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Saurian or Reptile Folk, are a reptilian lizard humanoid that range from small size to huge and greatly range in shapes and build. Most reptile folk are not native to the World of Kralis, but come from the other planets that share the Void with Kralis. The majority of them call Jultak and Talok home worlds. Those that call Kralis home are known as the Lizard-Kin and have crocodile and alligator-like features.

      The saurian species are an intelligent humanoids who descended  from ancient reptilian-like creatures thought to have evolved or risen  on Jultak and Talok during the Age of Dreams when Kralis was under the  control of Giastori and dragons.

     As a species saurians are extremely  rare (1 in 10,000 population) in most societies, predominately due to  size and body make-up: larger than normal wings when folded, long heavy  tails (some ending in large, bone tail club, etc). 

Physical Description

         Saurian's are known to possess a wide range of physical features,  coloration on their scales ranging from vibrant red hues  to black-and-white patterning to brilliant chestnut hue with alternating  red to white stripes to a rust-red color with  darker backs and a  lighter bellies. Others have deep red-brown to sheer-black hides, often  streaked with various colors of blue, yellow or white.  While highly  rare there are those that have scales that are brilliant, lustrous, or iridescent appearance.  Nearly all their skin or hides are covered in small, bumpy scales others have a smooth scaly leather like skin Saurian's range in height from four-feet to eight-feet in height  and weigh between 350 and 600 pounds, rivaling that of the bhahuul and  the troll in size and strength.  Others are thick, with heavy frames,  some are tall and thin.

       There are numerous variations in the  species itself.  Some have large heavy heads with large narrow snout and  a mouth filled with blade-like teeth, serrated on the edge.  Others  have a hard, chitinous beak that ends in a sharp hook. Others have a  hard, bony crest around the edge of their heads.  Still others feature a  cranial crest, which protrudes from the rear of the head to nearly  two-feet behind their heads.  This crest is hollow creating a type of  "blow-hole" that they use to breath from if they are underwater, as well  as release a deep, booming sound that they use to warn others and in  some cases to knock back attackers that are close by.  Some are known to  have a "fin"  made from  spines coming from their back bone or a  hump-backed.

        Nearly all have long, powerful tails, some ending  in a hard-bony club, others ending in a "fan"-like tip. Some are born  with thick hide of armor plates consisting of knobs and plates of bone  just below the skin. 


       Saurians have a deep respect for each of the other cultural kin, a  respect that goes back hundreds of centuries and have little if any  distrust of each other.  They tend to be friendly overall to  non-saurians, and rarely make enemies unless they are in obvious danger,  to which they respond quickly and deadly.  As a species they are known  to make "found families" when they are separated, with which they make  strong bonds and are known to form life-bonds with them.

       Saurians tend to be extremely intelligent with a strong "street" sense.   They see world in only black and white ideals with strong sense of  honor.  They tend to enjoy adventuring, wandering from place to place  helping those that they can, when they can.  Saurians are highly social  beings that love to be within diverse company, engaging in deep and  interesting conversations about the nature of all things.  They are  trusting, empathic and understanding of most all other species, but are  very direct and to the point.

   They have strong analytic skills, a  strong knowledge of technology, sciences and the use of arcane magic.  They are not easy to anger, but if pushed they are slow to forgive and  have long memories. They are also well known to take up being skardi (a  poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular  oral tradition) traveling the Void sharing their stories. 

Languages and Names

       All saurian speak Jkaltu, a language that is made up of  noises,  chirps, and the occasional scents that are not understandable or able to  be spoken by non-saurian humanoids.  Saurian are able to pick up and  speak most languages with ease and will often be able to speak numerous  languages with the ease of natural born speakers can. 

     Saurian  names are spoken in Jkaltu and are impossible to be understood or spoken  by non-saurians, they do take on normal names that they like from as  common as Bob to as intricate as Vhas'tralus. 

Cultural Kin and Communities

      Saurian communities are constructed in a circular fashion with the most  important buildings located in the center surrounded by protective  walls and other buildings.  Most are built in a maze-like configuration  to confusion and delay invaders or raiders.  These are further enhanced  with false walls that are secreted away and concealed, and many times  streets below ground that are accessed by false roads tops that drop  down or pivot on an axle.

      The homes of saurians are warm, comfortable and inviting. They are often built from mudbrick,  combined with stone and other hardened materials and semi-dug out of  the surrounding ground.  They are built with heavy insulation for warmth  and have high openings to allow for heat to escape.  All saurians  prefer single family homes.  Most of these buildings have domed roofs  that is supported with wooden beams.  Most are decorated with carpets, wall tapestries and other art decor that appeals to the saurian in question.

