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Gunthian are bipedal, humanoid birdfolk species. Most of these beings have the head, wings, and legs of various types ranging alsaqur (hawk), nahsar (eagle), and bumal (owl) and the upper torso and arms of a powerful human or ta'jahu.
Gunthian generally dress in light clothered clothing that allows them to use their wings as a normal bird. They are creatures of the air and flight and there are few creatures that are able to best them in a fight in the air.

Physical Description
      Gunthian, bird folk speech for "Great Winged Ones", greatly vary in  their specific physical description. Generally, their  wings tend to be  folded back against their backs and generally have a wingspans equal to 3  times their height.  Each of the three known species have a number of  specific differences in their physical appearance. The most prominent  species are the alsaqur.  These bird-folk stand about 5-feet at their  maximum height.  Their feather color ranges from anything from nearly  white to virtually black, they are best known for their characteristic  deep red to orange-brown tails They have bars of  orange on their upper chest that fades towards the belly, back and  wings. Alsaqur have deep gold to bright blue eye colors. They have  extremely powerful, sharp, curved talons, strong hooked beaks and are  known as some of the fast fliers within all of the bird-folk, often  attaining speeds of great significance.  They have often been seen  out-flying dragons and other powerful beasts of the air.
     The  largest of the bird-folk are the nahsar.  They stand between 5-foot to  6-foot in height.  They have the largest range of feather colors, and  many are known to have manelike crests, dark faces, and large,  high-arched, deep beaks that range in color from bright yellow to  bluish-gray. They range in color from dark brown with white bellies and  underwings, to grays with broad black bands across their chests, that  separate head colors from their bodies.  Head colors can range from pure  white to pale gray to bright purples or black.  Their eye colors are  generally blue-gray to soft yellow to deep black. They have the largest  talons and have a unique hind toe that allows them to grasp "prey"  easier, even puncturing vital areas of a target when used in an attack.
      Unlike both the alsaqur and the nahsar, the bumal have more forward  facing eyes, with short, curved, and downward-facing beaks, and have a  flat face. Many are known to have "ear-tufts", while others have a  "heart-shaped" band of feathers and smooth feathering around their head.   The heart-shaped face is usually bright white, but in some it is  brown.  They have much shorter tails, and much more rounded wings that  grant them a greater amount of silent flight. Their eye color ranges  from golden to gray to deep blue or yellow. They range in height from  4-foot to 5-foot in height and are the smallest species of the  Gunthian.  Many are generally colored for camouflage. The underparts of  the burmal are usually light with some brown horizontal barring, the  upper parts of their wings are generally a mottled brown usually bearing  heavy, complex, darker markings. Others are pure white with the same  horizontal barring, others vary between pale brown and some shade of  grey.  Still others are a purer, richer brown. They tend to have shorter  legs, and smaller talons, but are much more naturally sharper that  allow them pierce even the hardest of armors with ease.

      Like so many others in the Omniverse gunthians have a wide variety of  personality ranging from those that seek to dominate and control others,  to those that prefer their solidarity wishing only to spend their time  studying or training in one skill or another.  Many are whimsical, a  trait shared greatly among the burmal, others are strict, formal and  hard beaked in following tradition.  Still others are organized and have  a strong sense of duty, and others have a high openness and enjoy  adventure. They're curious and appreciate art, imagination and new  things.

Languages and Names
     Gunthians speak Galuta, a language made up of a variety use of words,  hooting, soft skretching sounds.  They can speaking common easily, but  with each other they prefer galuta.

Cultural Kin and Communities
      Gunthian society is unique.  Predominately, they are solitary beings  that will pair with another for life, even if that partner dies  unexpectedly. Yet, they do live within communities, generally of all the  same species, though there are the exceptions.  Typically, gunthian  communities are made up of 10 to 12 flocks, which consist of  one couple  with 3 to 6 hatchlings in each flock. Sometimes these flocks have  extended families that include elders, aunts and cousins.  Most of these  communities are located in mountainous regions, forests, and the more  open of plains.  Many of these communities also find alusyms (floating  islands in the sky) good places for their communities.

