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Living in hovels, caves, mines, alleys, dungeons, city sewers and other bleak places dwell the creature called the Koh-boru. They are by sheer number the largest species in the world. There are more Koh-boru alive than their are other members of other “civilized” species. However, this has not been a favorable stance for the species. Because of their small size, the rampant desire for gold and precious metals and their overwhelming wanderlust, even greater than that of the Aelwyn, Koh-boru have remained creatures of little power. Many of them prefer it this way, while others, are determined to gather their kin’s strength one day under a single flag of united Koh-boru. Should that day ever arrive, woe is the world.

Physical Description
            Koh-boru are small creatures averaging about 2’-6” - 3’-6” in height  and weigh only 50-75 lbs. They are incredibly strong for their size and  are able to tangle with much larger foes that would easily stop other  smaller species.
        They have short muzzles that hold a number  of razor sharp teeth, like those of the sorex or manax. They have large  noses, large sharp ears and large oval shaped eyes. Koh-boru skin is  generally a dusky gray with tints of deep red. They have no hair, except  for the small amount that grows from their head like a mane down the  middle of their head.
     Koh-boru eyes are generally green or  purple with flecks of silver. Their hands end in three digits with very  sharp claws. Their feet are small and end in the same digits as their  hands. They have a long (2’6”) tail.
    They generally wear ruddy  clothes, a dark shirt and pants, and no shoes. Their feet are like tough  leather and can withstand extremes of heat and cold with no effect on  the Koh-boru.

      Koh-boru are considered nasty little tricksters and are seen as having  no or little value by others. Koh-boru are not happy go lucky creatures,  rather they are harsh, mean spirited beings that enjoy nothing more  than to sabotage other species plans for success or victory, and they  especially delight in the down fall of those in positions of power. 
     While the whole world to a koh-boru appears to be a THEM vs US  mentality.  This does not necessarily mean the same for all koh-boru.   Generally, this mentality is a direct relation to their size as much as  their general disposition to others that are not koh-boru.  Koh-boru are  obsessed with many other cultures, but will never really be able to  share in the wealth, power and prestige that some of these cultures and  individuals within are able to attain. 
     As a species koh-boru  are often the direct opposite of honor-bound species, personal valor for  a koh-boru is overrated.  Most talk a big game, but when they get into  the thick of things, they tend to make a quick exit or fall back to  where large and more powerful allies are positioned. Koh-boru are often  labeled as deviant, cheating, free-riding, egoistic and are highly  manipulative.  They can be ruthless, cold, self-destructive and  indulgent in pursuit of their own desires at the expense of other  non-koh-boru.  They tend to ignore their moral compass and have no real  concern for the welfare of others, unless you are designated as  "family".
     One of the biggest boosts that koh-boru get is in  their numbers, the more of them the better they feel towards the world.   Even if it is a chosen family while adventuring.  As a matter of fact  koh-boru's will only fight in a toe-to-toe melee if the odds are in  their favor, otherwise they will fall back to using guerilla war  tactics. 

Languages and Names
      Koh-boru all speak Ginosh.  This language is similar in fashion to that  of the Sorex, which is made up of words mixed with type of clicking  sounds, which can be difficult for non- koh-boru to speak, even for the  talented manax.  Most koh-boru also speak pidgin of common and Azhdehak.

Cultural Kin and Communities
         Despite the fact that most koh-boru tend to avoid acquiring  personal valor, nearly all koh-boru clans are extremely well organized  into very specific castes.  Each koh-boru is placed into a pecking order  based on their social caste, and there is very rarely a change in these  social stations.  While a warrior or a neophyte priest might be  elevated to a more prominent role within the clan, based on their proven  ability, the chances of either of them taking over the clan are  non-existant. 
     Koh-boru clans (esgah) are very small  compared to most other species, comprised of about 15 to 20 koh-borus.  But there could be up to four or five clans within a tribe, all of whom  share a large territory in their respective regions, which more than  often includes the lower sections, sewers, or tunnel ways below large  cities.
    Most koh-borus within a clan are workers, mostly  unskilled diggers and miners, while there are number of skilled  crafters, trained warriors and a small ruling class. While there is a  specific "warrior"-caste nearly all koh-boru are able to pick up a  weapon and use it.
     Koh-boru place a great weight on the actions  of their ancestors, thus title is hereditary within the clans.  Which  means that young koh-boru are often put through harsh conditions in  order to determine their quality and if they are fit enough to become an  heir-apparent for their parents heritage.  This is specifically true  for koh-boru leaders known as vadook. Those that are in line to become the next vadook undergo an additional test called zhuul zhuvar ("blood of the ancestors").
     As leaders of the clan the word of the vadook is law and is final, though advisors (known as khutak) help guide these decisions.  It is from the various clan vadooks, that the tribe chooses its leader known as the phokohtak ("great-one") and is usually a powerful spellcaster within the whole of the tribe.
      There are two koh-boru kins: Ogimish and Knockers (or Igamik).  Ogimish are the most common of the Koh-boru
and are a Koh-boru most often seen and heard of. They are the street urchins, the sewer rats and other names that
describe  them in different lands.  They are characterized by their deep red  hide, white hair and blue-yellow eyes.  They also tend to be the lowest  within castes of koh-boru.
    The real power behind the clans of the  koh-boru are the Knockers, or Igamik in Ginosh.  Knockers are unique  among Koh-boru and  are not like their cousins.  These creatures are  physically different as well as mentally different than any other  Koh-boru in the world.  Knockers are still no bigger than normal  Koh-boru, and they still have the long ears, but somewhere along the  line they lost their tails and grew a fourth digit in both their hands  and feet. In addition, they are cobalt blue with long locks of white  hair and gray eyes. Yet they are undoubtedly Koh-boru when it comes to  culture.
Knockers, while still very mischievous are not as malevolent  as the ogimish. They enjoy practical good humor and love to see wistful  pranks be performed. They view the world as a large playground for them  to romp around in. Their loyalty is still markedly Koh-boru, yet it is  not as aggressive nor over bearing as their cousins. They are explorers  and willing to go on adventures with others both as look outs and as  danger sensors. They have a knack for avoiding most dangers.