       Saurians love to decorate their bodies with tattoos, piercings, and  some body modification.  They often wear light cloth shirts, varying  types of pants, robes, cloaks and other various items.  These are hand  crafted from various fabrics and animal hides.   Saurians see  themselves as all belonging to the same family or tribe and will always  come to the call of another saurian if able.  Saurians tend to mate for  life, producing one life offspring, called a shutakar,  every 5 to 10 years.  Both partners take full responsibility for the  care and raising of this young saurian.  Those shutakar that are  orphaned are quickly adopted by others within the community, with one  family taking the lead role in doing so.  With a long life saurians  reach adulthood around the age of 50.  Predominately saurians are  vegetarians, however, they are not opposed to dining on succulent meats.

       Nearly all saurians are spiritual and worship  a lizard god that they  call Quazimotal.  Their myths also included Craumghal, a demon-like god,  which Ta Los scholars believe is the demon lord Azazoth, the Ohngwe and  Qwalalatuo.  They have a deep suspesion of the evil deities, yet their  mythologies very much center around them and the legends of saurians  beating back these deities evil plans and machinations. They are a  highly spiritual species and tend to worship nature as much as they  worship Quasimotal.

      Saurian commuties are led by a Triad with no  member of the Triad being allowed to order another.  Triads are made up  of a Otello (head, eldest saurian), a Qwual (second, generally a well  respected warrior or sage) and a Kultulu (a younger shaman or skardi.) 

Saurian Features

 Species Merit Cost: 2000 

Age: 15-25; live to be over 200 yrs 

Size: Saurian tend to be medium creatures, but large or small are not uncommon 

Weight: Base 250 plus 3d10 

Vision: Saurian have Normal Vision 

Move: Base Move of 20 feet per Movement Action 

Languages: Saurian begin play speaking Jkaltu (an unspeakable language by most beings)  and any one of the following: Common, Azhdehak, Jauzah, or Cor Shan. 

Resistances: +20 to Fear Checks and +20 Horror Checks 

Saurian Bonuses: Saurian +20 Fatigue Points; +10 Natural Armor Absorption; All Saurian weigh between 150 (small) to 450 pounds (large) 

Saurian Attribute Modifiers: +10 to any two: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, or Willpower 

Saurian Traits: Tails Saurians  have large, long tails that are approximately their height plus 3  feet.  These tails can be used to swat at those behind them gaining the  ability Tail Lash:  As a Simple Action the  creature is able to tail lash any target that is behind them. Those  targeted by a tail lash may attempt to dodge the slap by making an  Agility check at a TS of 4.  Those that fail are struck for 1d10+5  points of damage. 

Species Abilities Saurian  begin play with two of the following abilities: Battle Born, Bodyguard,  Booming Thunder, Deep Thought, Focused Mind, Heavy Natural Armor,  Horns, Natural Source 

Species Abilities 

      Battle Born: The creature gain the following bonuses: gain its Willpower Modifier as bonus damage to any melee or  missile attack; +10 Health Points and its Holding Zero now occurs when  it reach two times its Willpower Modifier in negative health points.  Finally, the creature gains a natural armor absorption equal to its  Willpower Modifier. 

      Bodyguard: The  saurian has a natural desire to protect those around it. With this  ability it gain a +20 bonus to its Physical Defense when defending  someone other than yourself. Additionally, it gains one of the following  as a spell-like ability; it may only choose one from either list. The  number of successes for these effects is equal to one-half its rank  (rounded up). Constant: Alter Sight, Calm, Freedom, Protection from Antithesis (Evil), Hope, Know Philosophy; Once per day: Elemental Shield (Air), Calm, Darkness, Ethereal Sight, Far Sight, Wall of Bone 

      Booming Thunder:  You have hollow cranial crest protruding from the rear of your head  extending nearly two-feet behind.  As a Move Action you can release a  thunderous boom with a 15' radius, all those within the area of effect  must make a Strength check at a TS of 4.  Those that fail are blown off  their feet knocked Prone and are considered Dazed for 2 turns. 

      Deep Thought:  Saurians are known for thier deep, trance like thinking. Because of  this you gain a +10 bonus to Meditation, Concentration, Interrogate,  Skepticism, or Convince. 

      Focused Mind:  You gain +10 cumulative bonus for every hour it concentrate on any next  non-combat skill check. The creature may only focus for 1/2 its Stamina  modifier in hours to gain this bonus. During combat as a Simple Action  it gain +10 bonus to any next non-attribute check that it make. 

      Heavy Natural Armor:  Your skin has is made up of thick hide of armor plates consisting of  knobs and plates of bone just below the skin you gain +15 Natural Armor Absorption, this overrides the standard +10 Natural Armor Absorption. However, this armor cannot stack with other armors due to the thickness of armor plates or hide.

      Horns:  You have a heavy set of horns that grow from your forehead and from  your snout.  These forward facing horns are nearly 2 feet long and end  in very sharp points and have a a base damage of 4. 

      Natural Source:  There are those Saurians that have the untapped potential to become  great spellcasters, have a deeper connection to its deities, or be able  to tap into the power of its spirit. Through this ability when it casts  or uses a power it can cause any target that it specify at the time of  use to suffer -10 modifier to their defense per 5 ranks: Magical, Divine  or Jinhu; when they attempt to defend against spells that it target  against them.

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