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     Similar in physical shape to that of a wereape, or weredrake, most  werebears are large, heavily muscled and and tend to have most of their  normal bodies covered in a layer of fur with colors ranging from dark  brown to a silvery-blue.  Their head hair becomes longer, thicker and if  they didn't have head hair they tended to grow some.  

     Most of  these therianthropes are neutral in their philosophy, though many are  also known for their devotion to good. and all have a desire to help  their communities  and view themselves as the guardians between the  natural world and the more civilized regions.  Despite their desire to  help communities and stand as guardians, they tend to be moody,  introverted loners that seek out vengeance against evil entities within  their regions.       

     In their hybrid form werebears are impressive  beings, they gain the head of a mighty bear, their core body becomes  incredibly strong, their legs and arms end in bear-like paws with  powerful claws.  Their entire body is covered fur.       

     Their animal form is a huge bear. 

     Uruskia are immune to this therianthropy.

Species Adjustments

These are the adjustments that a character with this therianthropy gain in addition to their character. 

Merit Point Increase: +1750 per rank in addition to normal Species Merit Cost 

Health Points: +10 

Move: +10 to base Movement 

Attributes: +10 to Stamina, +15 to Strength AND -10 to all Mental stats        

Move: Gain +10 to Base Movement        

Vulnerability: Weapon Vulnerability (Oak) A werebear is particularly vulnerable to the use of oak weapons. 

Therianthrope Special Abilities in Humanoid form:  

Animal Telepathy:  A therianthrope-humanoid can mentally communicate with its specific  animal types (rats, wolves,bears, bats, drakes, tigers, apes,  etc.) within 90’. 

Berserk: When a  therianthrope-humanoid enters combat, there is a cumulative 10% chance  each turn that it will go berserk. The uncontrolled creature goes  on a rampage, attacking the nearest foe or smashing some object smaller  than itself if no target is within reach, then moves on to  spread more destruction. It gains a +25 bonus for Attacks, gains 1 additional Full Action per turn, but suffers a -50 penalty to  Physical Defense Checks. This lasts for d10+2 turns or until a therianthrope-humanoid is dead. 

Hard to Kill:  Anytime that a therianthrope-humanoid is reduced to 0 health it may  make a Stamina Check. If successful a therianthrope-humanoid  continues to fight and move on. A therianthrope-humanoid must make a new  Stamina Check each time it is hit or once per turn until it can  be healed or is killed. If it fails the check it dies instantly. 

Natural Armor: The therianthrope-humanoid has a natural armor of (Stamina Modifier x3). 

Regeneration:  A therianthrope-humanoid can regenerate Health Points equal to (their  Stamina modifier) health points per hour, along with regenerating  lost limbs. 

Hybrid Form Statistics 

These  are the adjustments that a character gains when they transform into  their hybrid form.  These are always "in addition" to their species base  along with their therianthropic species adjustments listed above. 


Health Points: +25 (to PC Base) 

Attack Skill: +10 (to PC Base)        

Initiative: +10 

Attacks: Claw/Bite (6;a10,b5) 

Armor: Thick Skinned (Light Armor) (15); +5 Armor Absorb vs. Bludgeoning and Slashing weapon types 

Physical Defense: +10 (to PC Base)     Magical Defense: +25 (to PC Base) 

Divine Defense: +25 (to PC Base)        Jinhu Defense: +25 (to PC Base) 

Move: +10 (to PC Base)     Luck Points: 2     Vision: Perfect Nightvision 

Attributes: Str: +10, Agi: +10, Per: +15                             

                     Int: +10, Will: +15 

Special Abilities Armor Damage A  werebear is able to rip, tear, or pull apart an opponent’s armor. For  every 5 points of undefended damage a werebear does 1 point of  Armor Damage, reducing the defender’s armor absorption. 

Berserk When  a werebear enters combat, there is a cumulative 10% chance each turn  that it will go berserk. The uncontrolled creature goes on a  rampage, attacking the nearest foe or smashing some object smaller than  itself if notarget is within reach, then moves on to spread more  destruction. It gains a +25 bonus for Attacks, gains 1 additional Full Action per turn, but suffers a -50 penalty to Physical Defense  Checks. This lasts for d10+2 turns or until a werebear is dead. 

Frenzy Three  times per day as a Simple Action for 1 turn a werebear can enter into a  frenzy that grants it a bonus of  2d10+5 points of natural armor  and gains 2d10 points in bonus attack damage. 

Roar Once  per turn as a Basic Action a werebear can cause living creatures, other  than creatures of the same type,  within 30’ radius to make a  Willpower check or be shaken.

 Animal Form Statistics 

These are the stats of the specific animal form that the therianthrope takes on. 

Bear Form (Large Sized; 10'-12') 

Health Points: 90 

Attack Skill: 109/99; +8 Str Dmg     

Attacks: Claws (9) or Bite (11) 

Armor Type: Tough Hide (Light Armor) (15); +5 vs. Bludgeoning and Piercing Physical Defense: 81        Magical Defense: 53     

Divine Defense: 59           Jinhu Defense: 54 

Str: 95(8), Sta: 87(7), Agi: 74 (5), Per: 76 (6) 

Int: 34 (-4), Wits: 70 (4), Will: 70 (4), Cha: 75 (5) 

Move: 30’    Luck Points: 2    Vision: Nightvision 


Alertness 62, Evade 67, Search 67, Track 100 

Special Abilities 

Charge Attack When  charging all bonuses and penalties double. In addition, the charger is  not affected by penalties for  charging over terrain that hampers  movement.

 Ram A bear can ram a foe – or  several, if the targets are small enough. For the full effect, they must  have at least 5 feet  to move in. They can ram one creature equal  to their size, two are that are one size smaller, three if the targets  are  three sizes smaller or four if they are four sizes smaller.  Ramming requires an Agility check and is considered a Move  Action  or can be used in conjunction with a melee attack, an Agility check is  still required for the ram. Those that are  targeted by a ram must  make a Strength or Agility check with the number of successes made by a  werebear as a  penalty. Those that fail are knocked down and  knocked back 3d10'+10 feet and suffer 2d10 points in Fatigue damage. 

Rending Whenever  a bear makes a successful attack with 4 or more successes it can tear  at the target causing it an additional 2d10 bonus damage. This  bonus damage ignores light and medium armor absorption. 

Roar Same as Weretype

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