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Sprite-kin include both pixies and sprites, although the difference between the two is lost to many humans. They are a highly mischievous, and wondrous race, deeply connected to the mysteries of dreams, hidden
worlds, and magical wonders. While many sprite-kin are shy and reclusive, dwelling in mystic realms unseen by human eyes, many see the world as a huge adventure and leave looking for adventure, fun, and the chance to pull

Physical Description
Sprite-kin are truly the “little folk” of the world, standing between 6 and 24 inches, and weighing 5 to 10 pounds.
They  have no facial or body hair, and have finely-chiseled features though a  few are downright hideous. Their hair can be any color, and while their  clothing varies widely, it is always surreal in color and design. Most  sprite-kin have wings ranging from translucent “dragonfly” wings to  thick, bat-like wings. In all forms, the wings allow them to fly  extremely well.

     Sprite-kin temperaments are complex, particularly those of the rural  variety. Their code of behavior is far removed from the “normal” world,  built upon twisted logic and ancient rules that most beings could hardly  hope to understand. It is widely believed that only the desperate or  ignorant enter sprite-kin territory without invitation – or interesting  gifts.
    From a human perspective, sprite-kin are mischief-makers  of the highest order, going to any length for a good prank. They can  also be very spiteful and vitriolic, particularly to intruders in their  domains. They can be helpful, but only to those they see as being in  need of aid, and only in ways they see as “helpful”. And they expect to  be thanked for their efforts,
whether they were helpful or not. Many  horror stories have been written about the aggravating or outright  harrowing ordeals suffered by lost travelers who attempted to enlist the  aid of sprite-kin.
    The worst stories have only a seed of truth,  however. Sprite-kin cultivate this image to preserve their myster and to  keep others from bothering them. Many sprite-kin actually enjoy meeting  strange new people, particularly those who take their practical jokes  in good humor. Indeed, some even live right under the noses of the “big  folk”, in their own streets or

Languages and Names
     Sprite-kin use many different languages. The most common of these is  Dai Bok, known as Sprite Tongue, and it may or may not be the only  language among their own race. Most sprite-kin have had enough contact  with “big folk” cultures to know at least one other language. Family  names are very important to sprites, as they reveal social status among  the different realms and villa. The family names consist of such names  as “Tehras”, “Quinda”, or “Eriatha”, and are passed down from the  father’s side. Although commonly written and spoken in Dai Bok, they  translate the name to the language of the speaker when communicating.  Translated first names for males include Annwn, Bryn, Elia, Gwyn,  Jas,  Manx, Morgan, abnd Sil.

Cultural Kin and Communities
      The “Realm of Sprites”, as mortals know it, is not a mythical place just over the horizon, beneath your feet, or a few
steps  to the west at dusk. Often, it is in a quite ordinary place: right in  the communities of the “big folk”. Abandoned buildings or neighborhoods,  a huge tree in a park, a noble’s arboretum have all served as a Realm  for sprite-kin.
These places are simply called “villa” and are full functioning communities with bakers, armorers, sages and more.
     While they coexist with larger races, sprite-kin do not rely on the  “kindness” of the Big Folk. Rather, they gather and manufacture their  own goods, trading them among themselves or even with other “tiny” races  of the world. While aelwyn are connoisseurs of song and tale,  sprite-kin are the true masters. Their enjoyment of the vocal arts of  song, storytelling and acting often lead many into the world as artists.
     Physical violence is all but useless to the sprite-kin – their size  makes them pests. They are large enough to gouge out an eye or cause  painful cuts, but they are rarely capable of lethal strikes. Still, few  are willing to disturb the sprite-kin. Their size, speed, and flight  make them very difficult to exterminate, and their mischievous nature  has caused many unwanted visitors much distress. When worse measures are  needed, many sprite-kin are capable of impressive magical
effects,  and often summon spirits and large animals to aid them. Savvy conquerors  do not invade sprite-kin territory – they burn it.
    There are five cultural kin within the species:
Sith:  One of the largest of the sprite-kin (18'' to 24'') the Sith are small,  crimson-skinned in color, males tend to have pointy-beards that look  like little winged devils – though they lack the horns and a tail,  females are extremely beautiful. They possess dark blue or black  “dragonfly” wings. Despite this appearance, the Sith are more friendly  than most sprite-kin, and will often aid weary travelers who camp close  their homes, bringing them water, fruit, and good humor. These  sprite-kin often travel with gypsy bands. Sith sprites speak Dai Bok  language as well as Sif Bok (Sith Dialect). They tend to weigh roughly  25 pounds.
Daoine Sidhe: Closely  related to the Sith, Daoine Sihe are dark-skinned sprites that prefer  the night over the day. Commonly called the “night-servants” these 2’  sprites are known to live with their cousins and are willing protectors  of them during the night when they either celebrate or sleep.
     Like the Sith, Daoine Sidhe have light colored hair, silver or gray,  and dark red eyes. The prefer to dress in deep-burnt oranges, reds, and  yellows. Their wings are long, thin and are similar to those of  dragonfly wings. They tend to weigh 25 to 30 pounds. Daoine Sihe sprites  speak the Dai Bok language as well as Talik Bok (Daoine Sidhe Dialect).
Grig: The  most unusual of all the sprite-kin, the grig are a combination of the  common sprite and a mouse. They have they head, rear legs and lower  torso of a white field mouse. They have the upper torso of a normal  sprite. Their wings are feathered with varying colors ranging from burnt  orange to maroon red. Grig grow only to a height of 1’6” and are known  to inhabit mounds of earth around grain shacks. Grig generally weigh 25  pounds. Grig sprites speak the Dai Bok language as well as Gieth Bok  (Grig Dialect).
Loireag: The loireag is  a sprite that enjoys making its home near, on and around water. They  have blue skin, dark green eyes and seaweed colored hair. They have  transparent wings and wear light blue or green pastel colors and stand  about 2’ in height and weigh 25 pounds. Loireag sprites speak the Dai  Bok language as well as Cal Bok (Loireag Dialect).
Pixie: Pixies  stand around 1’-6” to 2’ in height, weigh 15 pounds. Pixies have silver  wings that look metallic in shape. They wear bright yellows, reds and  blues. These sprite-kin live in deep forest caves and glens. These are  the pranksters of the kin and are often in trouble with their kin for a  prank that they thought was funny but was considered rude or outright  “evil” by their kin. However, they are loyal to their kin and are eager  volunteers when it comes to defending their homes. Pixie sprites speak  the Dai Bok language as well as Sifta Bok (Pixie Dialect).

