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Called the shapeless, the formless, or the empty, the morphic beings known as the Ka'toc are the most legendary and rarest of species known to exist in the Omniverse. These are terms used to describe the ka' tocs by those few who know about them. In reality, they are telepathic shapeshifters who plant themselves among other races for their own mysterious purposes. Many believe that they truly do not exist as no being has seen a ka' toc in its natural form or shape.
They are referred to as changelings from the mythologies of numerous species. Some believe that they are a very ancient species, perhaps as old as the lhatijo who are described as the first ones created by Elal and Gishra in the Age of Dawning. Others believe that they are from the same dimension that the lorkach and the aelwyn hail from: Gaidunia.

What is true is that ka' tocs are rarely encountered and being  separated from others of their species has pushed them into hiding in  plain sight, often from each other. Ka' tocs are mysterious and subtle,  as they do not want the existence or secrets of their species to become  widely known, and very few who encounter a ka' toc ever realize it.  As  shapeshifters, they are not trusted by other species for their ability  to assume the form of others.
    In reality, most Ka'tocs see their  position in the world as gray pieces on boards of black and white, where  the balance of good and evil for each species could be swayed by them –  an awesome realization.  Some ka' tocs believe it was one of their own  who caused the division of the formorian race, but no Ka'toc has  revealed this theory to the formorians – as they wouldn’t take well to  the news they’ve been used to an even greater extent than they already  have.
    As a species, Kat' ocs have no culture, and little  organization – their place is hidden among other races, not in cities of  their own. Those few ka' toc that make their way in the world often do  so as justicars, assassins, spies and rogues.

Physical Description
      As morphic, formless beings the true state of a Ka'toc is thought to be  a viscous state of iridescent gold. Ka' tocs can assume any form of  their choosing, even duplicating other beings down to the smallest  detail.  Nor are they limited to living shapes – they can exist as a  gelatinous glowing liquid, or  a cube of solid matter sitting in the  middle of a room.  While some are known to wear clothes, most instead  create their clothing from their body. The are often found in a humanoid  shape with muted features, though they can be found shapeshifted into  any other species, including animals, beasts.  They seem unable to  shapeshift into anything larger than that of a troll or sabbatori  jakara. They are able to assume any coloration that they choose from  deep chocolate to dusty gray. Their eyes tend to be almond shape and  they often prefer to have these colored from pale blue to golden.  Their  hair is not real hair in the same sense as other species, rather it is  their best representation of actual hair, including long hair.  Ka' tocs  can change their sexual appearance as they see fit, though most appear  with a lack of sexual characteristics.

      As a species Ka' tocs are well known for a pervasive, singular  personality trait: loyalty. Their lack of community in the same sense as  other species has developed this sense of loyalty. They are the world's  most self-reliant and individualistic beings in the known Omniverse.  All Ka' toc do share another series of personality of traits: a  preference for order, efficiency, and following rules.  These  personality traits are a result of the Ka' toc needing to remain hidden  in plain sight. Many Ka' tocs have a clearly defined sense of justice  and fairness, but just as many are depraved, committing abuses they will  never be identified for.

Languages and Names
      Ka' tocs have an ear for learning languages.  Similar to that of the  Manax's natural ability to learn languages, the Ka'toc adapt themselves  to learning the languages of those around them, which is enhanced with  their natural telepathic abilities. They assume names of the various  cultures and communities that they make their homes in. 

Cultural Kin and Communities
      Ka' toc have no known communities per say.  They inhabit other  communities and assume the idiosyncrasies of those communities. They  tend to be solitary, living their lives which are often a fabrication of  their imagination. Because of their natural ability to shapeshift,  Ka'toc are a very long lived species and it is believed that they are  immortal and will not die of old age.  Because of this they often find  themselves moving from location to location.  Living in one location for  many decades before moving on and becoming someone else.  Some  disappear into the wildlands of the worlds they inhabit, others blend  into the largest cities, and most populated areas using the mass of  other species to forever hide in plain sight. They tend to never stay  within smaller communities for more than a few years as their long life  would expose them.
     They are a highly feared species for their  ability to shapeshift into the form of any humanoid creature, and in  some cases their ability to shape shift into inanimate objects. Those  that discover that there is a ka' toc within their communities cause a  great deal of paranoia and suspicion. Because of this Ka' tocs are often  hunted down and eliminated or are magically restrained from being able  to shapeshift if they are caught, forced to live in a torturous solid  state.
     Ka' tocs do not have families. As amorphous beings they  do not reproduce in the same way as other species.  Rather, they  reproduce asexually and only once in their lives. This is a conscious  decision and one that requires the Ka' toc to give up a great deal of  itself as they divide their physical self in half.  Newly formed Ka'  tocs begin their lives in an "infant" state as a fully formed Ka' toc.   This new Ka' toc spends months learning to develop the ability to  shapeshift and the use of their telepathy.  They do this alone and often  start with lesser animals such as cats, dogs or even rats.  Once the  "older" Ka' toc has reproduced their offspring, they  leave.  This is  done to preserve the species as the only way for a ka' toc to grow in  its abilities is either to learn and adapt or be "consumed" by another  Ka' toc.  This consumption requires a Ka' toc to absorb another, killing  them in the process but gaining some of the knowledge and skills of the  absorbed Ka' toc.  Some Ka' toc use this for evil purposes, regardless  of how it affects the species as a whole, and spend their lifetimes  hunting down and absorbing other Ka' tocs to gain power.  Others in turn  seek out these species betrayers, ending their predatory practices  despite harming the species as a whole.    Additionally, Ka' tocs have  inborn psychological limitations that prevent them from being able to  cooperate in groups of more a dozen Ka' tocs .  Some of the few who know  about them believe this may be the doing of whatever god or force  created them, to keep them from posing  an overwhelming threat to other  races, whom they would easily overrun with their abilities if they were  able to assemble into armies.  Whenever they are near another ka' toc,  their natural telepathy creates a "feedback" in their minds causing them  to become hampered
     As a species, Ka'tocs are known to take the  survival of their own species to extremes, by any means necessary. Most  are friendly enough, but are willing to do whatever it takes to protect  the species.  They have no interest in matters such as Rhakas or  Bhahuulian honor, the Acirean goal of peaceful existence, Chovahian  fight against chaos or others that object to their methods of  self-preservation.

