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Yandrae are the absolute perfection of what a construct is meant to be. They are self-aware and intelligent beings that were given “life”. Most yandrae believe that they were originally created by the vile secirari in their efforts to destroy the Ta'Jahu in the distant solvetras Tu’ Aruhm, created to look like Ta'Jahu they were to infiltrate and destroy the Ta'Jahu from within. But those few the first awoke within the lands of Ta'Jahu somehow altered their programming either by their own devices or by the Ta'Jahu themselves via technological means.

Originally, they were called Johynu Nal Dra. These  self-replicating creatures were the height of the technological  advancements made by the Ta'Jahu species; built to look like the Ta'Jahu  themselves.  What began as simple machines to assist Ta'Jahu with daily  tasks, or tasks deemed to dangerous to Ta'Jahu, were soon corrupted by  the cruel insectoid species called the secirari.  This was done by  secirari spies and scientists in order to dominate the Ta'Jahu species  from within.  This plan ultimately backfired and greater dark energy  (sages believe that it was remnants of Chaos from the Time of Creation)  corrupted their foritun stie (programming gems) and gave birth to  independent thought, which was further corrupted by the secirari.  
     Most yandrae are of a neutral believe, though there are those with an  evil intent to complete what their “true” masters created them for,  while others believe that they must dominate the Omniverse including  their previous masters.
     They prefer to hide their true nature  and attempt to live within the various communities that they have  adapted themselves to. While many resemble ta'jahu, many are capable of  rearranging their features to better resemble humans and other medium  sized humanoid creatures. They are powered by dolakh crystals or tiny  thaumic batteries. Their programming or personalities are contained  within foritun stie (ancient common for thought-process gems).

Physical Description
    Yandrae are built with a steel frame powered by thaumic batteries in  most cases and covered in a soft leather like skin that has the ability  to be modified. They generally stand 5 to 6 feet tall and weigh anywhere  from 175 to 250 pounds. The core of the all yandrae is a metal skeletal  frame containing all the various clockworks, wires, tubes filled with  oils and liquids,  and gears that act as the muscular system.  This is  covered by a layer of metal to protect these sensitive parts, covering  this is an outer shell of soft, leather skin.  At their center is either  a tiny thaumic battery or dolakh crystals that act as the power source  for the gears and movement of fluids for gear lubrication.  In all other  respects most all yandrea are humanoid in form looking identical to the  ta' jahu or other humanoids if they are constructed in that form.  They  are generally sexless in form.

     As a constructed being, all yandrea have their original personalities provided in the creation of their  foritune stie which  is crafted by their creators, often times crafted by other yandrea.  However, they are able to add to this and generally craft very diverse  and unique personalities.  Many tend to take on the personalities of the  communities they are in and have personalities as diverse as any other  organic species.
     Yandrea are contributors by nature, and they  will gladly participate in any task great or small that serves a  wide-reaching purpose. Their standards tend to be impeccable, and their  service is often exemplary since they tend to find where they fit   easily within most communities. This makes them an invaluable members of  any community or group. Many yandrea love to troubleshoot and improve  processes and make for incredible engineers, tech-savants, and  cybercrafters.

Languages and Names
      All yandrea speak Kebach, a language made up of machine sounds that  include screeches, pops and whistles  that is not understandable or able  to be spoken by non-yandrea or organics.  Yandrea are able to pick up  and speak most languages with ease and will often be able to speak  numerous languages with the ease of natural born speakers can.

Cultural Kin and Communities
     Yandrea do not form communities.  Something deep within their  foritune stie keeps them from forming communities of their own, rather  they are attracted to other communities where they can gather together  and form relationships.  At most there are no more than two to five  yandrea in a population of a small town.  As they are adapters, they do  all they can to blend in with the community as best as possible.  Like  other species that mimic the idiosyncrasies of the community they  inhabit, yandrea do their best, but it can be difficult to fit into  communities when you are the only "ta' jahu" looking being in a bhahuul  community.  That is true for all species, though. 