Gunthian Features
Species Merit Cost: 1600
Age: 5-10, live to be over 150 yrs
Weight: Base 150 plus 3d10
Size: Gunthians tend to be medium creatures, (4 to 5 Feet) Alsaqur & Burmal, (5 to 6 Feet) Nahsar
Vision: Alsaqur and Nahsar have normal vision; Burmal have Nightvision
Move: Base Move of 25 feet per Movement Action; Fly: 120' per Move (Nahsar) Type B MC;  200' Move (Alsaqur) Type B
     MC; 90' per Move (Burmal) Type A MC.
Languages: Gunthians begin play speaking Galuta (Gunthian Common), Cor Shan  (Ta' jahu Common),  and Common
Resistances: None
Gunthian Bonuses: +10 bonus to Perception (Sight), +10 to Alertness
Gunthian Attribute Modifiers: Alsaqur +10 to any two: Perception, Agility, Intelligence, or Willpower
                                                         Nahsar +10 to any two: Strength, Agility, Intelligence or Wits
                                                         Bumal +10 to any two: Stamina, Agility, Wits, Charisma
Gunthian Traits: Flight.  Flight (winged)  During flight any skills that require concentration  suffer -20 penalty, while hovering any skills that require concentration  suffer -40 penalty when being used (i.e. Attack Skill, Defense Skill,  Spell craft, Jinhu Discipline, Divine Knowledge and other such skills.)  With a Concentration Skill check this penalty is reduced by 5 per 2  successes on the skill check to a minimum of -5.  They can carry up to  1/2 their Stamina Score in total weight with no penalties.  Wearing  medium types of armor slows their flight movement by one-quarter while  wearing heavy armor reduce their movement by one-half.
Presence.  The gunthian double gain their Charisma Modifier as bonus skill points  to Attack and Magical Defense Skill checks once per day.
Reflexive Defense. A gunthian is always ready for attack, gaining +10 bonus to Physical Defense Skill checks, even when surprised.
Talons. These talons have a base damage of 2 as a Natural Weapon Attacks and can penetrate up to medium type armors.
Species Abilities Gunthians   begin play with two of the following abilities: Battle Hardened, Deep  Thought, Focused Mind, Guardian, (Ha'vatu) Equipment, Natural Magic,  Stalker, Unique Aptitude

Species Abilities
Battle Hardened:  You have become toughened by the experience of battle. It gains an  additional +3 modifier to either its Physical Defense or Attack Skill  every other rank.
Deep Thought:  Gunthians are known for its deep, trance like thinking. Because of this  it gain a +10 bonus to Meditation, Concentration, Interrogate,  Skepticism, or Convince.
Focused Mind:  You gain +10 cumulative bonus for every hour you concentrate on any next  non-combat skill check. You may only focus for 1/2 its Stamina modifier  in hours to gain this bonus. During combat as a Simple Action it gain  +10 bonus to any next non-attribute check that it make.
Guardian:  Gunthians have a natural desire to protect others when they can.  Gunthians can move swiftly (twice its normal movement) to defend an  ally, blocking blows and disrupting foes. The Gunthian gains a +15 bonus  to its Physical Defense if it is defending a nearby ally that is within  double its normal movement rate. This can be used three times per  day.  
(Ha’vatu) Equipment: You were  given a bag of tools when you reached the appropriate age for such  things. This equipment bag contains the following: 2 - Dolakh Crystals,  Mechanic Lenses, Mechanic Tools, Oil, 3 Spools of Copper, Brass and  Bronze wire, Filter Mask, Iron Casing Lighter
Natural Magic:  Among your species you are known for your connection with the great  weave of magic. The use of the spells is less taxing on you than  normal.  The cost of fatigue for spells is reduced by 2 per Power Rank  of the spell to a minimum of 1. Thus, a Power Rank of 3 spell normally  costs 9 fatigue, now costs only 3; where as a Power Rank 6 spell  normally costs 54 fatigue points (9 fatigue per rank) now only costs 42  fatigue points.
Stalker: You gain a +10  bonus to skill checks it make while you are actively stalking,  performing surveillance, tracking, evading and stealthing. But may apply  to other skills as deemed by its GM.
Unique Aptitude:  Gunthians have a unique individual among its species and stand out from  the norm, displaying attributes and abilities not common among its  people. it may take another species’ ability.

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