Ka' toc Features
Species Merit Cost: 2000
Age: Ka' toc unknown
Weight: Base 175 plus 4d10
Size: Ka' toc tend to be medium creatures
Vision: Ka' toc have Nightvision
Move: Base Move of 20 feet per Movement Action
Languages: Ka' toc begin play speaking any three languages they choose.
Resistances: +10 vs. Fear Checks and Horror Checks
Ka' toc Bonuses: Ka' toc gain +5 to Alertness skill, +50 Disguise skill
Ka' toc Attribute Modifiers: +10 to two of the following: Agi, Int, Wits, Will
Ka' toc Traits: Changeling:  Ka' toc are able to shapeshift into any sized creatures and  non-complicated items from tiny to huge-sized for up to 16 hours at a  time.  They are able to perfectly mimic the looks of anything. While  they are able to manipulate their bodies to produce replica weapons and  equipment, or discrete inanimate items (such as a door, window or  crate), they are not able to shapeshift into items that are composed of  intricate, multiple other objects or moving parts. They gain the  physical attributes of the object or being gaining the appropriate  attributes. They gain only the purely physical qualities of the beings  they shapeshift into – this power cannot duplicate special powers or  abilities.  This shapechanging takes a full minute.  If the creature is  knocked unconscious or slain while shapeshifted, they revert to their  normal shape.  In addition, because of their very nature of being a pure  organic entity, they are unable to interact with bio-mechanical augmentations and prosthesis as these devices interfere with their shapechanging.
Regenative Need:  Ka' tocs must revert back to their natural state every sixteen hours in  order to regenerate.  Not doing so causes them to suffer from severe  physical and mental distress. Those that are unable to regenerate suffer  a -6 successes to all checks until they are able to regenerate for 6  uninterrupted hours.
Shared Thoughts.  Ka' tocs have a very limited form of telepathy which grants them the  ability to communicate with any willing creature within a 15’ radius of  them and shares a language with the Ka' toc. Addressing multiple targets  is possible with a Willpower TS check of 1 per additional target above  1.
Species Abilities Ka' Toc begin  play with two of the following abilities: Ancient Memories, Blunt  Resistance, Bonus Ability, Child of the Mist, In the Blind Spot, Natural  Armor, Survivalist

Species Abilities
Ancient Memories:  You have a strong tie to the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the world  and your ancestors. You gain four Lore skills, which also receive a +10  bonus
Blunt Resistance: +5 Damage Reduction vs. Crushing/Blunt Weapons. This stacks with Armor Damage Reductions.        Bonus Ability: You begin play with 1 additional General Ability that does not have a prerequisite other than an Attribute.
Child of the Mist:  You have developed a knack for disappearing and finding easy  concealment. All concealment and cover penalties against you increase by  -10. Additionally, melee attacks against you have a 5% (Maximum of 25%)  per every other rank of simply missing.   
Expert Talent:  Ka'tocs are experts in a number of skills. They gain +5 modifier to  their favorite three skills. The favorite skills cannot be changed once  play begins.
In the Blindspot: You are  able to get in the blindspot of a single opponent during combat. When  you are within two times the normal your strike range of an opponent and  are flanking them you can cause them to make a Perception check at a TS  of 4. If they fail this check you gain 100% concealment against that  target for 1 turn. You may use this on additional targets, but you must  be in a flanking position on all targets.
Natural Armor: You have a naturally thicker skin gaining +10 Natural Armor Absorption.
Survivalist:  Your clan has endured many generations through many harsh times and  places. As such, you gain the skill Survival free. It also counts as a  Focus skill. Additionally, choose one of the following: Immunity to cold  environments, or Immunity to hot environments, or hustle, run, and  sprint without paying Fatigue Points, or double length of time you can  go without food (see Starvation), or double your exhaustion limits.  Choose 1.

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