Yandrea Features
Species Merit Cost: 2000
Age: Unknown, So long as a yandrea is able to keep itself in good repair, there is no limit to how long it may "live"
Weight: Base 150 plus 2d10x10
Size: Yandrea tend to be medium creatures, but large or small are not uncommon
Vision: Yandrea have Heightened Nightvision
Move: Base Move of 25 feet per Movement Action
Languages: Yandrea begin play speaking Kebach and any five languages they choose.
Resistances: +50 to Fear Checks and +20 Horror Checks
Yandrea Bonuses: Yandrea gain +15 Alertness checks,+20 Fatigue Points; All Yandrea weigh between 125 (small) to 450
     pounds (large)
Yandrea Attribute Modifiers: +10 to any two: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, or Willpower
Yandrea Traits: Construct Traits (Modified)  As a construct yandrae were designed to emulate humanoids as close as  possible; they gain +20 bonus to checks against mind-affecting effects,  charms, fear, paralysis, it is immune to diseases, poison, sleep,  exhaustion, life drain. But do not require air, food, drink or sleep.
Healing As a playable species yandrae can only be "healed" of damage by either the spell Repair or through the Blacksmithing Skill.
Foritune Stie Unlike  other arabeitz that have been given the life, the yandrae are the only  self aware arabeitz.  The foritune stie is what gives them this sentient  self awareness, if it is destroyed they become more like jiqira (75%)  or a mechanoid (25%). Whenever they are hit with Critical, there is a 3%  that this was destroyed.
Vulnerabilities As a playable species yandrae are vulnerable to one type: Cold, Electrical, or Fire
Damaging and Bleeding Yandrae  are not subject to bleeding rules. When a yandrae is reduced to 0  health they do not suffer the same affects as flesh creatures do, rather  they begin to shut down. Each turn they must make a Holding Zero check  as per the rules. Should they fail the shut down and are not subject to  bleeding rules. A shut down yandrae does not lose additional health  unless more damage is dealt to them.   
Upgrades As a playable species yandrae can only be upgraded as per the rules with Biomechanics.
Species Abilities Yandrae  begin play with two of the following abilities: Ancient Memories,  Battle Born, Blade Resistance, Bodyguard, Deep Thoughts, Energy  Resistance, Focused Mind, Unique Aptitude

Species Abilities
Ancient Memories:  The creature has a strong tie to the ancient wisdom and knowledge of  the world and its ancestors. Pick any two Lore skills it gain a bonus  +10 to these skills.
Battle Born:  Yandrea gain the following bonuses: gain its Willpower Modifier as bonus  damage to any melee or missile attack; +10 Health Points and its  Holding Zero now occurs when it reach two times its Willpower Modifier  in negative health points. Finally, the creature gains a natural armor  absorption equal to its Willpower Modifier.
Blade Resistance:  The metal skeletal frame of a Yandrea grants its  +10 Damage Reduction  vs. Slashing Weapons. This stacks with Armor Damage Reductions.
Bodyguard:  The yandrea has a natural desire to protect those around it. With this  ability it gain a +20 bonus to its Physical Defense when defending  someone other than yourself. Additionally, it gains one of the following  as a spell-like ability; it may only choose one from either list. The  number of successes for these effects is equal to one-half its rank  (rounded up). Constant: Alter Sight, Calm, Freedom, Protection from Antithesis (Evil), Hope, Know Philosophy; Once per day: Elemental Shield (Air), Calm, Darkness, Ethereal Sight, Far Sight, Wall of Bone
Deep Thought:  The yandrea is known for its deep, trance like thinking. Because of  this it gain a +10 bonus to Meditation, Concentration, Interrogate,  Skepticism, or Convince.
Energy Resistance:  Choose one element type: Earth (acid), Air (electricity), Water (cold)  or Fire (fire). A yandrea begins with a base absorption of 2 and may  increase this by +2 per rank to a maximum of 24 points of absorption.  This energy resistance is applied last when determining damage from  these energy types.
Focused Mind: A  yandrea gains +10 cumulative bonus for every hour it concentrate on any  next non-combat skill check. The creature may only focus for 1/2 its  Stamina modifier in hours to gain this bonus. During combat as a Simple  Action it gain +10 bonus to any next non-attribute check that it make.
Unique Aptitude:  The creature is a unique individual among its species and stand out  from the norm, displaying attributes and abilities not common among its  people. it may take another species’ ability.

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