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The Void is mostly an empty canvas with sporadic clusters of intense activity surrounding a solvetras. It is within these solvetras that other worlds exist and on those worlds others species. Sometimes these species make a run from their solvetras into the wild Void to avoid some cataclysmic event. The Erghul are native to the world of Faleriath and also explorers of the Void and are a common sight throughout the known Omniverse. While not technologically advanced to be able to create gigantic Void-faring ships, they have been able to leave their world in the service of others or have been able to master the magics that enable them to travel from one plane to another to another often times finding themselves literally lost within the planes of existence.

Physical Description

     When others attempt to describe to one another what a Erghul looks like, they end up getting some very strange looks. While humanoid in shape they  have only three fingers per hand, their feet in with three forward toes and one large rear toe. They appear to be reptilian in nature as their  heads are elongated with a wide snout that have nose slits along the top, and they lack the reptilian sharp teeth and hard scales. Their bodies are smooth and hairless. The tops of their heads are a heavy bone. Additionally, they have bony plates that cover much of their body giving them natural armor protection. 

     They also have up to four pairs of barbels or slender whisker-like sensory organs near the mouth: two near their nose slits, one on each side of their mouth and two pairs on  the chin.  They range in color from a deep gray to a bright-burnt orange, some even have a pink or cream color tone. They are able to grow long hair that naturally mats and twists into long locks and tight  braids.  The males of the species tend to grow short beards. 



       As with all species describing the personality of an entire culture or  species is often over simplified and rarely takes in account the subtle differences between individuals, let alone an entire species. Erghul personalities are as varied as any, and more akin to the range of human  personalities. If anything Erghul are often underestimated because of  their odd shaped heads and ponderous ways of carrying themselves. As a species Intelligence, and Wits are highly valued and most have these  traits in spades. Yet, they rarely take the time or the steps to correct  the misconceptions others may have about them.  This often helps them identify potential foes. They are very open-minded and accepting of others who visit their communities. However, they are very quick to  defend themselves and do so with great skill.

     They are intensely curious about others and cultures that they come across.  They will  often seize any opportunity to meet beings of another species, taking  care to learn their customs and etiquette. They enjoy sharing wild tales  and news from across the world and the Omniverse. They are by no means shy and are quick to strike up a conversation with a stranger,  particularly a member of a new species they have encountered.

Languages and Names

        Erghul speak common as well as their native tongue of Evvas. They also employ an intricate silent language using hand gestures and the movement of their barbels.

 Cultural Kin and Communities

      The Erghul people are geared toward family life and events that surround their lifestyle. Their life is particularly rich in ceremony  and ritual. They tend to have small families which belong to larger  clans which tend to be nomadic making their livelihood as crafters,  hunters, and trade. Erghul are well known for their unique ability of  spinning and weaving that creates unique clothing and skin tight armors.  Their culture today is a blend of old traditions adapted with new technologies and practices, an adaptability that traces to their  mythologies.

     Traditionally, Erghul society is organized through matrilineal kinship and are governed by consensus of the family and  clan; though some groups have elected leaders. Communities are not  necessarily defined as a village or town but rather a collection of  dwellings or hamlets distributed over a wide area.

     Erghul  religion is widely practiced and notable for its intricacy. Some of its  many traditions relate the emergence of the first ones from various worlds beneath the surface of the world; other stories explain the  origins and purposes of numerous rites and ceremonies. Some of these are simple rituals carried out by individuals or families for luck in  travel and trade or for the protection of travel and trade. More-complex  rites involve a specialist priests. Traditionally, most rites were  primarily for curing physical and mental illness. In other ceremonies  there are simply prayers or songs. In some cases there are public dances  and exhibitions at which hundreds of Erghul gather. The traditional  music at these events is predominately vocal and is accompanied by a  variety of instruments such as drums, flutes, rasps, and stringed  instruments. 

Alhar Features 

Species Merit Cost: 1300 

Age: Erghul being at the age the of 20 and may live up to 150 years 

Size: Erghul are medium creatures (5'-0" to 6'-6") 

Weight: Base 120 plus 4d10+5 

Vision: Erghul have Heightened Nightvision

Move: Base Move of 20 feet per Movement Action 

Languages: Erghul begin play speaking Evvas and any three other languages they choose 

Resistances: +10 Horror and Fear checks 

Erghul Bonuses: +20 Alertness checks; +10 to checks vs. Surprise 

Erghul Attribute Modifiers: +10 to any two: Stamina, Agility, Intelligence or Wits

Erghul Traits: Natural Armor. Erghul have 10 Natural Armor Absorption 

Psionic Thoughts.  Erghul have a very limited form of telepathy which grants them the  ability to communicate with any willing creature within a 15’ radius  of them.  Addressing multiple targets is possible with a Willpower TS  check of 1 per additional target above 1. They do not need to know the  language of targets around them. 

Species Abilities: Erghul begin play with two of the following abilities: Ancient Memories, Curiosity, Defensive Training, Expert Talent, Hidden Sense, Infernal Magic, Scavenger, Viza Suri 

Species Abilities

      Ancient Memories:  You have a strong tie to the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the world and your ancestors. You gain four Lore skills, which also receive a +10  bonus 

     Curiosity: You’ve a strong,  natural inquisitiveness about the world. You gain +10 bonus to any fear  checks. Should you begin the turn affected by fear, you are able to  reduce the severity of the fear effect from frightened to scared, and  scared to trouble. You also have a tendency to end up with other peoples  things; you gain a +10 to the Sleight of Hand skill. Additionally,  while in an urban setting, once per day you may roll on the Minor Art  Items treasure table to determine what small item you may have picked  up. 

     Defensive Training: You have  trained hard, taken beatings and still have gotten up to battle on.  Because of this harsh training you have also learned how not to get hit  or repel a mental/spiritual assault. You gain an additional +5 bonus to  any 1 Defense Type per rank to a maximum bonus of +50, you must choose a  new Defense type each rank. 

     Expert Talent:  Generally many Erghul have become an expert in a number of skills. They  gain +5 modifier to their favorite three skills. The favorite skills  cannot be changed once play begins. 

     Hidden Sense:  Erghul have a knack for noticing unusual workings and configurations.  They can more easily spot alterations in patterns that may hide traps,  hidden doors or movable walls. Anytime they pass within 10 feet of these  types of features they gain a Perception check to notice these features  without any penalties and whether or not it is actively looking for them. 

     Infernal Magic: At some point  in your family history it was tainted with a bloodline of a fiend or  demon. Because of this, the spells from either Fire, Earth, Water or Air  elements are treated as 1 PR level lower for casting purposes only, but  can never be lower than 0 PR. Once it have chosen this element it may  not change it. 

     Scavenger: What others  see as garbage, trash or simply overlook, you see as opportunity. This  way of looking at the world has given you the ability to find hidden  objects more easily. You gain +1 success per 3 ranks to your Search  skill. You also gain +10 to your Fabrication skill. You are able to  stretch what material you can use to fabricate objects to just about  anything that can be manipulated to do what you want.

     Viza Suri:  You can use a heightened sense twice per day for up to 1 hour, which  allows you to sense the auras of objects and living things around them  up to a 30’ diameter. They are able to “see” when blinded or complete  darkness. Everything appears translucent in form while the Erghul have  their eyes closed.  They are able see through solid objects.

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