Sprite-Kin Features
Species Merit Cost: 1200
Age: 5, live to be over 50 yrs
Weight: Base 15 plus 2d10
Size: Sprite-Kin range from tiny to small
Vision: Sprite-Kin have Nightvision
Move: Base Move of 10 feet per Movement Action; Fly 40 feet per Movement Action
Languages: Sprite Kin begin play speaking Common and Dai Bok
Resistances: Immune to Fear, +15 vs.Horror
Sprite-Kin Bonuses:  Sprite Kin gain +10 Perception (Hearing) checks, +10 Perception (Smell)  checks, +10 Perception (Sight) checks, +10 vs. Surprise Checks; Gain  Flight (Winged)
Flight (winged)  During  flight any skills that require concentration suffer -20 penalty, while  hovering any skills that require concentration suffer -40 penalty when  being used (i.e. Attack Skill, Defense Skill, Spell craft, Jinhu  Discipline, Divine Knowledge and other such skills.) With a  Concentration Skill check this penalty is reduced by 5 per 2 successes  on the skill check to a minimum of -5.  They can carry up to 1/2 their  Stamina Score in total weight with no penalties.  Wearing medium types  of armor slows their flight movement by one-quarter while wearing heavy  armor reduce their movement by one-half.   Movement Class is based on  size: Tiny -Small (A).
     Sprite-Kin Attribute Modifiers: +10 to any two: Stamina, Agility, Intelligence or Charisma
     Sprite-Kin Traits:  Sith: Taunt. Sith gain this ability for free.
          Daoine Sidhe Bonuses: ShadowMaster. Daoine Sihe gains Shadow Manipulation for free.
          Grig Bonuses: Trouble Maker.Gain this ability for free.
          Loireag Bonuses:  Increased Healing. Loireag have an increased natural healing rate of +3 per day.
          Pixie Bonuses:  Presence. The pixie gains their Charisma modifier as a bonus to attack and defense checks.
Species Abilities Sprite-Kin  begin play with two of the following abilities: Affable, Bonus Ability,  Child of the Mist, Defensive Training, Divinely Touched, Hidden Sense,  In the Blindspot, Sneaky

Species Abilities
Affable:  You have that certain something that makes you even more likable.  Anytime you attempt to influence (typically this includes Convince,  Gaming, Haggle, Interrogate, or Leadership) other beings can make this  check twice and take the better result of the two. Additionally,  non-player character dispositions towards you always start off one level  better than normal (for example, hostile changes to unfriendly).
Bonus Ability: You begin play with 1 additional General Ability that does not have a prerequisite other than an Attribute.
Child of the Mist:  You have developed a knack for disappearing and finding easy  concealment. All concealment and cover penalties against you increase by  -10. Additionally, melee attacks against you have a 5% (Maximum of 25%)  per every other rank of simply missing.
Defensive Training:  You have trained hard, taken beatings and still have gotten up to  battle on. Because of this harsh training you have also learned how not  to get hit or repel a mental/spiritual assault. You gain an additional  +5 bonus to any 1 Defense Type per rank to a maximum bonus of +50, you  must choose a new Defense type each rank.
Divinely Touched:  You are able to create a halo of light around your head per the spell  light as a spell-like ability, but only evil creatures or the undead can  see the light. When this light is created any undead or evil creatures  within 15' radius suffer a -10 penalty to their Physical Defense and  Attack Skills per 5 ranks when attacking or defending against you. The  halo lasts for 1 turn per 2 ranks, or until you cancel the effect.  Additionally, while this ability is effective, you can see in any  darkness and do not suffer penalties from the darkness. You may use this  ability three times per day.
Hidden Sense:  You have a knack for noticing unusual workings and configurations. You  can more easily spot alterations in patterns that may hide traps, hidden  doors or movable walls. Anytime that you pass within 10 feet of these  types of features you gain a Perception check to notice these features  without any penalties and whether or not you are actively looking for  them.
In the Blindspot: You are able to  get in the blindspot of a single opponent during combat. When you are  within two times the normal your strike range of an opponent and are  flanking them you can cause them to make a Perception check at a TS of  4. If they fail this check you gain 100% concealment against that target  for 1 turn. You may use this on additional targets, but you must be in a  flanking position on all targets.
Sneaky:  You are naturally sneaky. With this, you can move in such a way as to  reduce the amount of noise you make while moving. You naturally move so  quietly that you do not cause any sound when you are walking normally.   From this you gain a +10 to Stealth checks.

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