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The Kujiasu, or wood folk, are among the most common type of plant species known to exist within the prima terra plane of mortals and the most commonly accepted of plant-beings in nearly all communities. They are distantly related to the swamp creatures, the makhar, and the great Sidz Ra of the ancient forests of the world and Omniverse. Often found within temperate forests, hot jungles and desert oasis', they often take up the roles of guardians of small villages, hamlets or thorpes.

Physical Description
   The  tree folk are humanoid-plants, specifically, humanoid-trees with a  thick, robust body structure that grants them a woody, natural armor.   They range in size from small (4'-0") to large (12'-0") and range in  color from brilliant white, gray/green, to reddish brown or  black.  They have deep brown to pale blue or light purple eyes and some  sport leave-like sprouts of hair or even vines.  The tend to have longer  limbs than they do torso and are known to be able to extend their limbs  like vines or be used as natural weapons.  Depending on their  tree-heritage some are smooth, thin barked and others are heavy set with  thick layer of bark.  They have a near perfect control over  their bodies grow small on any part of their body creating displays of  threat, create wooden shields, create hardened weapons of wood, change  their body shape, grow or shrink, create leaves or flowers, and release  airborne seed clouds.

     The tree folk are among the most pacifist species known to exist in the  known worlds, though they are not beyond extreme violence if they are  pushed too far.  There is a general distrust of non-plant folk among the  kujasu due to thier experiences with other humanoids.  Despite this,  however, kujasu are a thoughtful and caring species towards that they  view as close friends, family or those that approach them with peaceful  intentions. Violence and disharmony is extremely rare and mostly unheard  of within kujasu societies as it adversely impacts the graef (tree-folk  community) and is largely discouraged.  In some cases it is actively  torn out by "root and stem" where this has taken hold in communities.
       Ethical concerns and moral quandaries are important subjects to all  tree-folk. Kujasu do not dwell on the past nor do they fret about the  future, most kujasu focus on the here-and-now and present circumstances,  reveling in the moment and sharing simple pleasure.
     While the  majority of kujasu are peaceful, there are those that are far more  insidious, while not inherently evil they relish combat, violence and  reckless behavior, yet, they are tempered by a deep seeded respect of  authority.   

Languages and Names
      Kujasu are telepathic and very rarely speak any language.  However, in  the rare event that another species is incapable or refuses to allow the  kujasu to speak in their minds, the kujasu speak Sharthul,  a language made up of wispy words, and a deep, slow and exhaustive  vocabulary. It is a tonal language filled with many subtle vowel shades,  and can be very long-winded.

Cultural Kin and Communities
        There are numerous kujasu cultural kin ranging from the small japle folk who are a deep red and are known to have bright orange foliage to the medium sized sarree that are an ashen grey or white with white or blue stripes and dark red foliage to the large sized esculysi that  are reddish brown to black in color with green foliage.  Yet, with all  the variations and different physical characteristics of cultural kin,  they are all kujasu at heart and have a great sense community for every  tree-folk within their graef. 
      Kujasu communities are focused  on the graef and all those that belong to a specific graef.  Each graef  are composed of loosely organized kinship groups with no formal system  of leadership. In nearly all known lore the kujasu are depicted as  living in total isolation as living fossils of some lost world.  Despite  their remote graef locations the kujasu have interacted with their  neighbors for thousands of years, whether or not they actually know it.   Today kujasu maintain relationships with small villages and hamlets as  protectors, often having their graef in the surrounding forests.
      Culturally the kujasu  maintain a peaceful and egalitarian-like society  in which sharing is highly valued but individualism is greatly  encouraged.  They are know for their skills as hunters as healers.  They  are known for their deep, rich knowledge of medicine that they have  incorporated into their skill as rituals.  During this medical rituals,  for example, participants engage in dance and chanting.
       As a  species kujasu are unlike other mortal species, where others are able to  eat and digest meat, dairy and other such items, kajasu are considered  "soletarians" and feed off the power of the sun.  They also are known to  "dig" their roots into the earth where they can to absorb nutrients,  there are times that they are able to absorb the nutrients from compost  (including rotting flesh, other items).

