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Powerful beings born during the age of chaos, formorians are among the largest species in the world along side trolls, bhahuul, and the fhen khanur. Once a species who's destiny was tied to the Kingdom of Athigurian, once ruled by the cruel and vile powerful titans known as giastori. The formorian species was created by the dark god Azahak as soldiers during the Gods-War, the formorians were used as spies and infiltrators due to their ability to assume the form of other beings. Known throughout Kralis, and eventually the Omniverse, for being extremely ruthless, the formorians became one of the greatest enemies mortal kind during the Age of Mortals. Originally, the formorians had a xenophobic attitude towards other species, which was well established throughout the Ages, as well as when the atrocities during the reign of the Kingdom of Athigurian.

Physical Description
          Standing 8 to 10 feet tall, formorians are one of the largest species  within the world. Formorians have dense bones and huge muscles, though  their short necks give them a slightly hunched look. Most are white to  gray in color with dark gray to deep blue eyes. They tend not to have  hair, though when they assume a form they can create hair as needed.   They have massive four fingers that end in harsh claws and have only  three toes that lead into a large foot-shaped pad, their ears are  slightly pointed.

         Brooding is the best way to describe a formorian. While fearless,  their mindset is dark, merciless, and gloomy, consumed in the  realization that everything eventually ends in death.  Part of this is  simply their Azahak-created nature, but they are also angry over having  been tools of the Lord of Darkness for so long, and feel a deep longing  and hurt over the brainwashing and slavery of their brothers who still  live under the evil god’s control. Because of these regrets, they do not  tolerate oppression or aggression of one species over another species,  even when it doesn’t concern them.
    More than a few slavers,  cults, raiders, and tyrants have learned too late that formorian  enclaves like things to stay peaceful and easygoing in their neck of the  woods. Occasionally, individual formorians or even whole companies will  travel the world, taking a more active role in making it a less warlike  place, but these are few and far between.
    Formorians rarely  experience joy or humor, and find it difficult to forgive those who  antagonize them, though many formorians try hard to overcome this.  Nonetheless, other species tend to leave these large beings alone to  their thoughts.

Languages and Names
      Formorians speak a guttural version of Common as well as language  called Jhug Tak (Dark Speech) that is spoken by numerous creatures known  as Nuhtegh (groups of savage humanoids).  They also tend to pick up  other languages such as Rhakish, Azhdehak and Jauzah.  Translated first  names for males include Azkah, Bhavak, Garuk, Jhuk, Mhauk, Mutam, and  Syrk.

Cultural Kin and Communities
     Formorians have little true culture, as they have no home country to  call their own, and never will. They often isolate themselves from other  species, keeping their small families and enclaves hidden deep within  mountain passes and dark forests. Even when they settle in cities or  other “civilized” areas, they keep out of sight, and the locals find  their manner aloof and distant. They find little enjoyment in the art,  architecture, songs, or storytelling of other species.
     Most  formorian clans are hierarchical. They tend to value advanced age as a  sign of strength, power, and wisdom. In formorian culture, the thirtieth  birthday was cause for celebration. The emphasis on hierarchy and other  factors are fertile ground for intense rivalries between individuals  and families. As a result, most formorians are generally suspicious and  regarded those who were not as foolish.
     Formorians value family highly, as demonstrated in the saying, "Family is life,"  despite the obligations to the clan that might make them choose the  clan over family. Most homes are typically multi-generational and  hierarchical, with male and female parents sharing authority. Family  loyalty is emphasized, however. Similar to some other cultures,  formorians have placed a great value on the continuation of family  lines, though they were not known for having large numbers of offspring.
    There are two cultural kin within the species:
Barhak:  The Barhak were the most cunning and dangerous of all the formorians.  They were the generals and conspirators, the architects of Azahak’s  plans of genocide and slavery. Those who rebelled against the Lord of  Darkness became the de-facto leaders of the new formorian enclaves,  attempting to maintain peaceful relations with nearby communities  without resorting to their old, atrocity-laden ways.
    Like most  formorians, Barhak have long, thick hair, but the color is a charcoal  gray. They have stunning blue eyes and long ears. They are slightly  shorter and leaner than valinu, but not enough to have made any  difference to the species they trampled over.
Valinu:  The Folk of the Wild, or Valinu as they are often referred to, are  nearly horrific in their appearance. They wear only loin cloths made  from the skins of huge predatory beasts, have their huge bodies dyed and  tattooed in dark colors from royal blue to blood red. They shave a  groove along the top of their heads, running from the forehead to the  back of the neck, and let each of the sides to become entangled, caked  with blood, dirt and sweat.
    These beings are the last of their  kind. Only very small pockets of them still exist in the wilder places  of the world. There are times that one or two of the younger generation  may set out on a journey, it is from this stock that most people  encounter the Valinu. They are an intelligent breed and generally faster  than that of their cousins. They use this guile and speed to their  advantage.

