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Of great stature, centaurs stand between seven and eight feet tall, and both their horse and human halves tend to be powerfully built. The coloration of their lower bodies mimics “real” horses, with coats ranging from dusty gray to sheer black, spotted or solid.
Centaurs wear little clothing, and generally only on their human half – centaurs don’t have the inhibition against going skyclad. Those who do wear clothing favor extravagant leather vests and silk shirts, complemented by soft leather coverings for their backs

Physical Description

    There  are two species of centaur: Antilop and Derva.  The most commonly seen  centaur are the derva.  These centaurs stand between six-foot and  eight-foot in height and weigh between 1,500 and 2,100 pounds.  They are  recognizable by their tall stature and extremely muscular build. They  tend to have broad, short backs with powerful hindquarters.  They are  known to have thick, heavy bones. Most derva have dark to tan skin, with  variations of spots and coloration.  Many also have good deal of  feathering on their lower legs.     

     The antilop are a more slender  and smaller centaur and are often referred to as "ponies" by the derva.  Antilop are in the unique position of being the smallest centaurs in the  world. They are the hybrid combination of what appears to be a Selathan  aelwyn and a small war pony. They have many of the same physical  attributes like that of aelwyn: pointed ears, finely chiseled features,  and darker hair and skin. 

     Anitlop range in size from 4’ to 5’ in  height and generally are only 6’ long and weigh 1200  pounds. They are  considered medium creatures but maintain the normal movement of all  centaurs.     

      The Antilop are known for their thoughtfulness and  versatility, but equally for their intellect and their absentmindedness.  They are the thinkers and philosophers of the centaur species, but not  as good of combatants. 


 Centaurs are known for their strong will, independence, and raw determination. They’re also known for their coldness to outsiders.  Many centaurs also come across as humorless and withdrawn, but this is  not entirely so – their sense of humor is a rather dry one, with a dark  bent that others often miss. Despite their impressive size, they can be  very subtle beings.     

     Once past their exterior, most all horsemen  are sociable, gregarious creatures, and of the folk of the world, the  aelwyn are their favorite companions. When gathered with anyone,  however, centaurs have a great weakness for good music and fine wines.  Although the latter weakness has been exploited by some, it is also a  trait which makes them endearing to many other races. Centaurs are  wonderful at parties, and the stories of centaur males carrying off  human women are reckless exaggerations, although there are bad apples in  every batch. Many centaurs love the idea of adventuring and exploring  the world around them.     

     Centaurs use their tremendous mobility  advantage to charge down or outflank enemies – few races dare to  challenge them on open ground. Their large bodies make them somewhat  vulnerable to enemy archers, but only well-disciplined archers can keep  calm enough to draw an arrow when a charging centaur is about to trample  them down.     

     Centaurs often use bows themselves, or firearms on  the rare occasions that they have access to such weapons. Indeed,  sometimes they will let bipedal allies ride on their backs and shoot at  foes on their flanks. When the centaurs’ opposition have no archers or  other ranged attackers, the centaurs will take up massive lances and  other heavy weapons for repeated charge attacks, as their running speed  reduces a bipedal opponent’s ability to effectively counterattack. When  pressed into hand-to-hand fighting, they have full use of their front  and rear hooves, and the speed they can use these natural weapons makes  them vicious fighters. In all battles, the centaurs favor heavy  shields, both to protect from archers and to bash through massed attackers. They are perfectly willing to construct armor to fit their unique bodies. 

Languages and Names       

     Centaurs tend to speak Arctoban as their native language.  It is a  relatively easy language when it comes to the words, they are  straightforward and have very little in variance in their meanings,  though they have numerous words that mean the same thing in different  contexts. Though there is an underlying pattern of speech that the  centaurs use for inflection, these tend to be thought of as neighing, a  high frequency pitch that only jakara and kanus seem to be able to  replicate.  Common first names include Aplien, Catlien, Derthik, Efina,  Galit, Hedia, Kernac, and Pax Rathi. 

Cultural Kin and Communities        

     Centaurs regard themselves as protectors of the land they live on.  They are very aggressive to intruders on their territory, and hate the  darker spawn of the world. Their strong will and stubbornness easily  lends itself to being warliket, and keeps all but the most brave or  reckless of land desecrators away from centaur territories.

      Centaur society is organized around tribes, which consist of anywhere  from five to fifty families, governed by the eldest male. This elder is  generally the protector and provider of the family, but in smaller  tribes, both parents take up these duties equally. Centaurs are  supremely practical in this regard, allowing members of the family to do  whatever duties they can prove themselves capable of.     

