpower Modifier in negative health  points. Finally, the creature gains a natural armor absorption equal to  its Willpower Modifier. 

Bond to the Land:  Choose one of the following terrain types: Aquatic, Desert, Forest,  Hills, Mountains, Plains, Swamp or Underground. So long as you are in  this specified terrain you gain a +10 bonus to all skills dealing with  evade, lore (Specific Region), navigation, search, stealth, survival,  and tracking. 

Natural Magic: Among your  species you are known for your connection with the great weave of  magic. The use of the spells is less taxing on you than normal.  The  cost of fatigue for spells is reduced by 2 per Power Rank of the spell  to a minimum of 1. Thus, a Power Rank of 3 spell normally costs 9  fatigue, now costs only 3; where as a Power Rank 6 spell normally costs  54 fatigue points (9 fatigue per rank) now only costs 42 fatigue points. 

Sneaky:  You are naturally sneaky. With this, you can move in such a way as to  reduce the amount of noise you make while moving. You naturally move so  quietly that you do not cause any sound when you are walking normally.   From this you gain a +10 to Stealth checks. 

Spirit Guide:  Many Alhar are well known for their connections they make to their  ancestors, and it have connected with a spiritual guide to aide it. Once  per day its guide can advise it on any topic granting it a +1 success  to any skill check per 3 of its ranks.  Additionally, once per day it  may re-roll any failed check without the use of Heroic Luck. 

Unique Aptitude:  Some Alhar have a unique individual among its species and stand out  from the norm, displaying attributes and abilities not common among its  people. it may take another species’ ability.

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