Koh-boru Features
Species Merit Cost: 1200
Age: 8-12, live to be over 60 yrs
Weight: Base 60 plus 2d10
Size: Koh-boru tend to be Small creatures, (2-4 Feet)
Vision: Koh-boru have Night vision
Move: Base Move of 15 feet per Movement Action
Languages: Koh-boru begin play speaking Ginosh (Koh-boru Common), and broken Common
Resistances: None
Koh-boru Bonuses: +10 bonus to Perception (Hearing and Smell), +10 Alertness, +10 Fatigue Points
Koh-boru Attribute Modifiers: +10 to any two: Agility, Perception, Wits or Willpower
Koh-boru Traits: Fatigue Resistance. Due to their small size and their unique ability to adapt, Koh-boru do not easily
      become fatigued. All fatigue costs are reduced by 3 to a minimum of 1, for Kohboru.
Gibberish. The Koh-boru, with their high pitched voices, can confuse everyone within 15 feet by uttering nonstop  
       gibberish. Victims must make an opposed Intelligence check vs. the Kohboru’s Charisma check. Those that fail are
       Confused for 1 turn per success. Gibbering takes a Basic Action to do.
Tail Strike. Koh-boru can use their thin, rat like tails to strike at opponents that are on their flank or on their rear sides. 
       The tail strike does the Koh-boru’s Strength Modifier in damage. This is considered a Move Action.
      Knocker Koh-boru Bonus. Danger Sense. The knockers have developed an oversensitive ability to detect danger. While
      not as nearly powerful as some beings Alertness skills and Danger senses, knockers gain an additional +20 to their
      Alertness Skill.
      Ogimish Koh-boru Bonus. Disease Immunity. There is no natural disease known to effect the ogimish, they are 
       completely immune to all forms of natural disease.
Species Abilities Koh-boru  begin play with two of the following abilities: And That's Why I Am  Small, Bloodfire, Bonus Ability, Beguiling Liar, In the Blindspot,  Prehensile Tail,  Stalker, Weave Talent

Species Abilities
And That’s Why I’m Small:  The your species’ size is more often a hindrance in battle than a boon.  Yet You have learned to get into spaces and positions that grant you a  bonus to its Physical Defense based upon the size of the opponent that  you can share an occupied space with. You gain a +10 Physical Defense  bonus for each size above your current size, but only against that  specific creature you are sharing the space with.
Beguiling Liar:  Koh-boru's are master liars. Most everything false that comes out of  their mouth has greater chance of being believed. You gain +2 bonus  successes on any Convince, Gambling or Haggle skill usages.
Bloodfire:  Deep within your family species history you have bloodline ties to  either a fiend or demon. Due to this you suffer only half damage from  normal fires or heat. You also take reduced damage from fire based  spells. Anytime that you are hit with a fire based spell the total  damage is reduced by 2 point per its Stamina modifier.
Bonus Ability: Koh-boru begin play with 1 additional General Ability that does not have a prerequisite other than an Attribute.
In the Blindspot:  Koh-boru's are able to get in the blindspot of a single opponent during  combat. When you are within two times the normal your strike range of  an opponent and are flanking them you can cause them to make a  Perception check at a TS of 4. If they fail this check you gain 100%  concealment against that target for 1 turn. You may use this on  additional targets, but you must be in a flanking position on all  targets.
Prehensile Tail: Your long  tail is highly flexible and you have mastered its control. You can use  it to retrieve small objects, hold onto small objects and be able carry  these small objects as easily as if they were in your hand.
Stalker:  You gain a +10 bonus to skill checks you make while you are actively  stalking, performing surveillance, tracking, evading and stealthing. But  may apply to other skills as deemed by its GM.
Weave Talent: Gain +10 bonus to either Divine Knowledge or Spellcraft and gain +10 Fatigue Points. This cannot be used with Kai Talent.

*Designer  Notes: Koh-boru are not very pleasant to be around, and their  personalities tend to drive groups into both small and big conflicts.   Be careful with how you portray them and your group’s dynamic and how  much intra-party conflict is okay. No amount of “it’s what my character  would do” balances out ruining the fun of other people at the table.

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