Kujasu Features
Species Merit Cost: 2000
Age: 12-20, live to be over 500 yrs
Weight: Base 250 plus 10d10x5
Size: Kujasu tend to be medium to large creatures, (4 to 12 Feet)
Vision: Kujasu have normal vision
Move: Base Move of 25 feet per Movement Action
Languages: Kujasu begin play speaking Sharthul (Kujasu Common), Cor Shan (Ta' jahu Common), Uthai (Syliph Common),  and Common
Resistances: None
Kujasu Bonuses: +15 Alertness checks, Immune to spells or powers that would cause them to fall asleep, +20 Fatigue
      Points, Immune to Poisons
Kujasu Attribute Modifiers: +10 to any two: Strength, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower
Kujasu Traits: Bioluminosity. Kujasu are able to release a cloud of glowing spores that can create an area of light (similiar to the brightness of the spell light)  up to an area equal to 5' per 2 Stamina Modifier.  This can be done  three times per day.  These glowing spores last for 1 Turn per Willpower  modifier. This has a Fatigue Point cost of 10 per use.
Durability.  Kujasu exteriors are composed of wood dense enough and durable enough  to make them highly resistant to most conventional weapons, including  gunfire and fire which would consume most woods. They can endure the  loss of entire limbs apparently without experiencing pain.  This  durability grants them a natural armor absorption of 15.
Vibration Sense.  Kujasu are able to pick subtle vibrations in the air around them that  grant them the ability to detect movement and sounds with 15' radius.
Psionic Thoughts.  Kujasu have a limited form of telepathy which grants them the ability  to communicate with any willing creature within a 15’ radius of them.   Addressing multiple targets is possible with a Willpower TS check of 1  per additional target above 1.  They do not need to know the language of  targets around them.
Vine Lash. As  part of your natural attack you can create a of number long, vine like  appendages that have a strike range of 5’ per size above small.  The  vines have small, thorns embedded in them that do a base of 5 points of  damage per attack.  You can create 1 vine per 3 Stamina Modifier (D15,  O)
Wood Items. Kujasu are able create  wooden items from their own bodies: small to large wooden shields, sharp  stakes, lances, hard wood sword, clubs, etc.  The base damage of these  weapons is reduced by 1 and can never be finely crafted. Each of these  items take a certain amount of Fatigue to create.  Small items take 10  Fatigue, Medium items take 20 Fatigue, Large items take 30 Fatigue, Huge  items take 40 Fatigue to create.  Weapons and armor types have the same  stats as those weapons in the Player's Guide, but have a 25% (76-00)  chance when they are used to shatter and break after an attack or parry  is made.  These items will last for 1 minute per Willpower Modifier  before they simple fall apart.  They are unable to create pistol or  rifles or any other item that requires an explosive to fire weapons.
Species Abilities Kujasu  begin play with two of the following abilities: Ancient Memories, Bond  to the Land, Crushing Grasp, Prehensile Tail, Size Alteration, Stomp,  and Thorn Volley

Species Abilities
Ancient Memories:  You have a strong tie to the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the world  and your ancestors. You gain four Lore skills, which also receive a +10  bonus
Bond to the Land: Choose one of  the following terrain types: Aquatic, Desert, Forest, Hills, Mountains,  Plains, Swamp or Underground. So long as you are in this specified  terrain the kujasu gains a +10 bonus to all skills dealing with evade,  lore (Specific Region), navigation, search, stealth, survival, and  tracking.
Crushing Grasp: You are able  to begin to crush a target that you have successfully grappled with.  Wrapping the target up into your arms you cause the target to take  d10+Strength Modifier in damage each turn that the target is  successfully grappled.
Focused Mind:  You gain +10 cumulative bonus for every hour you concentrate on any next  non-combat skill check. You may only focus for 1/2 your Stamina  modifier in hours to gain this bonus. During combat as a Simple Action  you gain +10 bonus to any next non-attribute check that you make.
Energy Resistance:  Choose one element type: Earth (acid), Air (electricity), Water (cold)  or Fire (fire). A kujasu begins with a base absorption of 2 and may  increase this by +2 per rank to a maximum of 24 points of absorption.  This energy resistance is applied last when determining damage from  these energy types.
Size Alteration:As  a kujasu you are able to change your size by 1 category, either up or  down from their original size. This does not include their weapons,  armor, clothing, and other equipment. When altering their size, only  their Physical Attributes change to match the new size. This difference  is done in positive or negative modifiers (if they are small and  increase to a medium creature, they would add 10 to their current  Strength and Stamina, but subtract 10 to the Agility and Perception.  When reverting back to their original size, these modifiers are lost.).  The change takes up a Full Action. During this alteration time they can  do nothing else. The alteration will last for 1 hour per Stamina  Modifier three times per day.
Stomp:  With this ability you are able to stomp the ground. Stomp can effect all  those that are smaller than it. It has an area of effect of 180 degree  arc in front of it up to 10’. Targets in this area must make an Agility  check at a TS of 1 per 2 Strength successes or be knocked prone. This  ability is a Move Action.
Thorn Volley: Once  per turn as a Simple Action the you are able to launch a volley of  2d10+ Stamina Modifier thorns at a single target that is within (5’ per  size above tiny) feet.  These deal 1 points of damage each that ignores  armor.

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