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The Ibailu is a horse-like humanoid that combines equine and humanoid elements. They are extremely rare to come across and are often viewed as a demon or fiend. They are large species having many of the same aspects that come with this size. Such is their reputation that they are thought to possess extensive evil powers, and malevolent behavior. Some rumors even say that they are able to shapeshift into a variety of forms. They cultivate these rumors and reputation in order to make sure that their species is feared instead of ridiculed and put to shame for the way the look.

Physical Description
     As a  species Ibailu are large standing between 8' and 9-6" and weighing  between 450 and 600 pounds. They are an equine humanoid species having a  horse-head, long mane, thick leathery skin and standing on  "reverse-knee" legs that end hooves similar to that of the Bhahuul.  Their powerful arms end in hands with three fingers. They tend to be of a  darker color shades of skin ranging from grey to a deep auburn with  light to dark colored eyes of various colors. They have large pointed  ears.

      As a species Ibailu are typically social beings, but they can, like  other humanoids, be aloof, challenging and fearful.  They can also be  fierce, cruel and filled to the brim with fury. But all of this is  determined by their upbringing, interactions with others, their  surroundings and environment. They love to interact with others when  they are in a calm, playful mood. They are very observant about what it  happening around them and tend to have a positive attitude for the most  part. They have even tempers and strong wills. Ibailu are taught to  never be rude and be open minded, more so than the rest of the  Omniverse. Despite how they are viewed and often treated they are  gracious, intelligent, and wise.  They mind the lessons of the past and  have keen problem-solving skills.  They value family above friendship,  and friendship above everything else.

Languages and Names
       Ibailu speak Drathen.  It is an unusual blend of Common and  vocalization of grunts, groans and strong exhalations of air through  their nostrils.

Cultural Kin and Communities
       As a species the Ibailu are valiant, honorable and justice seeking  culture. While their reputation for darker deeds comes from a  misunderstanding of who they are, they are a highly religious species.  One of only a handful that actively follow and worship the deity Hadak,  whom the call Beray.  They attribute the entire universe to him, and  believe he is the supreme deity of the Celestial.
     Ibailu acquire  status within their communities by performing brave, and some dangerous  deeds, in combat and warfare. They are a noble species who are  extremely honorable, loyal and unbending in their perseverance.  They  follow a core set of principles: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self  Control, and Indomitability.
    They are a species on the brink of  extinction. Originally, the Ibailu did not look like they do today.   Originally, they are large yellow skinned humanoids, that had muted  characteristics and were able to shape-shift. The Ibailu are refuges  from what the call the Burning Dimension (Ashti Kalta Universe), a place  that was utterly destroyed at the hands of a powerful entity known as  Tiamat.  Reduced to only 10,000 individuals they were able to open a  portal between their Universe (Ashti Kalta )and the Universe where  Kralis exists, and slipped through just before their Universe was  finally consumed. It was during this movement from one Universe to  another Universe that they were transformed into their current form.
     They now exist here and there on worlds, mostly hidden from its  inhabitants. Ibailu tend to live in family groups of 5 to 8 individuals  in within a large group or clan called a Ibwa.  These communities are  often located deep within mountains where they live on steppes and  velds.  Here they build large homes built of stone and heavy wood. These  are built in a circular fashion around a central hall where meetings  and festivals were held. They have a deep sense of community and it is  rooted part of their cultural identity and plays a great role in the  Ibwa.  Personal relationships and their social bindings are integral and  instrumental to conducting trace, family, combat and their religion.
     Their belief system holds that everything is connected, fate-weaved  together: the worlds, stars, Rhus, moons, animals, plants and mortal  beings.

Ibailu Features
Species Merit Cost: 1300
Age: Ibailu being at the age the of 12 and may live up to 100 years
Size: Ibailu are large creatures (8'-0" to 9'-6")
Weight: Base 350 plus 4d10+5
Vision: Ibailu have Nightvision
Move: Base Move of 40 feet per Movement Action
Languages: Ibailu begin play speaking Drathen and any two other languages they choose.
Resistances: None
Ibailu Bonuses: +15 Alertness checks; +10 to checks vs. Surprise
Ibailu Attribute Modifiers: +10 to any two: Strength, Stamina, Agility, or Willpower
Ibailu Traits: Natural Armor. Erghul have 5 Natural Armor Absorption
Fast Movement.  Ibailu are able to Hustle, Run or Sprint without spending any fatigue.  Additionally, they can Run 4x their normal movement and Sprint 6x their  normal movement.
Species Abilities Ibailu begin  play with two of the following abilities: Ancient Memories, Battle  Born, Devotion, Expert Talent, Fleet of Foot, Mortal's Hope, Protective  Shag, Vengeance

Species Abilities
Ancient Memories:  You have a strong tie to the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the world  and its ancestors. Pick any two Lore skills they gain a bonus +10 to  these skills.
Battle Born: Ibailu  gain the following bonuses: gain its Willpower Modifier as bonus damage  to any melee or missile attack; +10 Health Points and its Holding Zero  now occurs when it reach two times its Willpower Modifier in negative  health points. Finally, the creature gains a natural armor absorption  equal to its Willpower Modifier.
Devotion:  Ibailu gain +5 bonus to all Attack Skills and their Willpower modifier  as a bonus to any Shield Proficiency skill every other rank (maximum  +30). In addition, they do not suffer any penalties when they become  Beaten and only suffer -3 success penalty when they become Battered.     
Expert Talent:  Generally Ibailu have become an expert in a number of skills. They gain  +5 modifier to their favorite three skills. The favorite skills cannot  be changed once play begins.
Fleet of Foot: You are very quick in getting from one place to another. You gain +10' to its normal movement rate.
Mortal's Hope:  Ibailu are often filled with a sense of hope that grants it a +20 to  any fear or horror checks and +10 to their Physical Defense.  Additionally, 3 times per day it gains double their Stamina Modifier as  Health Points when you reach 0 Health, this is in addition to any other  bonus Health Points.
Protective Shag: Because of a thicker shaggy coat you gain +10 Natural Armor Absorption.
Vengeance:  Your allies are more than just that — you have strong relationship with  them and seeing an ally falling in combat fills you with vengeful rage.  Whenever one of your allies fails their Holding Zero check near you,  you enter a focused rage that grants you +10 to your Attack and Physical  checks and increase your base damage of its attack by +1. This rage  lasts for one turn per 2 ranks.

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