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  By definition there is no such thing as a Therianthrope Species.  Rather Therianthropes or Werebeasts (a term that most regard as insulting) are beings that have either been born into their "curse" or were transformed either through willingly taking on the "curse" or tragically being the subject of an assault that left them half-dead but cursed with therianthropy.  Therianthropes have three states that they can, if they are able to, transform into: base-species (human, Acires, Bhahuul, Jakara, etc.), hybrid, and animal.  Therianthropes tend to be the same size size in the first two forms, but change significantly into their animal form.  Traditionally, sages and "natural-born" Therianthropes state that they are able to change at-will into any one of their respective forms.  Doing so, however, can take up to a full minute.


    When speaking of the "curse" it is best to know the difference between the natural "curse" or heredity of each individual and the actual "dark-passenger" curse that some of have been left with.  Those of heredity are born into their ability or therianthopy passed down over many generations.  Those first beings able to change into their bestial forms were either cursed by the gods or were left for dead by another during their "Time of Ravaging".
    Those that were the victims of an attack by a therianthrope during the Time of Ravaging, may become cursed with what is described as a thirst for violence and blood that they have no control over - the "dark passenger">
  Whenever a mortal is struck down (past 0 Health Points) by a therianthrope there is chance that the mortal will be infected with the curse of the therianthropes. When this occurs the character must make a Willpower check at TS of 3 or become infected with the curse.
    The curse will manifest itself in one month during either a full moon, or at times of great stress (battle). This first change is completely out of the control of the character. From there on, the character is able to make a Willpower check in order to control the change. Each check gradually gets better, but the first check begins at TS of 8, if the character succeeds in this check he can control his transformation (letting it happen or stopping it from occurring).
    Each time that a character begins to transform this check is made beginning at TS of 8, and becomes easier per transformation reducing down to a TS of 0. This TS lowers by 1 every 2 ranks.
  However, there have been reports of some therianthropes that change in times of stress. At these times the therianthrope must make a Willpower check at a TS of 5; those that fail begin to change without their control. During this time the therianthrope PC is beyond the control of the player and the GM takes control of the PC.

The Curse

     Potentially, there are as many different types of therianthropes as there are mammals and carnivorous in the world or in the case of curses an unlimited amount of therianthrope types but not all animal types are capable of becoming a therianthrope source.  Therianthropes are very rare only 2% of the population are actually therianthropes.  Within the therianthrope "culture" there are four rarity types: 50% are common (who are rare in the normal world), 25% are uncommon, 15% are rare and 10% are very rare.
       Common therianthropes include: Wererats, Werebadgers, and Wereravens
       Uncommon therianthropes include: Werefoxes, Wereowls, Werebats, and Weresnakes
       Rare therianthropes include: Werewolves, Wereboars, Wereeagles, and Werecoyotes
       Very Rare therianthropes include: Werebears, Weredrakes, Wereapes, and Weretigers    

     All therianthrope transformations takes 3 Turns between the three different forms. Thus, for a being to transform into its animal form will take a full turn to transform. During these times they are unable to attack and suffer -25 penalty to their Physical Defenses to protect themselves while transforming. When transforming into the hybrid form, most worn equipment can still be used, including any armor, weapons and clothing.  Those with any bio-mechanical augmentations keep their augmentations as they were constructed for their normal form.  When a being transform into full on therianthrope form any augumentation they have falls off or is pushed out of the body and must be reattached when they are able to.

Alternating Forms

     Every therianthrope has three forms. There is the base form, or the form that they are often seen in, these can be human, Aelwyn, Fhen Khanur, etc. Not all species are affected by therianthropy. Then there is the humanoid-form. In this form, a therianthrope has only partial changed. Perhaps they have changed their face, hands, or claws, or all three. In this form they can still speak their common languages. This is the “were” form, humanoid features but monstrous minds and drives.
   Finally, there is the full-form. These are the full transformation into wolves, tigers, bats, etc. In this form the character retains all his stats as they were. They generally also are transformed into monstrous or giant forms of the common creature in question.
   Beings that are fully transformed have use of only the following skills, should they have them: Alertness, Climb, Disguise (Camouflage), Evade, Feint, Skepticism, Swimming, Stealth, Search, Tracking. For those that do not have Brawling or Martial Arts they gain the skill Maul equal to 40 plus their rank times 5. In addition, those that have Brawling or Martial Arts, may either use these skill scores as a substitution to Maul or take the Maul skill as listed above. They also gain the appropriate claw and bite attack base damage: Small (4), Medium (6), Large (8), Huge (10).

Species Adjustments

       Health Points: +5 to +50 (based on size and type; this is in addition to PC Base)
      Move: +5’ to +20’ varies with type and size;
      Attributes: +10 to +20 to 2 physical attributes AND/OR
                         +5 to +15 to 2 mental attributes (depending on therianthrope type)
     Vulnerability: All therianthropes, in all their forms, are vulnerable to specific types of elements:cold-iron, silver, oak,iron, thoricar, and other special materials that can be used to construct weapons.

All Therianthrope Special Abilities in Humanoid form: 

        Animal Telepathy: A therianthrope-humanoid can mentally communicate with its specific animal types (rats, wolves, bears, bats, drakes, tigers, apes, etc.) within 90’.
       Berserk: When a therianthrope-humanoid enters combat, there is a cumulative 10% chance each turn that it will go berserk. The uncontrolled creature goes on a rampage, attacking the nearest foe or smashing some object smaller than itself if no target is within reach, then moves on to spread more destruction. It gains a +25 bonus for Attacks, gains 1    additional Full Action per turn, but suffers a -50 penalty to Physical Defense Checks. This lasts for d10+2 turns or until a therianthrope-humanoid is dead.
       Hard to Kill: Anytime that a therianthrope-humanoid is reduced to 0 health it may make a Stamina Check. If successful a therianthrope-humanoid continues to fight and move on. A therianthrope-humanoid must make a new Stamina Check each time it is hit or once per turn until it can be healed or is killed. If it fails the check it dies instantly.
       Natural Armor: The therianthrope-humanoid has a natural armor of (Stamina Modifier x3).
       Regeneration: A therianthrope-humanoid can regenerate Health Points equal to (their Stamina modifier) health points per hour, along with regenerating lost limbs.

Hybrid Form Statistics

These creatures all share similar qualities because of their therianthrope infection.
      Health Points: +5 to +50 (based on size and type; this is in addition to PC Base)
      Attack Skill: +10 to +30 (based on size and type; this is in addition to PC Base)
      Attacks: Claws (based on size: Sm 3, Med 5, Lg 6, Huge 9), Bite (based on size:Sm 4,

       Med 7, Lg 8, Huge 10) and/or Weapon Usage
      Bonus Damage: Varies with Strength Score Modifier
      Armor: Varies from type to type; This is considered a Natural Armor Type
      Defense Skills: +20 to -20; Varies with Size
      Move: +5’ to +20’ varies with type and size; May include Winged Flight with MC:B
      Attributes: +10 to +20 to 3 physical attributes based on type and size.
                         +5 to +15 to 2 mental attributes based on type.
      Skills: Most therianthropes share a common set of skills: Alertness, Climb, Languages, Search, Stealth, Skepticism, Track. If a character already has these they keep them at their current score. If they do not they gain the skills while in their hybrid form at a Base of 50 plus Attribute Modifier.

Animal Form Statistics

    All therianthropes are able to assume the form of their animal type from bears, to drakes, to wolves.

Species Immunity

    Not every species is susceptible to becoming a therianthrope.  In addition, some species are immune to specific theriathropy.  The Katoc species is the only known species that is completely immune to all theriathropy.

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