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Ewarhu are a deep dwelling species common through out the Tav Aedhun, making their living in secrecy avoiding the prying eyes of terrifying entities of the Deep Realm. They are a tough, tradition-abiding species known for their surliness and cynical world view. Yet, like many of the top dwellers they are loyal to family and those lucky enough for them to be considered friends. They are creatures of the earth, and like the earth they rarely change unless they must.

Physical Description

      Ewahru (depth-dweller in ancient common) are a species of humanoid that  have lived beneath the earth since the creation of the worlds.  They are  a people of the deep world, of caves, tunnels and stone. The Ewahru  look like miniature humans cut from the very granite of the world. They are gray to light brown in color, their skin is blotched with small  freckles of white, predominately on their faces and arms.  They are on average 3 feet to 4 feet in height, most tend to have stark white, charcoal gray or light hair colors, bright purple to golden eyes. Most males have thick facial hair that they sculpt with weird stuff. Both sexes tend to have long hair which is often braided in unique fashions  and styles. As a species the Ewahru are large boned, and held together  with lean, strong muscle. 


         Ewahru are surely and cynical in their approach to the world beyond  their homes. They are known for their fatalistic point of view when it  comes to the world, though they attempt to change this fate with fervor.  Ewahru are kind and respectful to their own, though trusting anyone  from outside the towns and homes is not easy for them. They tend to keep  to themselves, in when in a group of others that have won over the  Ewahru's trust. They eye strangers with suspicion.

        Most Ewahru  are sullen and hard-working known to dedicate themselves to finishing  tasks, from their daily tasks to mission-like tasks. Outsiders find  their surely, cynical attitudes make for sour companions. These  attitudes are a direct result of their hard working and stoicness.  This  is also where their pursuit of excellence to accomplish things comes  from. All Ewahru have a deeply rooted, insatiable curiosity, this trait  more than anything is what drives them to explore and wander the world.

Languages and Names

         Ewahru speak what is called "Earth-Common" a type of language that is  rarely spoke beyond the bounds of the Tav Aedhun and sounds much like  stones being clacked together mixed with tongue clicks and the  occasional vowel sound. They tend to learn languages quickly in order to  be able to deal with the other residents of the Tav Aedhun. 

Cultural Kin and Communities

         If there is any species that has defined who and what they are by their  environment, the Ewarhu would be marked high in this regard. The harsh  conditions of the Tav Aedhun have greatly shaped the Ewahru mind and  behavior. They are an untrusting species and view the world not from a  cowards place but from one of suspicion because the world is dark and  filled with dangers.  The most important core of the Ewarhu is the  family, and within the family the children are the most important part  of their culture and society, a natural response to the fact that Ewarhu  have very low birthrates. Ewarhu parents are known to dote on their  children, and often take in other children of Ewarhu that have passed  away.

        Living within the Tav Aedhun is difficult, and when it  comes to surviving both male and female are expected to carry their  weight. This extends all the way to the rulers of the city where they  evenly divide the responsibilities of rulership.

        Most Ewarhu  are comfortable living in the relative secrecy of their communities  hidden behind winding maze-like tunnels. These communities tend to be  large cities with populations ranging from 5,000 to 10,000. Much like top world cities these locations are built in gigantic caverns and are carved from the stone of the region.  The Ewarhu skill of stone working shines with their ability to sculpt the stone with ease and precision  that many top dwellers are envious of and are sought after by many  builders.

        Those from the top world often look to hire Ewarhu  to guide them into the depths in search of adventure. As scouts they  have an unparalleled experience and knowledge of the Tav Aedhun region  they are from. They tend to know the locations of underground portals,  tunnels and passages like the back of their hand. These individuals  have mastered traveling in the Tav Aedhun.

       Those Ewarhu that  are encountered outside of their cities, other than the scouts, are  often explorers, or bold souls that have found themselves enamored with  life in the top world. These individuals are rare as they have thrown  off their natural distrust of others and have embraced their deep  curiosity to explore the wider world.

 Ewahru Features 

Species Merit Cost: 1500 

Age: Ewahru begin play at the age 50, and may live up to 200 years 

Size: Ewahru are small creatures (3'-0" -4'-0") 

Weight: Base 160 plus 3d10 

Vision: Heightened Nightvision 

Move: Base Move of 20 feet per Movement Action 

Languages: Ewahru begin play speaking Common and any four languages they choose

 Resistances: Ewahru gain +10 bonus to Magic Defense; +10 Horror Bonus 

Ewahru Bonuses: Ewahru gain +10 Alertness; +10 Fatigue Points 

Ewahru Attribute Modifiers: +10 to any two: Strength, Stamina, Intelligence or Willpower 

Ewahru Traits: Gift of Languages:  Once per rank, any time that a Ewahru hears a new language they may  make an Intelligence roll at TS 4. You may only learn one language per  Rank. 

Technophobe: Ewahru seem to have  an inability to harness the great use of technology, because of this  there is a 25% chance of any technology they use to failing and to not  work for them. 

Thick Skin: Ewahru have a thick, rocky like skin that provides some protection against damage.  They begin play with 10 Armor Absorption.

Magic Resistance: Ewahru gain +5 bonus to Divine and Magic Defenses every 2 ranks to a maximum of +50. 

Species Abilities Ewarhu  begin play with two of the following abilities: Adapted, Blunt  Resistance, Defensive Training, Expert Talent, Fleet of Foot, Infernal  Magic, Spirit Guide, Viza Suri 

Species Abilities 

Adapted: You have become accustomed to technology and aradgah. This allows The creature is able to ignore their Technophobia. 

Blunt Resistance: +5 Damage Reduction vs. Crushing/Blunt Weapons. This stacks with any natural Armor Absorption. 

Defensive Training:  You have trained hard, taken beatings and still has gotten up to battle  on. Because of this harsh training you have also learned how not to get  hit or repel a mental/spiritual assault. It gain an additional +5 bonus  to any 1 Defense Type per rank to a maximum bonus of +50, it must  choose a new Defense type each rank.

 Expert Talent:  Generally many Ewahru have become an expert in a number of skills. They  gain +5 modifier to their favorite three skills. The favorite skills  cannot be changed once play begins. 

Fleet of Foot: You are very quick in getting from one place to another. It gains +10' to its normal movement rate. 

Infernal Magic:  At some point in your family history it was tainted with a bloodline of  a fiend or demon. Because of this, the spells from either Fire, Earth,  Water or Air elements are treated as 1 PR level lower for casting  purposes only, but can never be lower than 0 PR. Once it have chosen  this element it may not change it. 

Spirit Guide:  You are well known for your connections to your ancestors, and you have  connected with a spiritual guide to aide it. Once per day your guide  can advise it on any topic granting it a +1 success to any skill check  per 3 of its ranks. Additionally, once per day you may re-roll any  failed check without the use of Heroic Luck. 

Viza Suri:  Some Ewahur can use a heightened sense twice per day for up to 1 hour,  which allows them to sense the auras of objects and living things around  them up to a 30’ diameter. They are able to “see” when blinded or in  complete darkness. Everything appears translucent in form while the  Ewahur have their eyes closed. They are able see through solid objects.

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