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Swarm of Pests

Type: Element (Spirit); [summoning][creation]
Power Rank: 3
Range: 50'
Duration: 1 minute
Area of Effect: See Below
Activation Time: Move
Defense: None
      You are able to summon forth one of the following as a swarm of  pests: snakes, spiders, rats, scorpions, or bats.  The swarm will appear  at a point you specify within 50'.  The swarm will move to where you  direct each turn, however if you fail to direct them they will move in a  random direction.  The swarm has an Attack Skill equal to your  Spellcraft skill and will deal 5d10 + your rank in damage to everything  in the 10' radius that the swarm currently infests. The swarm has no  Health or Damage Points and will simply disappear after one minute.  Swarm of Insects requires you to concentrate on it while it is active,  this is a Move Action.

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