     The  tribes themselves are led by a chieftain, with council by an elder  shaman. Under the elder shaman are the Cloven, a council of three to  seven shaman, and under the Cloven, there is at least one priest and one  wizard. While centaurs are not known for their mystical prowess, they  realize the merit of magic and gladly incorporate it into their lives.  Centaur tribes have a range area of some 200 miles in diameter, and  their home lairs are often well hidden, either behind ranges of hills or  buried deep within a thick forest.     

     When tribes gather in mass, centaurs make semi-temporary encampments – huts of stone, wood, or clay for each family, and a communal hut where the elders gather to discuss tribal news and concerns.     

     Centaur tribes are all part of a larger nation of centaurs. They may also call meeting in times of war, wherein they can quickly call forth many hundreds of warriors to repel invaders from their land. 

Centaur Features 

Species Merit Cost: 1200 

Age: 15, live to be over 100 yrs 

Size: Centaur range from medium to large in size 

Weight: Base 1100 plus 2d10x10         

Vision: Centaur have normal vision 

Move: Base Move of 40 feet per Movement Action 

Languages:  Centaurs begin play speaking Arctoban (Centaur Common), and may speak  Iraban (Derva Dialect), Cor Shan (Ta' Jahu Common) and Common 

Resistances: None 

Centaur Bonuses:  Max Lift +300 lbs, Encumbrance Limit x 3, +50 bonus to resist Knockdown  and Knock backs,  +10 WeaponCraft (Per) or +5 to any three Knowledge  Skills 

Centaur Attribute Modifiers: +10 to any two: Strength, Stamina, Intelligence or Charisma 

Centaur Traits: Rear Hoof Attack. This attack does a base of 5 damage.; Front Hoof Attack. This attack does a base of 3 damage. 

Derva Bonuses: Natural Armor. Centaurs have a naturally thicker skin gaining +10 Natural Armor Points. 

Antilop Bonuses:  Combat Empathy. Centaurs have the uncanny ability to read the basic  emotions of others in combat. Once per turn the antilop can attempt a  Wits check, this gives them a +5 to their Attack Skill or Defense Skill  Check per three Wits Successes. They may use this bonus only during  combat and must indicate which they are going to apply the bonus to. Species Abilities Centaurs  begin play with two of the following abilities: Ancient Foe, Bond to  the Land, Endurance, Hardy, Heroic, Stalker, Stomp, Thick Bones 

Species Abilities 

Ancient Foe:  Your clan has fought long and hard to survive and have developed a  long, ancient hatred towards a particular group of monsters. Choose any  two of the following monster types: Animal, Beasts, Constructs, Magical  Beasts (Sub Type); Monstrous Humanoids (Specific Species), or  Supernatural. You gain a +10 bonus to your Physical Defense and +10  Attack Bonus against this monster type only. Your critical hit range  also increases by +5 against these monster types. 

Bond to the Land:  Choose one of the following terrain types: Aquatic, Desert, Forest,  Hills, Mountains, Plains, Swamp or Underground. So long as you are in  this specified terrain you gain a +10 bonus to all skills dealing with  Evade, Lore (Specific Region), Navigation, Search, Stealth, Survival,  and Tracking. 

Endurance: Centaur are  more athletic than normal and gain +20 bonus on any Stamina checks to  avoid exhaustion, as well as, the effects of forced marches, starvation,  dehydration and conditions in heat or cold. They also do not suffer  Fatigue Loss for moving faster than normal (hustling, running,  sprinting). 

Hardy: You are unusually  hardy and are immune to types A, B and C Poisons; gain +10 Magical  Defense against one elemental type (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit or  Essence); and are immune to non-magical diseases. 

Heroic: The goddess of luck must have blessed you. Each time you gain a new rank, you gain an additional +2 Heroic Luck. 

Stalker:  You gain a +10 bonus to skill checks you make while you are actively  stalking, performing surveillance, tracking, evading and stealthing. But  may apply to other skills as deemed by your GM. 

Stomp:  With this ability you are able to stomp the ground. Stomp can effect  all those that are smaller than you. It has an area of effect of 180  degree arc in front of you up to 10'. Targets in this area must make an  Agility check at a TS of 1 per 2 Strength successes or be knocked prone.  This ability is a Move Action. 

Thick Bones:  Centaurs are known for their incredibly dense, thick bones. Because of  this, you are able to withstand incredible pressures, beyond those that  would even crush other creatures. Your "Maximum Lift" changes from STR  x6 to STR x20 and all other Encumbrance Levels are increased by +250  pounds each. Finally, all crushing damage is reduced by half.

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