Formorian Features
Species Merit Cost: 1200
Age: 25, live to be over 150yrs
Size: Formorian are large
Weight: Base 450 plus 2d10x10
Vision: Formorian have night vision
Move: Base Move of 30 feet per Movement Action
Languages: Formorian begin play speaking Common and Jhug Tak
Resistances: Immune to Fear
Formorian Bonuses: +300 Maximum lift; +10 Alertness
Formorian Attribute Modifiers: +10 to any two: Strength, Stamina, Agility, Intelligence or Willpower
Formorian TraitsAssume Form Four  times per day for 1 hour a formorian has the ability to change its  physical appearance, including species, height, weight, and age.  A  formorian can assume any form that it knows, but a formorian must be  within two sizes of its normal size in order to assume the appearance of  larger or smaller sizes.  This only replicates the physical appearance  of the target creature.  Moving from 1 form to another form takes 5  turns.  Those viewing the altered creature are allowed a Wits check  based on familiarity: No Familiarity - TS 10; Some Familiarity - TS 8;  Familiarity - TS 6; Very Familiar - 4.
Species Abilities Formorian  begin play with two of the following abilities: Beguiling Liar,  Endurance, Hardy, Indomitably, Power Jump, Stomp, Survivalist, Undying  Hatred

Species Abilities
Beguiling Liar:  You are a master liar. Most everything false that comes out of your  mouth has greater chance of being believed. You gain +2 bonus successes  on any Convince, Gambling or Haggle skill usages.
Endurance:  Formorian are more athletic than normal and gain +20 bonus on any  Stamina checks to avoid exhaustion, as well as, the effects of forced  marches, starvation, dehydration and conditions in heat or cold. They  also do not suffer Fatigue Loss for moving faster than normal (hustling,  running, sprinting).
Hardy:  You are unusually hardy and are immune to types A, B and C Poisons,  gain +10 Magical Defense against one elemental type (Earth, Air, Fire,  Water, Spirit or Essence); and are immune to non-magical diseases.
Indomitably:  Formorian gain half their Charisma Modifier in bonus successes to  ignore any ability, spell or power that causes them to be held,  paralyzed, or otherwise unable to move. This does not include  knockdowns, knockouts, or crippling wounds. The Game Master may rule  that the paralyzing powers of gods, demons, and other powerful beings  cannot be ignore.
Power Jump: Once per day per their Stamina Modifier (Maximum 5 times), you can leap or jump triple your base movement.
Stomp:  With this ability you are able to stomp the ground. Stomp can effect  all those that are smaller than you. It has an area of effect of 180  degree arc in front of you up to 10'. Targets in this area must make an  Agility check at a TS of 1 per 2 Strength successes or be knocked prone.  This ability is a Move Action.
Survivalist:  Formorians have endured many generations through many harsh times and  places. As such you gain the Survival Skill and it is treated as a  focused skill gaining and 8 skill points each rank. Additionally, choose  one of the following: Immunity to cold environments, or Immunity to hot  environments, or hustle, run, and sprint without paying Fatigue Points,  or double length of time you can go without food (see Starvation), or  double your exhaustion limits. Choose 1.
Undying Hatred:  You have developed an enmity so intense that you can continue beyond  all odds just to kill those you oppose. When you reach Holding Zero you  do not have to make Willpower or Stamina checks to stay up when fighting  your Bane target. Additionally, you ignore all penalties from being  Battered when in combat against your hated target.

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